Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alexander Garrett & Mike Rivers

Bells are ringing this week on MenOver30.com as we help Alexander Garrett and his real life boyfriend Mike Rivers' 7 month anniversary. Mike's feet hurt and Alexander offers him a foot massage. Alexander decides those toes are too delicious to pass up and starts to suck on them. Alexander kisses his way up to his boyfriend's face as they start to make out. Mike pulls Alexander's tee off; licks his nips and pits; lowers Alexander's shorts setting that uncut Colombian cock free. Alexander moans as he starts to fuck Mike's face holding him by a fistful of hair. Mike slides onto his back as he nurses on that meat from below unable to get enough. Mike's cock is now rock hard and Alexander knows just what to do as he leans forward into a steamy 69. Alexander then flips Mike up and over, shoving his tongue inside and along with a few fingers gets Mike hungry for more. He teases his beau's ass as he gets a dildo, and shoves it in, watching as it disappears inside. Mike loves that to! y stretching his ass open but he wants that big toy replaced with his real one. "Gimme the real thing" Mike coos ready for it. Alexander obliges, fucking him doggy style. "Ugh, This is the best anniversary gift ever" he groans as he begs Alexander to give it to him. Alexander fucks that ass deep and then gets Mike on the floor and hoists his legs up over his own head so he can pile drive that dick in for more. Alexander picks up the pace and soon he gets that familiar tingle in his smooth balls. He pulls out and unloads all over Mike's face and neck. Mike cums seconds later as Alexander is still bathing his neck and face with his massive creamy load. Mike may have thought that this fuck was the best anniversary present ever, but that was way before he got his very own pearl necklace!