Friday, December 2, 2011


Daddy Tony (Anthony DeAngelo) teaches Brian Austin how to get "a head" in the moving business by completely dominating him. Brian is an eager and quick learner with no questions asked - he's got his mouth full of Daddy's thick cock. Austin knew his place was between his boss's hot hairy legs. When Daddy Tony flipped Austin around he dove at his hole and ate it out good and opened it up for his cock. Daddy Tony drove Austin long and hard. Not pulling out until he feed him his hot seed deep in Austin's hole. All in wide screen.

with: Anthony DeAngelo and Brian Austin

Director's Notes
This was Daddy Tony's first time without me and he "arose" to the occasion, if you get my drift. Brian couldn't get enough of that daddy dick so he didn't need much coaching from me - it was obvious that he was a real pro at working man meat! C
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