Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Ursophile

Today is Ursophile's 4th Birthday!!!

4 years ago today, Ursophile first debuted on the net as Ursophile.com. From then to now the website has transformed from a website to a blog showcasing many hot daddy's, bears and leather men from all over the net... I've even had the privilege to meet a few stars from the blog (and other sites) in person along with making friends too.

I will say, that in the past 4 years i've dealt with people who don't agree with content that i post along with others being down right rude. But that hasn't stopped me!!

Thank You to all of the Contributors, friends, extended family, fans and websites. You are the ones who have made Ursophile what it is today. From the bottom of my heart.. 
I love you all :-)

Bear Woofs, tugs and leather hugs to you all

Your Ursophile webmaster
boy quinton

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