Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SYTYCF III, Episode 4: Mitch & Duncan

SYTYCF III, Episode 4: Mitch & Duncan @ DominicFord.com
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This week, SYTYCF Season II winner finally makes his debut in Season III, showing newcomer Duncan Black a thing or two about crazy cumshots. If you remember, judge Scotty B. called Mitch's cumshots "The Bellagio of Porn" last year, and this scene is no exception. If you love crazy cumshots you'll love this scene! Afterwards the judges serve some fierce porn realness as they dissect what they liked and didn't like about the scene. But first, all the contestants compete in a very important challenge for sponsor Porn Guardian. Who do the judges award 500 points? And just wait for the shocking twist from the judges! Watch this episode to find out what happens!
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