Monday, November 30, 2009


This is the lovely and furry Francois Sagat.... There's only buy so much i can say about the furry sexy hunk stud.... To see more of him click the pic below and check out Titan Men.

Play with Toy

This scene is a toy lovers delight. Lorenzo, our personal assistant had left this toy for us all to try out, and when Orlando saw it he wanted to give it try tôo! Who would have though a rubber ass and dick and balls could give so much pleasure but it did. Not only was Orlando getting off on sliding his well lubed cock inside the rubber ass, but we get to see his cock sliding in and out. From below we also get the perfect view of his hairy balls swinging as he fucks the rubber arse, and at the same time giving us the perfect sight of his own hairy ass tighten as he gets more and more pleaasure from the toy. That is until he spurts his spunk all over the rubber hole! Toys were never that good if I remember! Wow, let’s go play! Gets you up close and really intimate with the Gay Porn Stars at AlphaMaleJerkOffs.com. Masturbating, they share their secret fantasies with you. It takes less than SEVEN MINUTES to jerk off, but it will take longer than that to wipe the smile from your face.

Leather Studs Fuck In Bar

Dillon Buck, Dean Monroe and Hannibal, are setting up before the leather bar opens. But as Dean and Dillon get ready, they take time to get themselves ready for some hot sex before letting their patrons in.

While their boss, Hannibal, watches from the bar, Dean and Dillon start teasing each other. Kissing, touching and tweaking each other's nips before getting down on their knees and sucking some leather clad dick!

Hannibal, with his cock out and stroking, watches as bearded, American hottie, Dean, gives his ass up to Dillon who stuffs the man's beefy ass after rimming his tender hole. Dillon stretches Dean's American ass and shows him just how it's done on the other side of the pond!

Sucking the dick of a leathermanHot leather stud with a big hard dick up his ass
Bearded guy in leather sucking dickTwo leather men with their dicks out feel each other up

Paul Stag

Hot London leather daddy Paul Stag flew to San Francisco to do a scene in Hot Older Male hard-core movie "Abandon". Hot Older Male snapped these pics on set just before he tied up Denny Taylor and... well, let's just say he did things to Denny. Enjoy the pics and then pick up a copy of the Hard-Core Director's Cut of "Abandon" to see just how much Denny took from this sexy, uncut leather daddy. Click on the picture below for more shots of this hot uncut daddy.

Daddy Jeffrey Huntwell Gets His Rocks Off

Daddy bear Jeffrey Huntwell gets hard and gets off in this, his first Daddy Action solo vid. Jeffrey catches some rays and some cum, jerking off atop a rock in the hot sun. To See more check out Daddy Action.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble

Hugs, Tugs and gropes from your Ursophile Webmaster

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trojan Rock & Will

All I will say for this video is if this is the way some of these models get on film... I want to see more of them! To see more check out Butch Dixon.

A-Rod is packing

Check out this photo that one of my favorite directors Joe Gage posted on his site.... I didn't think A-Rod was packin' something that big.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hairy Daddy

This hairy daddy got my attention today and got me at attention... To see more of him Click here and look him up on Bear Films.

Craig Reynolds, Ross Hurston & Jost West

Craig Reynolds and Ross Hurston enter the warehouse to find horndog Josh West naked, stroking his huge cock. Hurston pulls out his perfect big dick, turning Reynolds into a total cock-pig. After deep-throating both giants Reynolds and Hurston jump up on the table and West feasts on both puckered holes! For more like this check out the Hot House Backroom.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Logan McCree and RJ Danvers

The Ursophile Blog has been relaunched

For all my Ursophile friends, affiliates and vistors who used to check out my blog can now see the blog again... I just finished the move here from the old site but it will be the same blog but new location.

As always from your Ursophile Webmaster.... Keep it sexy and keep moving forward

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