Sunday, August 29, 2010

Arpad Miklos

If I said before i'll say it again... "there is nothing finer than a Triple H bear"... but in this case there is nothing finer than a triple h bear holding his piece of steel. Arpad is one hot daddy bear and has one hella fine hung bear cock... Man i'd love to have him locked in a room for some man 2 man fun... To see more click here to visit Unzipped.

Aitor Crash

Aitor Crash is a hairy tattooed bear in training. He's mustchaed, got a sexy ass and a big 9inch thick cock to go with it... Aitor is definitely one man that you won't want to throw outta bed after a hot romp in the hay... To see more of him click here to visit UK Naked Men.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Legendary Studs: Jesse O'Toole

"Boning Billy Wild"
In this seriously scorching scene BILLY WILD's holes are used and abused by JESSE, STEVE PARKER, JACOB SCOTT and newcomer JEFFERY. BILLY moans and whimpers but you know he wants all the cock and spooge he can get. JESSE squirts his big load deep, and then the other bulls get their chance. STEVE PARKER fucks BILLY's ass hard and pumps his hot thick jizz-load up the kid's hole.
Then JACOB SCOTT fucks BILLY last, deep-churning the cum that's accumulated inside BILLY until it's as frothy and thick as whipped cream - and then he pulls out and makes BILLY lick and suck his cock clean.
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http://www.barebackplace.com/t1 http://www.barebackplace.com/t1

Seth has swallowed a couple loads from Kyle in previous videos and this time he wanted to plant his seed deep in Kyle's ass.
Kyle starts out by tasting Seth’s dick. You can really tell how much Kyle was loving the taste of pre-cum & cock in his mouth. It’s always great seeing a guy like Kyle that really, really wants to suck dick.
Kyle then slides Seth’s hard-on up his tight butt hole. Seth seeing that Kyle is really enjoying getting butt fucked, starts to go deeper and harder. Kyle keeps stealing glances into the mirror to watch his ass getting fucked raw.

Kyle rolls over on his back, throws his legs in the air. Seth jumps on and bangs Kyle's hole. This position is really dangerous for Seth, as that’s how he likes to cum. There's something special about watching a bottom's face as you're pumping him full of cum! Seth holds off but you can really tell that with every thrust, Seth was wanting to drop his load deep in Kyle’s ass.

Kyle gets back on his hands and knees & Seth fucks his ass deep & hard from behind until he’s ready to blow.
Seth releases his giant load, pushing his sperm deep into Kyle's man hole, then continues to fuck him some more using his cum as lube.
When Seth pulls out, a huge glob of jizz oozes out of Kyles's hole with plenty more remaining deep inside.
Kyle then hops up and blows his wad into Seth’s mouth which is quickly swallowed. Seth then continues to suck down the remaining drops of cum dripping from Kyle's dick head.
This is cum swapping at it's best!

Tim and Kennedy Carter

Kennedy Carter is a sexy british redhead who some of you might know from other productions.
We spend two days with him and enjoyed every minute!
Of course we couldn´t resist to tape the highlights of that meeting on video for you.

Daddy Porn Stars Jeffrey Huntwell and Andrew Addams Q&A

By Daddy Jeffrey Huntwell
daddy porn star jeffrey huntwell andrew addamsThis week Daddy Jeffrey chats with one of his former co-stars, sexy power bottom Andrew Addams!
Jeffrey: I remember when we shot “Bear Chat” for Bear Films. It was one of the very few times I got to choose my scene partner…I knew you were a pro and your name came to mind immediately.
Andrew: I’m glad you thought of me. It was sort of a stretch for me to be a bear, but it sure was fun and I loved meeting all the crew at Bear Films.
Jeffrey: You and I had known each other for a while socially, and the one time we had sex we got paid to do it on camera.
Andrew: The pay is always a bonus. I need it, but I am really in it for the sex.
Jeffrey: Oink! LOL! Porn is the only industry where fucking your friends is a considered a good thing.
Andrew: I like to fuck, and get fucked by my friends. I have no hang ups about it. I think I have very few friends that I haven’t had sex with.
Jeffrey: Ditto. Since you are a power bottom, I would ask if you loved the ride on my eight inch cock but I am sure it felt like nothing to your ass…or did it?
Andrew: Well, I have been double fucked and after that nothing compares. Just kidding. I love riding any big cock. We had a pretty hot time. You fucked me all over that bed. I think we got the whole crew hot.
Jeffrey: We got those guys going! For a porn star with such vast experience and knowledge of bottoming I must ask, how do you keep that hole good and tight?
Andrew: After a good hard fuck I think it tightens up even tighter than before. A lot of time when I am getting fucked I get the comment, “You are so tight.” I wonder what they were expecting.
Jeffrey: Yeah, I remember how it felt…very nice! Speaking of nice, when I told Gino Colbert that we had worked together and that you had amazing rimming skills he told me your industry nick name, care to share it?
Andrew: I’m told it is “Rimbo.” I never heard it before. I do love to get my tongue deep in a hot ass. I love to drive a top crazy. I have been told that rimming is something that a top does to get the bottom ready, but I think a good bottom serves the top by showing him how far he will go.
Jeffrey: Fuck yeah! I told a friend who watched our scene with me that all my loud and crazy moaning was the real deal while being rimmed…see how I am now kissing your ass?
Andrew: I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed doing it.daddy porn star jeffrey huntwell andrew addams
Jeffrey: If my memory serves me, with all your vast porn experience you had trouble giving the money shot on this shoot (whereas I had none). Care to explain why that was?
Andrew: I don’t remember, really. The truth is that if I take Viagra, which I do for a long shoot, combined with the heat from the lights it makes it harder to cum. Also with all the people around it takes a little while to get into a head space to cum. Also I cum a lot so I need to learn to save it up so it’s for more of a special occasion.
Jeffrey: Ah, the in your face contractual clause. Like when I shot my load in your face for the scene climax, I saved it!
Andrew: I always love a hot load on my face. All that cum dripping off my chin.
Jeffrey: Sorry about getting it in your eyes, but it is hard to aim a cum stream.
Andrew: It is hard to aim, but it always seems to hit the eyes no matter what.
Jeffrey: You relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco – how has the city been treating you?
Andrew: I like San Francisco, and I feel more secure with my new job, but I will always miss the fun of Hollywood and all the beautiful men. Up here all the hot men seem to be in relationships. The men up here are much nastier. San Francisco is one of the nicest small cities that I have lived in.
Jeffrey: What projects does Mr. Addams have in the pipeline?
Andrew: I have done a website performance once or twice since our shoot, but for now I am concentrating on editing and directing. I would definitely like to do another video soon!
Jeffrey: Cheers to that, stud!


Two horny, big dicked sex monsters are ready for a sweaty fuckfest! Christopher is newly founded and is quite a stunning hunk. He is a bulky bi guy, who loves giant dildos, eating hairy asses and fucking twinky bottoms. Today he is getting two of his three wishes! Seth, the hot, hairy otter has been wanting to get his ass drilled by someone with a bigger dick than him, so I am giving him that chance today. Christopher swings in with 9.5 inches of swollen manmeat and is eager for Seth's hungry fuck-hole. Seth wants a taste of what's cumming before he gets nailed. So he crouches between our former straight guys legs and does his best to deep-throat the entire thing. Not to be outdone in oral exercises, Christopher returns the favor, slobbering all over Seth's huge cock. While he's down there, Christopher decides to put a few fingers in Seth's puckered hole. First one, then two, then his thumb! Seth moans as Christopher gets his cock close to the hole, almost slipping the tip in for a little bareback action. While getting the life pounded out of him, brave twinky Seth blows out a river of jizz all over his furry six pack. Still fucking him even after he cums, Christopher is done with his ass plunging, pulls out of Seth, and unleashes thick gooey puddles of hot cum into the eagerly awaiting mouth. Seth slurps every last drop off the swollen throb stick and then lets it stream out of the corner of his mouth as he nuzzles our sexy top's heaving chest.

Adam Rogue

Making his debut on MenOver30.com this week, Adam Rogue is 6'2" 255lbs has 9" and is 44 years old and originally from Chicago. Adam is relatively new to the adult industry but relishes this new outlet to so one of his favorite things—show off! Adam comes in after a long day and plops down on the couch with a handful of bills. Needing a distraction, Adam finds something else that he needs to tend to—releasing some stress. He starts to feel himself up. His hands roam over his huge biceps then head south as he tugs up his shirt revealing his hairy navel. He pulls his polo up over his head and we get our first glimpse at his massive frame. He then peels off his shirt giving himself more room to explore. His chest and abs are covered in fur and if you like your men big, muscular and hairy then Adam's the rogue for you. He turns around and flexes his back. Let's just say Adam's definitely got "back". The pants he has on definitely complement his beefy and muscular ass and we're about to see a whole lot more. He pulls down his pants and shows off his bubble butt. His sexy black briefs contain that beefy ass just so. Once he's ready, he kneels on the chair and shows it all off. His hairy ass is as furry as the rest of him. Adam pulls his cheeks apart, showing off that hungry ass of his. He then licks his finger as he goes in for more. He slowly fingers that manhole groaning all the while. Adam then decides it's time to give his cock the attention it deserves. He sits back and starts to jerk off. He spreads his hairy thighs wide open as he jerks faster and faster. It isn't long before he's back in the chair stroking off. His moans and groans quicken in time with his stroking. Adam won't be able to keep from coming for much longer so he picks up the pace. His fist becomes a blur as he jacks his load onto his furry navel.

Johhny's Solo

Johnny Miles is a cute daddy with a sexy hairy ass and a gorgeous BIG cock. I get some great shots of Johnny stroking, rubbing, and teasing me with his dick.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sir Paul Stag

Sir Paul is an extremely fit, muscular Ex-Marine and Ex Cop. Sir is based from London but travelling worldwide. Sir is also a leather/uniformed porn model.

Sir is a real man's man, tall fit tanned muscular guy, very good looking, very well hung (10" x 7"), very straight acting and looking, from vanilla scenes to very rough including role play/corporal punishment/Army/Police/Leather if required.

Paul's Stats
   -> 38 y.o.
   -> 6ft/183cms
   -> 13.5 Stone/86kgs
   -> 48 chest 32 waist
   -> Caucasian/English
   -> No.2 cropped
   -> Clipped body hair
   -> Blue eyes
   -> Well-built, nuscular body
   -> Uncircumised long foreskin

Vencint, Jay & Fyerfli

Fyerfli and Vencint get cumslut Jay Ross warmed up by tonguing his asshole while he sucks some cock. Then it's time for the main event to get started as these two horny fuckers take turns plowing Jay's front and back holes, making sure to keep him filled with one dick up his ass and another down his throat at all times. Mixing things up, Vencint drills Fyerfli as Fyerfli continues pounding Jay; and then the tops flop, making sure to keep fuckhole Jay on the bottom. Jay's greedy hole demands more and these crazy fuckers give it to him, ultimately satisfying the cumwhore as Vencint churns Fyerfli's load.
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Jack Austin

Hot muscle bear Jack Austin strips down and strokes his hard, thick cock in this solo scene shot while we were filming Daddy Hunt 5.

Salva Torre & Dean Monroe

Watch as hot cubbish UK stud Dean Monroe get's fucked in this hot scene from Kristen Bjorn... To see more click here.