Friday, April 30, 2010

Bruno Bond, Ryan Raz

Picking up where "Focus" left off, ReFocus takes place at the intersection of Danger and Desire. This is an old style Hollywood Film Noir that tracks the story of Joe Wilder on a sexual adventure that ends in a very startling and unexpected way.thriller.

Jake Deckard & Roman Ragazzi

Hairy muscle stud Roman gets things started by goin down on Jake on the jeep in this video. While he's sucking, Jake bends him over to see his asshole. Roman cums with Jake's dick in his mouth and Jake shoots a load all over Roman's chest. But these two are not done yet! Roman bends over and takes Jake's dick up his hairy hole. The jeep provides many great places to fuck and Roman and Jake find each and every one of them.

Michael Davenport & Dave Hilton / Tyler Brooks & Sebastian

Michael has spent a week at the penthouse and for all of this time he has been locked in lust for more action. It's time for round two and crew member Dave stands in for Seb, stripping Michael of all his body hair and pubes before abusing his ass with toys of all sizes! Hairless and horny, Michael's cock can be seen throbbing. Dave kisses and licks him which turns Michael on big time. Dave torments all Michael's sensitive areas as he pleads for his cock to be released.

Always shirking on his duties, house-boi Tyler Brooks is told to report to Sebastian who has an interesting way to make him remember how important working hard is! Sebastian turns to entertaining himself with Tyler's massive 9-inch dick. With a well-punished hard cock, it's not long before Tyler gives Sebastian a healthy load of boi

Chris, Richard & Ryan

Chris, Richard & Ryan
Chris, Richard & Ryan Chris, Richard & Ryan Chris, Richard & Ryan Chris, Richard & Ryan

Carlos Casitas and Gabriel Liarh

It's been a while since I had some Latin heat on the site so I brought back two of my favorites - Carlos and Gabriel. The two start the scene off making out and licking each other's bodies all over. Then Gabriel kicks back in bed while Carlos works on his cock. The two end up in some hot 69 action, first sucking each other's dicks and then eating each other's asses. After some more oral and make out action Gabriel sits down on Carlos's hard cock and rides it as the two passionately kiss. Then Gabriel lies down on his back while Carlos drills him missionary style. Next, Gabriel bends over while Carlos slams into him from behind. After some more ass pummeling Gabriel ends up on his back again getting fucked missionary style until he shoots a nice load all over himself. Carlos pulls out and shoots his own wad all over Gabriels face and into his mouth. Check it!

Kyle King & Kennedy Carter


Starring Kyle King & Kennedy Carter

Despite a disruption of air travel in Europe due to a recent volcanic eruption, Kennedy made his flight and no one was happier than Kyle. They horse around and compare muscles, butts, and cock size, then try to suck their own cocks, demonstrate how to kiss, suck nipples and suck balls. You'll explode when they bend over and spread their cheeks!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hairy Man in Jockstrap - Jason

Hairy Man in Jockstrap
Hairy Man in Jockstrap Hairy Man in Jockstrap with Cock Hanging Out
9-inch Hard Cock 9-inch Hard Cock and Jockstrap
Hairy Man in White Jockstrap Hot Ass in Jockstrap
Age: 42 Height: 6'2 Weight: 180 pounds Dick: 9 inches, cut cock

I do love a hairy man in a jockstrap, especially when he's beautifully tanned and the jockstrap is white. I just love the contrast between the white jockstrap and Jason's golden bronzed skin. Jason is the real-life partner of one of Butch Dixon's other well-hung men – Max is a sexy bald man and has a meaty uncut cock. And when it comes to dicks, this pair of lovers are evenly matched, each of them packing a 9-inch dick. Wouldn't you like to be a fly – or spy cam – on their bedroom wall?

Max had already done a few scenes with his. He did a cock pumping solo and a hot suck and fuck session in a boxing gym. But Jason came to Butch Dixon fresh. He's a ruggedly handsome man with a beautifully well-built body, furry pecs and abs, and a beefy bubble butt. So it was a no brainer when he asked if he could pose for Butch Dixon.

But Jason pushed my fantasies to their limits when he asked about doing a threesome sex scene with his partner, Max. The two of them were looking to spit roast a younger guy, and I had just the candidate: cute gay cub Tony. The three men got it on in a sizzling outdoor sex scene. And Tony proved that he could handle 18 inches of cock – 9 inches down his throat and another 9 up his ass. He just about wore out this pair of lovers.

I was digging through my hard drive and found these solo photos of this hairy man in his white jockstrap. I couldn't believe I missed putting them up for you. So, enjoy another look at Jason's beautifully thick, 9-inch cock.

He's a hot man because: he's got a hot, beefy ass; he's muscular and very well defined; he's packing a 9-inch cock.
Watch this Hairy Man Pulling his 9-Inch Cock Out of his Jockstrap!

Man Smoking a Cigar - Mike Chain

See More of this Naked Hairy Man
Tattooed Biker Smoking
Bald Hairy Man Playing with Nipples Tattooed Biker's Beefy Ass
Tattooed Biker Smoking Bald Tattooed Biker's Hairy Body
Tattooed Biker Jerking Cock Prince Albert Piercing
Age: 32 Height: 5'9" Weight: 180 pounds Dick: 7 inches, uncut cock

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If you only knew how hard it was to get through filming this video. Out of all the types of men who turn my crank, Mike Chain is my ultimate fantasy. I love bald men, facial hair, tattoos, and leather. A man smoking a cigar also kind of does it for me, too. I quit smoking a couple of years ago, so watching a man smoking a cigar or cigarette allows me to live vicariously through them. I can smell their smoke and still get a little rush out of it without chain smoking myself out of abstinence. (You know what they say, "Can't have just one.")

Mike Chain is 35 years old and he lives in Bristol. He came up for the Butch Dixon shoot and decided to make it a weekend of debauchery. He hit a couple of the London leather bars (the Hoist among them) and one night, while he waited for a bus in the middle of the night, he found some action at the bus stop. While Mike was waiting for the bus and smoking his cigar, a London maintenance man pull up. They checked one another out while the maintenance man did his job, and then, he got back in the truck and pushed open the passenger door. Mike got in and the worker started playing with Mike's cock. Then they went in the back of the truck and leather man Mike fucked the ass off this maintenance worker.

Mike loves power play. "I never like just being passive," he says. He loves the exchange of power and finds it very horny. He's got a nipple pierced, as well as a Prince Albert in his cock; and he's wearing a sleeve of tattoos. In this scene, Mike Chain smokes his cigar and plays with his cock. He tells us that he likes having his balls sucked and licked, and at one point he teases his balls with the red-hot ember of his cigar. We can only imagine how the heat feels on his sensitive, bull-sized, hairy balls. As he jerks his cock, he makes these animal grunts and sounds. It's quite hot to listen to and got me charged up. He finally grabs his balls tight and splatters a creamy load all over his leather pants. I sure hope to have this cigar-smoking man back for a hot play session in front of the camera. Check out this other Cigar Smoking Daddy.

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Dwaine Anthony

Sexy Hot biker bear Dwaine Anthony drives big rigs for a living, but the rig he likes driving best is right here in his hands. Watch him stroke his hard cock to climax, then send him an email and invite him over to polish your chrome... Daddy Dwaine is into hardcore pig sex with blue collar men, bikers, and hairy bears (and so are we). Dwaine loves hitting the road on his Harley and fantasizes about gang bangs in remote truck stops with no holes barred. Send him an email with the when and where... at Pantheon Bear.



Starring Jackson Lawless & Alessio Romero

Major assplay rocks the ranch when Club Inferno Exclusive Jackson Lawless meets Alessio Romero in the barn. Lawless immediately bends over to welcome Romero's probing tongue followed by a lineup of huge butt toys. Of course Romero's main objective is to get his greasy fists up the horny cowboy's ass. Lawless rolls over on his back and opens wide, taking most of Romero's forearm deep in his hole until he pops a bright red rosebud and Romero's fat cock oozes a thick load. To see more click here or click the picture to see more.

Daddy Mugs Yard Work Wank


Daddy Mugs was out doing some yardwork and working up a sweat. Then as fate has it, the hot neighbor boy was out doing his. He is a fine looking boy that Daddy Mugs always fantasizes about f*cking sometime. Well this day my fantasy got the best of me and Daddy Mugs had to stop what he was doing. Daddy Mugs whipped out his fat meat and starting stroking it right there. As he stroked his meat he just kept imagining what he wanted to do to him someday. It was not long after that he was shooting a huge load of cum
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