Friday, August 31, 2012

Amateur Cock With Chuck - Gym Muscle

Chuck is a first timer on amateursdoit.com and has agreed to do a solo video and stroke the cum from his delicious amateur cock. Originally from New Jersey in the USA, he has come down under because he has a thing for Aussie men and also for some fun surfing adventures. Wearing a blue tank top, it is obvious that this 35 year old, 5 foot 9 inch, 180 lb hunk works out quite religiously. His ideal guy should also be fit, tall, blonde and preferably Aussie. He says he is more of a bottom and is definitely proud of his body and it is plain to see that he should be.

Kyle Butler Fucks Jay Daniels

The guys jump right in with Kyle Butler sucking Jay Daniels. It's not long before the furry cub gives into temptation, moving into a 69 position, swallowing Kyle's big hard on and playing with the toy in Kyle's ass. Kyle is extremely oral, burying his tongue in Jay's hole and feasting. Surprisingly, Kyle mounted and started fucking Jay much sooner than I expected, pounding his bottom's hole and driving Jay insane with pleasure. Just as unexpectedly, Kyle stood and had Jay suck his cock some more, then knelt down and had the cub rim his ass and fuck him some more with the toy. They give each other head and sixty nine again. Jay is there for one reason - to get fucked - and sits on the otter's cock and riding it so long that his legs start to give out. The guys spoon and Kyle's fucks Jay from behind, both guys lost in the pleasure. Eventually Jay lays on his back and Kyle plows him. The deep thrusting hits Jay perfectly inside and he cums with such force that he nuts on his face and all over his hairy chest and stomach. Pulling out, Kyle also blasts the cub. Jay eats the cum off his buddy's cock and then Kyle greedily licks up the mixture of their combined cum from Jay's stomach.



COCK: 7.5", HEIGHT: 6'2", EYES: Brown, HAIR: Black, AGE: 32, TURN ONS: a big, round butt

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Evan, Buck and Preston Rewound

It's hard for me to believe that we filmed this 3 years ago because I can remember it like it was yesterday. Evan was new on the scene at this point and a perfect addition to Buck and Preston. Who can ever forget Buck's perfect insatiable ass and Preston's big cock and country smile.I have to laugh when I look back at this because it was obvious that it wasn't just our first time at the party. Not only was this Evan's baptism into gay porn, but this was Evan's first time fucking a guy. Evan started fucking Preston as Buck worked on Preston's cock. Buck's ass was nice and ready for some cock so the boys pulled a train with Preston sandwiched in the middle. Next thing we know Buck wants to fuck. This was one of the few times I remember Buck topping so we took full advantage of it and worked it in. As you can imagine, these three fucked for hours taking turns sticking it in each other. The boys end the session by giving Buck a nice cum bath.

Gavin & Vander 'Bossy RAW'

This was such a fun video to do...and to watch!
Vander can be such a power bottom when a big muscly guy comes along, especially one that can get "Bossy!"
Gavin Sevin sits in his chair telling Vander to start stripping for him. Vander's cock is clearly waking up just from being ordered around. Pretty sure Gavin was enjoying it to, as his cock looked pretty hard in his shorts as well.
Gavin has him strip, show him his cock and ass, then makes him suck his cock. It's a lot more fun being bossy when you know your new plaything has a toy in his ass, so he sticks a wild looking butt plug up his ass, making him suck his cock and eat his ass with a toy crammed inside Vander's hole
Gavin gets in some of his own cock sucking, and does a fine job on Vander's ginormous unit. It's rather a mouthful!
Vander gets up on the chair and Gavin pulls out the toy, replacing it with his own cock. I love seeing Vander power fucked! His cock loves it too, and he clearly is eager to be pounded. Gavin appears to be a pretty aggressive Top, or least he really let lose as Vander encouraged him to really fuck him hard.
They switch it up a bit with Gavin sitting on the edge of the chair arm and Vander bouncing up and down on his cock. It's a pretty challenging position, but geeez, they fuck like wild monkeys! I think Gavin was just in awe of how voracious Vander was!
After that, it was time to get more comfortable. They make their way over to the bed where Gavin can really get some good penetration and rhythm going. It took no time at all for him to fuck a load out of Vander.
I believe this is Gavin's first RAW video, and he was enjoying himself immensely. He ramps-up to cum, unloads one squirt on Vander's hole, and buries the rest deep inside of him. Just like a pro!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Antonio Biaggi and Butch Bloom-BAREBACK

Butch’s face is nestled in Antonio’s crotch as he opens wide to service his massive 10 x 7 uncut cock. Butch snorts, tears, and gags as his oral talents are on display as he unlocks his jaw and swallows his entire rod, balls deep. Antonio buries his face into Butch’s furry ass crack. He rims and sucks his puckering hole getting it ready for the raw fucking he will be enjoying. Antonio teases his ass as he slowly inserts his monster cock head into his raw hole with nothing more than sweat and spit. Butch quivers as he is stretched wider and wider. Antonio slides his massive uncut tool into Butch’s bare hole. He pummels his ass in a variety of positions as his huge low hanging bull balls sway and slap against Butch’s furry nuts. Antonio pulls his ass to the edge of the bed, spreads Butch’s legs wide and pile drives his huge cock into his gaping hole. Antonio blasts his nut all over Butch’s butt hole. He slips ba! ck in and continues to fuck the load into him. Butch strokes and sprays his cum all over himself as Antonio continues to fuck him deep. Antonio pulls his sloppy cock out and feeds it to Butch for a final taste and clean up.

Emanuel Blay and Taylor Andrade

Emanuel Blay is hot in his red trunks but apparently so is Taylor Andrade in a square-cut pair of swimming trunks, sunglasses, and baseball cap. He lures Emanuel near the pool where the two Latinos explore each other. Taylor persuades Emanuel to get completely naked and starts playing with the tall, athletic Brasilero’s hot ass with a huge banana. After a while, Taylor stuffs Emanuel’s mouth full of cock and the hungry dick sucker goes to town while jerking off. As they get more hotter and hornier, they head inside where Taylor gives Emanuel’s huge monster cock proper dick service before returning to his smooth ass, rimming his hole, then fucking him with the banana. Good thing, too! Otherwise how else would he be able to take his buddy’s big dick all the way to the balls? Taylor fucks Emanuel deep, hard, and rough before turning around and riding his cock to a milky finish!

Paddy O’Brian and Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter sucks and rims Paddy O'Brian then gets fucked by the hung Brit

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evan Mercy & Brenden Pierce

Evan Mercy Pounds Brenden Pierce @ DominicFord.com
DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Evan Mercy made a big splash when he first appeared on our site, so it's about time we invited him back. In this scene he pounds Brenden Pierce on the couch. the do a pretty acrobatic position in the middle of the scene. Is there a name for that position? Check it out, it's hot! You can watch Evan's perfectly sculpted body as it does pushups while fucking Brenden!
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Bobby Bolt Bred, Felched & Snowballed

Bobby Bolt called me after the release of his first video and said, "I want you to fuck me bareback and cum in my ass. I watched your fuck some of the other guys raw and I want you to have your way with me the same way." I told him that there would be very little foreplay and almost all fucking. He replied, "If there's no condom you can fuck me for hours." We started off with some kissing and almost immediately I had my tongue buried in his ass. I had forgotten what a nice butt Bobby has. Then I sucked him, feeling his cock grow rigid in my mouth and down my throat. Bobby serviced my dick, and it felt amazing, but I had to get my raw cock in his ass. The boy sat on my shaft and I relished in the bare feeling. Turning reverse cowboy, I leaned back on me and I held his legs in the air so you can watch my raw dick pound his hole. I flipped him and rammed him missionary for a while, then flipped him on his stomach and really nailed his ass - my cock coming all the way out and repeatedly slamming balls-deep into his butt. I pulled out when I came, shooting a few squirts on his hole and butt cheeks, then bred him with the rest of my load. Pulling my cock out he flipped on his back and tried to push out my cum but there is so much air in him from being slam-fucked that he just farts for a while. Finally the cream pie streamed from his puckered hole. I felched my cum from his hole, then went up and let it string into his mouth. We kissed and snowballed, passing the cum between us. That really drove Bobby wild and within no time he busted a nut on his stomach.

Wrestling Roommates Bang Boners

Wrestling partners and now roommates J.T. and Brenden Michaels have been masturbating together since their Freshman year in college. After wrestling around on the bed for a bit Brenden's nine inch cock sneaks out of his shorts and J.T. knows he is going to score some of that! Both wrestlers spar, work out and hunker down into great wrestling holds. Like a true sex god, J.T. fucks anything that gets near his dick and Brenden ass is eager to get fucked. Passion ignites in this cum-filled scene between these young men! Download this video at Mount Equinox

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kenny Double Feature Debut

Nashville boy Kenny was the focus of this Active Duty update, brought to you by their pal Mike. Now Kenny comes across as the strong silent type, but we're chalking that up to nerves. Kenny's got a really nice tight body, a perfectly shaped rod and shaved balls. In the first of his two scenes in this double feature debut, Kenny is sporting a buzz cut and is dressed in a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Off the T-shirt comes, revealing a toned, smooth torso that's inked up with some interesting designs, including permanent dog tags. He sits in a chair with his legs spread and puts on a good first show, where even the director can't help copping a feel. In his follow up solo, he returns from a day of military work wearing fatigues. He works up an oozing load to a straight video, and then finishes up with a shower while we watch.

Ricky Miller

Ricky Miller Ricky Miller Ricky Miller Ricky Miller


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Ross Timmons & Ryan Sinclair

When the BoyzParty.com team got there, Ross was napping on chaise but the bulge in his tighty whiteys indicated not all part of him were asleep. A moment later, when Ryan walked in and opened his towel, his long, thick uncut cock went from "big" to "huge" in record time and soon found a home in Ross's warm mouth. Ryan bent over for a long, deep kiss then licked his way down Ross's body until he engulfed Ross's throbbing dick. Keeping it in his mouth as he pivoted around for a fast and furious 69 then Ross moved up and fucked Ryan's mouth. Feeling the majestic globes of Ross's ass, Ryan turned the tables this time, bending Ross over and nailing him with his now colossal cock again and again until he pulled out, stood up and gave Ross a thick heavy facial. With his still hard cock, he plunged back into Ross's hole to help Ross deliver his own even thicker load all over his abs. That's what we call team work, bois, well done!

Axl and Domenic Flip-Flop

Saturday, August 25, 2012


This week we're giving you a classic, never-before-seen suck session from the TIM vault. Insatiate cockhound Dino Rocco gets all the manmeat he wants, and more, in the form of Nigel Watts' impressive boner. The happy cocksucker alternates between glutting himself on the entire, engorged length and concentrating on Nigel's fat, dripping head. After stroking out the ultimate load with his skilled fingers, Dino dives down again to lick up every last, gooey drop.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Scotty Dean Serviced

It’s my lucky day! Scotty Dean has ventured up from San Diego to play with me. He has an absolutely incredible body. One of the tightest I’ve ever gotten my paws on. And his ass…. Let’s just say I need to be careful while my tongue is down there because if he flexes his cheeks I could be done for! Scotty Dean smiles and laughs as I poke his delicious cock through his underwear fly. He packs a beauty, and I swallow every last inch of it. As I strip him out of his clothes and shoes I find that his feet are just as tasty as the rest of him. Everything about Scotty is nearly perfect! I could spend days exploring this hot young man. But I can’t wait that long for Scotty Dean’s yummy cum. A little squirt of Swiss Navy lube and I jerk him until he squirts into my mouth. A delicious end to an incredible time with Scotty!

Adam Russo & TJ Handler in The Son in Law

Servicing Clayton

Servicing Clayton Jasper
Jackson was the first boy I thought of, when Clayton said he was up for getting his cock sucked by another dude. Jackson was so excited to get his hands on Clayton that I knew it was gonna be a blow job to remember for our Southern Muscle Stud. Did I mention that I love seeing a beefy guy like Clayton getting serviced by a small bottom boy.

Clayton was a little hung over on the day of our shoot and he was moving a little slow. We started with a blindfold on Clayton and let Jackson explore his body with his mouth. Jackson started on Clayton's mammoth concrete guns kissing and rubbing them as Clayton sat their naked with a semi-hard cock.

Jackson worked his tongue down to Clayton's beefy ass; gently darting his tongue in and out of Clayton's tight hole. (much to Clayton's pleasure). After giving him a complete tongue bath, Jackson took Clayton big thick rod in his hands and slowly worked his tongue up and down Clayton's shaft.

Clayton was obviously getting the best blowjob of his life as he grabbed the back of Jackson's head and started to fuck his mouth. This only made Jackson want Clayton's cock all the more. What Jackson really wanted was to taste the nutt of this stud. Jackson finally went to town on Clayton's cock with reckless abandon until Clayton squirted his huge sticky load in the back of Jackson throat. Jackson savored Clayton's salty seed befor spitting it out onto Clayton's still pulsating cock. 
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Jeremy sucks Morgan

Jeremy East is a true cock connoisseur. He likes to take the time to fully appreciate a fine wang like Morgan Black's, letting the man know with his fingers and lips and tongue just what a beautiful thing it is. After getting to know Morgan's meat scimitar intimately, Jeremy opens up and worshipfully swallows every last, curved inch before concentrating on the engorged head, pushing Morgan to the edge as he nurses. Finally Morgan gets to his feet and delivers a thick, white-hot load onto Jeremy's well-deserving, supremely talented tongue.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Sexual chemistry is in the air right from the start as buddies Lito Cruz, Jack Allen, and Buzz Isaac get together for a three-way orgiastic binge of fucking and sucking. Cockwhore Buzz offers up both his cum-hungry holes as the two topmen take turns pounding him into the mattress and breeding his throat with their rock hard schlongs. The man-to-man-to-man connection intensifies when Lito impales Jack on his meat sword as Jack continues to pummels Buzz, bringing all three guys to new heights of ecstasy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chris and Parker

Chris Tyler and Parker Wright @ DominicFord.com
DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

In this scene Chris Tyler has brought some paperwork home from his job with him to finish. But Parker is not having it. He throws Chis' work from Chris' hands and starts blowing him. He gets Chris all worked up and then Chris starts fucking him like crazy! The moral of the story? Don't have a hot boyfriend and every expect to bring work home with you! There is too much hot sex to be had at home!
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