Thursday, December 31, 2009

Luke Riley and Bruno Bond

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Luke Riley and Bruno Bond are kissing. Bruno pushes Luke down on the bed, kisses him in the mouth then moves down his body to his big, hard cock. Bruno works over Lukes dick until he is ready to get his own sucked and kneels by Lukes head to stick his raging hardon in the boys hot mouth. As he is getting serviced, Bruno starts to play with Lukes warm hole. Before he goes there, Bruno gets his own hairy hole worked over by Lukes hungry mouth. With his head down and his ass in the air, Luke gets his hole warmed up by Bruno before he plunges in his throbbing cock. Bruno pounds him doggie style then flips him over and jackhammers the boy until he floods his stomach with his big load. Bruno stands up on the bed and showers Luke with his own load. Satisfied, Bruno collapses and kisses his boy. CLICK HERE

Jake Dakota

Jake Dakota has never done a solo before. So I was happy to be the first one to shoot this incredible stud all alone. Jake is a total exhibitionist and put on one hell of a show. Check him out here at Massive Studio.

Search and Rescue (Trailer)

Chad Brock & Rocky Charles

36, muscled, horny and studly, Chad Brock wanted to ring in 2010 with a hot young dick rammed up his tight round ass and MenOver30 made his New Year’s wish cum true! They slowly start by kissing and undressing each other. Rocky is the first left in his briefs before he goes to work on Chad. He doesn't get very far before Chad is hauling Rocky's cock out of his boxer briefs and into his mouth. Once he's had his fill, he pops up and sits back on the couch, waving his rock hard meat and proclaiming "Come here Daddy, get this bone". Chad doesn't waste any time before going down on Rocky's dick. Rocky then gets a closer perspective as he tongue-fucks Chad's hungry ass. Once Chad's ass is wet and ready for more, Rocky slides his hard cock deep into Chad's daddy hole. Rocky then sits back on the couch and has Chad straddle him reverse cowgirl and watches as Chad impales himself for more dick. Rocky’s bone is hitting Chad in all the right spots. In no time, Chad is grunting as he's sent over the edge, sending his massive load all over the couch and the floor below. Rocky then jacks off, exploding all over his furry navel. How’s that for some New Year’s Eve fireworks? Happy 2010, Men from MenOver30! Click here to visit Men Over 30.


If you've looked through our other videos you'll notice that once in a while I get a hankerin' for a Latino dude and man did I hit the jackpot with Leon Putez. I was down in Florida visiting a "buddy" of mine. Turns out Leon lived in the next house over. When I found out he was interested in doing porn I had my camera out in 2 seconds flat. Leon starts off by coming over to play a game of kickball with my buddy but as soon my friend left he whipped out that fat cock of his and started jerkin' it for my camera. This dudes body is out of control and he has no problems showing it off for the the cam as he jerks off his cock. First he shows off his beautiful beefy ass and broad tattooed back before turning back around to face the camera as he slaps around that thick dick of his. Then he squats down on the soccer ball to j/o for a while. It started getting cold outside though so we came indoors to finish up where he sat down in his hall stroking his huge hard cock until a thick load of cum oozed out of dick. Hey, you know what they say - love thy neighbor. Click the pic below to visit Suck Off Guys.

Joris Luger Solo

A nice midweek Special between TimTales regular Updates. A lot of their members have written them that they really like Joris Luger. He is an unusual guy compared to other pornstars, but maybe that is one of the reasons why he is so popular. Another reason might be that he has a cock that is not only huge, but also one of the most beautiful one has ever seen. When you see the photos and video you will notice that they had real fun while shooting the footage. Click here to visit TimTales.

Lifeguard Mark

Mark has been working as a life guard for the past five or six years. He started his vocation when he was younger for the local children's pool. From there, Mark has worked on his certifications and medical licenses to become a full fledged guard. He decided to become a lifeguard, because he loves to surf on his ten foot board and getting wet in the ocean. He also helps train junior lifeguards a couple times a year across San Diego; hopefully training some future hotties for us to see. We found Mark on one of the beaches working hard to protect the swimmers of the summer. This young, hot, straight stud is the embodiment of what every guy wants to be--strong, sexy, and good-hearted.
Mark begins by taking off his glasses and stripping down from head to toe in his red lifeguard shorts. He reveals his lightly hairy body, sexy pecs, and nice hairy butt. To top it all off, Mark has a rock hard cock just waiting to be stroked. He slowly jerks his dick, getting hotter by the moment as you see his face slowly turn red. It's obvious that he is enjoying showing off his body in front of the cameras.
He shows us what he is made of as he says he is going to cum, moaning softly all the while. Mark shoots while he is on his back cumming warm juice all over his face and chest. He keeps stroking his dick until all of his cum is out on top of his hot body, staring down at his freshly squeezed penis. Click here to visit All American Heroes.

Johnny Gunn/Rick Van Sant and Johnny Gunn/LOADING ZONE Action Gallery Scene 2/Jackson Lawless

Grab your dick and pump a load with Johnny Gunn. Our lightly hairy tattooed stud whips out his huge cock and shows off his puckered hole just for you in his XXX gallery shot on the set of Loading Zone. Catch it all now, exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

Rick Van Sant and Johnny Gunn
Johnny Gunn pleads with doorman Rick Van Sant to get into the club but it will take more than that to get past the ropes. Gunn wastes no time devouring Van Sant's curved cock until Van Sant rips right through Gunn's briefs and slides his cock deep into his eager hole. Gunn lays back onto a discarded wooden crate and continues to take Van Sants' slow, deep strokes which quickly turn into rough outdoor fucking. Gunn expertly works Van Sants' cock with his tight hole and milks the cum out of him before blowing his own load.

LOADING ZONE Action Gallery Scene 2
Submissive muscle-stud Vince Ferelli pulls up into the Loading Zone to meet Andreas Cavalli. Cavalli chastises Ferelli for being late but Ferelli appeases the towering top by telling him that he's ready to be fucked. Ferelli gets on his knees to suck Cavalli's huge Italian sausage then bends over to take it in his ass. Cavalli pounds the willing hunk until they both shoot hot loads.

Jackson Lawless
Club Inferno Exclusive Jackson Lawless lives up to his name in this sizzling-hot XXX gallery from the set of Ring Of Fire. Jackson gives you chiseled abs, a big bubble butt and a juicy cock - everything you need to get you off! Check him out now, exclusively in the Club Inferno Dungeon!

Gunner, Nico & Reese

When you get three heartthrobs like Gunner Pierce, Nicco Sky and Reese Rideout together there's no telling what will happen. I knew a few months ago when Nicco appeared on Randy Blue Live with Reese that they had an amazing chemistry. People were talking about that show for months, so I had to put them in a video together. But since they did the show as a duo I wanted to throw something else into the mix. Enter Gunner Pierce. He's been just starting to spread his wings here, and by wings I mean legs, and everything he does is so hot. He's got an incredible body and that adorable face of his. You guys are going to love this video. The image of Gunner eating Nicco's ass while he sucks off Reese is one I won't forget any time soon. And Reese couldn't be happier, or sexier, than when he's fucking Nicco's hot ass while he goes down on Gunner. And you can tell that Nicco is enjoying being the piggy in the middle with the! se two incredibly hot guys giving it to him at the same time. And I wish we had shot this in 3D because when Nicco shoots his load, with Gunner's cock buried deep inside his ass I might add, he nearly hit my camera. Had it been in 3D you at home would either be ducking out of the way or sitting there with your mouth open hoping to catch some of the delicious virtual spunk flying towards your face.

Trojan Rock and Ty LeBoeuf

This is a dream scene for Bear and Cub admirers, or Dad and Son fans alike: Huge fucker Trojan and beefy Cub Ty LeBoeuf go at it like there is no tomorrow,and the chemistry clearly couldn’t be better!!. Here after all we have a cub who likes daddies and a daddy who loves hairy cubs. Even in the Heat of the Sauna, Trojan is like a pig in heaven as Ty sits on his face, grinding his cute butt hole onto Trojan’s eager mouth and tongue. Deep probing his hairy arse and his perfect puckered hole, Ty is obviously in a great mood. The scene goes on with Man Mountain Trojan fucking Ty in every conceivable position it is clear Ty doesn’t want to finish the scene. In the increasing heat of the sauna, and the ever increasing sweat caused by this sizzling scene, Ty turns the tables by returning the favour and deep fucking Trojan, a rare event, for a popular top! Ty sprays a load over Trojan’s bulging hairy chest before Trojan comes in gushes too. The sweat is literally pouring off them as they hit the showers after what is one of the sweatiest and hottest scenes ever recorded! Click here to see more at Alpha Male Fuckers.