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Friday, June 21, 2013

Dominic Pacifico & Dallas Magnum

Gay Shower Fucking For Dallas

Dominic's rock hard uncut cock is an obvious invite for dark muscle stud Dallas! The guys are sharing a shower when the sight of each other takes over and the delicious sucking begins. But our black stallion needs more than a taste, and his perfect ass is soon plugged with Dominic's meaty dick, fucked up against the wall until their balls are throbbing and hot thick wads of cum as gushing out!


Jessy Ares & Rod Daily

june 13, 2013 - STRETCH MY HOLE
Jessy Ares is so, so hot and that’s simply all there is too it. His body is near perfect and he’s got just the right amount of and his uncut German cock is worthy of all the attention it’s given. And Rod Daily knows this, which is why he watches Jessy through a window. When Jessy catches him he invites him over for a blowjob before they adjourn into Jessy’s bedroom for more intense action. Jessy Ares stretches out Rod Daily’s ass with his fingers before hopping on top and fucking him. Jessy is all about mounting his bottoms, and he doesn’t hesitate climbing on top of Rod to give him a good pounding! 

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Daddy Chad James Part 1

Daddy Chad James is one hot hunky Daddy.. with a big cock.. he loves showing it off and loves to stroke that big meat.. I've had my eye on him for a while now and wouldn't mind having some hand action with him.. or feeling his hot daddy cream all over me..

First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 1

Check out this hot video with these studs from Kristen Bjorn then visit Kristen Bjorn..

Jesse Jackman & Anthony London

Scruf: Scene 3: Jesse Jackman & Anthony London
Wandering through the woods looking for his lost dog, Jesse Jackman is grateful when his pet arrives with tall, dark and handsome stranger Anthony London — who leans in for a kiss. The two stare into each other’s eyes as they make out, their 5 o’clock shadows rubbing. They shed their shirts, their hairy chests tickling each other. Jesse drops down to suck Anthony, who sucks him right back: “That’s huge, man!” Jesse smiles as he looks down at the sucker, flicking his own nips as his curvy cock gets worshipped. Jesse eats Anthony, then fucks him doggie style as he grips the bottom’s waist. “Yeah, fuck my ass!” Anthony moans. “Bury that cock in there!” Jesse breathes faster and grunts louder as he fucks, smiling as his eyes roll up in his head. On his back, Anthony gets plowed atop a picnic table, his boots in the air. The two stand and kiss, stroking out their loads—a hot strand of cum growing as it drips from Jesse’s big, dangling dick. 

Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi

Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi have their dukes up, but when Angelo lets his guard down, he gets bussed instead of bashed. Jessy darts in for a kiss and Angelo’s open-mouthed response lights their fires. Their tattered wife beaters are ready for the rag bin anyway, but Jessy cements that fate when he shreds them. Skin meets skin. Angelo and Jessy clasp each other in a bear hug, pressing the smooth muscles of Angelo’s chest to Jessy’s hairy pecs. Jessy is leading the charge. He pushes Angelo’s camo fatigues to the ground and a hard cock springs out. Angelo does the same, quickly kneeling to gulp down the freed shaft in his mouth and hold Jessy’s balls in his fist. Spit and sweat pour down like rain. Jessy drills Angelo’s hole with two fingers and Angelo adds two fingers of his own. Then Jessy slides his salami up Angelo’s chute, cheered on by Angelo’s words, “fuck that ass.” Angelo flips onto his back. Jessy quickens the pace and intensity of his pelvic thrusts. Both flooded wi th endorphins, orgasm overtakes them. Angelo spurts massive amounts of jism onto his treasure trail matched by Jessy’s uncut cock spewing on to Angelo’s thighs.n.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

JR Bronson

Lounging about in only a jockstrap, handsome hunk of man JR Bronson wakes from an afternoon snooze with a bulging urge rising between his legs. In front of a picture window and overlooking the TIMBERLINE, JR gives us an up close and personal show. With his COLT Basics Jockstrap framing his hot, round-muscled ass, JR gets down to business in no time with a man-sized COLT Genuine Cast “Adam Champ Cock” dildo. Riding that uncut monster-dong and stroking his throbbing meat, JR lets loose with a drenching hot spray of his thick and tasty cum.

Nicko Morales

Stroking Hard Dick With Nicko

When a man needs some relief, he knows how to treat his cock to get his balls emptied. We join the hairy and handsome Nicko for some alone time in this video, stripping down and revealing his hard uncut cock, slicking up with slippery lube and stroking himself to a powerful climax that leaves his cum splashed over his stomach

Austin Chandler & Jace Chambers

Austin Chandler and Jace Chambers stare each other down, their eyes full of lust and passion. Once they're close?enough to each other, Jace pulls Austin in for a passionate kiss. They take their shirts off and Austin kisses?Jace's body, working his way down to his crotch. Once on his knees, Austin unbuttons and unzips Jace's jeans and??his fat cock pops out. Austin covers Jace's stiff cock in spit every time he takes it deep in his throat. Jace picks?Austin up from the ground and kisses ?with him while stroking his cock. Jace unbuttons Austin's pants and strokes?his cock. Jace gets on his knees and blows Austin's hard pole. Jace turns Austin around and digs his tongue deep?into his ass. After getting Austin's tight hole wet and ready, Jace pushes his thick rod up his ass. Jace sits on the?floor and invites Austin to sit on his cock. Austin squats on Jace's rod riding it hard. Austin ?lays on the floor?propping his ass up to take all of Jace's cock deep for a pounding. Austin Chandler strokes his dick every time?Jace's cock goes up his ass. Austin's throbbing cock shoots out a thick stream of cum all over his abs. Jace?Chambers pulls his dick out and pops his warm load all over Austin's fresh young face.? 

Shai Ezra


COCK: 6", HEIGHT: 5'11", EYES: Blue, HAIR: Red, AGE: 33
TURN ONS: spanking, pajamas & elevator blowjobs...

DIRECTOR: Paul Morris