Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blade Hunter

Florida muscle daddy Blade Hunter is one tattooed bad-ass. Blade is tough, rough and knows how to use his huge man meat to make you grunt, sweat and scream.  Check out Blade's sexy photo set now on HotOlderMale.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Adam Russo & Kieron Ryan in Training A Boy Part ll

Adam Russo & Kieron Ryan in Training A Boy Part ll

Training A Boy - Adam & Kieron 

Daddy Seth Wilkins

Hairy, muscled and very masculine, bisexual Seth was raised in Africa before settling in the UK. Seth’s solid body and piercing eyes make him an imposing figure and a tour of his tattoos reveals its own story. Even if he’s stroking his thick uncut cock and while me his story, Seth’s still the straightest bisexual I’ve met in a long time.

Carlos Gustavo

Date: 2012-06-18
Title: Good Times
Cast: Carlos Gustavo

Brazilian muscle-daddy Carlos Gustavo sure knows how to have a good time. Enter again that gorgeous and insatiable bubble butt boy Abel Pozsar who's always up for a good ride. get into the groove right now at stag Homme with "Good Times".

Daddy Charlie Xavier.

Our favorite African is back with us on MenOver30.com as we have ourselves a blast from the past. Charlie Xavier is back with us! Charlie just got home after a long day and decides he could use a shower. He peels off his jeans and shirt and heads for the shower. He stands under the shower as the water bathes his well-developed frame. He soaps up that big chest and beefy ass taking time to wash his thick cock and foreskin too. As he's washing up his hand lingers on his cock that is now getting bigger as he strokes it. His balls are heavy and look like they've been waiting for relief all day. Charlie finishes up in the shower and towels dry before heading back to the bedroom. Charlie gets to work on his cock that is still half hard with anticipation. He grabs his meat with his index finger and thumb and starts jerking off. Charlie closes his eyes as he sits back and jacks that meat getting it harder than ever. Charlie then stands up and keeps teasing that dick as he pulls that! foreskin back over his knob then swings it back and forth showing off his club cock. He squeezes his uncut cock making his knob glisten as thick precum pools at the tip. His smooth balls are getting tight around his dick and getting ready to launch a load. He lays back on the futon and gets that cock ready to blow as he jacks his meat faster. That does the trick as Charlie blows his wad all over his smooth navel and cock.

Victor West

Hunky Oklahoma bear Victor West is now on PantheonBear.  Victor is a country boy to the core. He wears his cowboy boots when he's looking to have a good ol' time. You'll want to give this cowboy a long hard ride. Check out Victor strokin' his thick dick on PantheonBear.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kirby Pounds Jim Scott

Ginger bear Kirby and his super fat cock arrive at the Florida beach resort just in time to catch hot bottom daddy Jim Scott ready for a good hard pounding. Jim sucks on Kirby's fat cock outside for a while before they head indoors and Jim gets what he really wants - A hard pounding until he blows his load all over the floor! Check this video and action pics on PantheonBear.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daddy Matt Trinity

Silver Florida daddy Matt Trinity is the holy trinity of hot daddies: sexy silver hair, big hard cock, and ready to fuck! Check out Matt on HotOlderMale blowing his wad while you stroke yours.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Tim Phillips

Hairy bear Tim Phillips in now on PantheonBear. Tim wants to be right in the middle of the action of any group sexy bears. He's not shy about getting his mouth all over some bear meat and loves it when you watch him gets fucked.

Allen Silver loses his beard at ManCast

Allen Silver loses his beard at ManCast

Trenton Ducati and Brad Kalvo

 In Hotwired, hot muscle daddies Trenton Ducati and Brad Kalvo know how to enjoy each other's massive frames and huge cocks.

On his knees, hairy Brad Kalvo opens wide for the bulging boner of chiseled Trenton Ducati -- whose smooth and tattooed frame towers over him.

Trenton's super-thick shaft slaps Brad's face, then arches up into his mouth -- the sideburned sucker grabbing hold of Trenton's huge quad as he gets face fucked.

"Lick that cock!"

Trenton sucks back, sliding down to the bushy root as his own boner pulses below.

Trenton's smooth ass gets slurped, spit sliding down as beefy Brad plays with his bud's boner.

Trenton bends over and grinds his ass as his muscles tighten, his boner bobbing as he gets plowed.

Brad slaps Trenton's ass, going all the way in and out before slamming the bottom on his back.

 "Keep fucking me!" begs Trenton as Brad hits the spot.

"Oh, there!" The bottom shoots as Brad thrusts in, the top soon unloading.

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Blade Hunter and Jim Scott

Tatted and muscular Blade Hunter cuts like a knife through horny bottom daddy Jim Scott's hairy ass in this hot and sweaty scene. There's nothing like a good fuck in a gay resort on a steamy day and this is one great fuck! Check out their video on HotOlderMale and their action pics.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daddy Josh West & Kevin Cavallie

This week on MenOver30.com we have hot hung Daddy Josh West and joing him is New Jersey stud Kevin Cavaliie. Kevin pulls off Josh's tee and starts to explore his hairy pecs before going right back to sucking face. Josh closes his eyes in ecstasy as Kevin's tongue begins to roam all over his chest and hairy abs. By now, Kevin has pulled out his own impressive 8" dick and is stroking it dry as he licks Josh's cum laden balls. Josh is soon ball deep in his smooth ass and loving every thrust he gives that hungry ass. Kevin's face tells us everything as he tries his best to accommodate that massive cock taking his ass. Josh pushes him forward onto the couch and starts to fuck him deep. His balls are slapping Kevin's ass as he pounds that ass harder and faster. This bi boy's gonna remember this fucking and Josh can't hold back anymore. They sit back and jack off as Josh explodes a massive load all over his face and chest followed by Kevin who shoots all over his own.

Cum Swapping w/Kyle - Raw


OK so I've been after Kyle Daggett's tight butt from the first time I sucked him off. I swallowed a couple loads from Kyle in previous videos and this time I get to plant my seed deep in his ass.

Kyle starts sucking my dick. Before no time at all I start oozing clear pre-cum. Kyle was loving the taste of my natural lube and was ready to take my raw cock.

I stick my dick in Kyle's ass and it's obvious Kyle is loving every inch of it. I start to go deeper and harder.

Kyle rolls over on his back, and I throw his legs in the air. This allows me to push my dick in as deep as I possibly can. From this moment on it was all I could do to keep myself from dropping my load in Kyle's ass.

Kyle gets back on all fours & I fuck his ass doggie as hard as I can until I can't take it anymore.

I shoot my load while balls deep in his ass. I continue to fuck him after I cum just to make sure every drop of my load gets deposited deep in his ass, stays there and gets absorbed into his body.

When I pull out, a glob of jizz oozes out of Kyle's hole and runs down his ass and legs. Not to worry though, there's plenty more of my semen remaining deep inside.

Kyle jumps up and blows his wad of cum into my mouth which I quickly swallow. I continue to suck down the remaining drops of sperm still dripping from Kyle's cock.

Cum swapping scenes like this always leave me more cum hungry than ever. What about you?

John Rutherford Recommends: RELOAD

RELOAD: Director’s Cut, Scene 5 - Chase Hunter and Lane Fuller.

RELOAD was our first COLT Feature presentation after we purchased COLT Studio Group from Jim French and we wanted to make a movie that highlighted what COLT Studio stood for from its conception, iconic masculine images and illustrations by artist Rip Colt.

Early in the beginning and before producing features, Rip Colt used to draw his subjects. So, we wanted to pay homage to his art form and use selective illustrations from the archives to make them come to life and symbolize the arrival into present time. Each scene starts off with an illustration morphing into real-life…

Chase Hunter and Lane Fuller were good friends of mine and most of the cast members for RELOAD were performers I had worked with before and had great respect for… These two men were no exception.

Anthony Todd, Matt Sizemore and Chad Brock -BAREBACK

The scene opens with Anthony, Matt and Chad passionately kissing and groping one another as Chad slides down to service both of their cocks side by side. He sucks and slurps on both rods as he uses his talented tongue on their nuts and balls. The sex steps into high gear when these guys get into some hot choo choo train ass eating. Chad being caught in the middle devours Matt’s muscle butt as Anthony munches on his hairy hole in return. It doesn’t take long for Chad to start begging for raw cock in his empty crack. The action intensifies as these guys are caught in hot a daisy chain fuck. Matt bent over getting plugged by Chad’s raw cock as Anthony’s bare rod is poking Chad from behind. All three of these guys fuck in unison and never miss a beat or thrust. The scene ignites when the action moves to the leather sofa where Anthony power fucks both Matt and Chad back and forth. The scene continues to sizzle as Chad bends Matt over and starts to fuck him doggie style. Anthony is only too quick to see Chad’s empty hole exposed and slips his cock back into him as he continues to fuck Matt raw. They create a hot new daisy chain as no hole is left unfilled. The scene reaches its climax when Anthony shoots his nut all over Chad’s hole as he continues to fuck and breed him deep. Matt watching and waiting, shoots his massive load all over Chad’s hairy hole too. He pushes his cum deep into his hole as he continues to breed and nut a sloppy second into his butt. Chad beats off while he is being fucked and drops his wad all over his chest and stomach. The scene concludes with these guys covered in sweat and cum as each of them shares a kiss with one another. lkj;j

Moraes and Daddy Matteo

Matteo walks out onto the patio where he sits and enjoys the sunshine while Moraes is having a swim. After the handsome stud steps out of the pool he follows Matteo into the house where they start making out. Matteo works his friend’s nipples over, chewing them and playing with them until he gets hungry for cock. Bald Matteo starts sucking Moraes and the smooth, muscular hunk soon returns the favor. While getting sucked, Matteo plays with Moraes’ ass then gets him on all fours and rims his tight ass. After finger-fucking him, Matteo then stretches Moraes with a clear butt-plug up his ass, followed moments later by his own thick, uncut cock. The older daddy plows the Brazilian power bottom until both end up spewing thick ropey stands of cum all over Moraes.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aaron Cage & Steven Prior

Hung muscle dad Aaron kisses Steven's mouth and licks his socks before taking off his briefs and sucking his 10 inch monster cock. Aaron puts a sock on the cock and wanks while playing with his balls. Aaron ties Steven down to the bed and blindfolds him. He makes Steven suck his cock before Steven sits on the chair and Aaron sits on his cock. Aaron bends over the bed and Steven fucks him doggy style while Aaron smells his sweaty socks. Aaron shoots while being fucked by his lad before Steven cums over daddy, cleaning up the cum with his sock before Aaron licks the sock.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Private Party Episode 1: First Taste

Private Party Episode 1: First Taste 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Butch Dixon: Gio Cruz and Eric North

Gio Cruz is a firm favorite at Butch Dixon, we love to give him the porn virgins, knowing he’ll take them in hand. Eric is a sexy sub lad, who did everything he was told, but when Gio had finished tearing him up, using every hole he could get his dick into he stamped on Eric’s dick! Perversely Eric loved that kind of pleasure.

Drake Jaden and Derek Parker

Derek Parker really gets his big, stiff cock lodged in Drake's crack, rhythmically slamming away in this video. Finding a way to dig deeper into Drake, Derek pushes him up on his shoulder blades and pile drives into the wide open hole. Sweat beads form upon Drakes shaved head as he jerks a hot load out of his cock and Derek pulls out of his hole and follows suit jizzing onto Drake's belly.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hooker Stories Episode 4: Daddy's Boy

What's do you do if you're a married man curious about gay sex? Hire a professional, of course. David Chase is a dedicated family man, but he's always wondered if there wasn't more beyond his sexual picket fence. When his wife and kids go out of town, he hires Evan Mercy for a little discreet exploration. Hairy David still gets to play daddy, but for an entirely new kind of boy. Skater punk Evan Mercy shows him the joys of man-on-man sex as David tries dick for the first time, sucking and getting sucked by Evan. Evan knows how to please this hungry dad, and by the end he's flipped the script and fucking his handsome client. Something tells us this boys getting a raise in his allowance.

Daddy Tim Kelly

Back on MenOver30.com, after a long absence in these parts, is none other than Tim Kelly. Tim comes home wearing a sharp black pin stripe suit and a blue button down shirt. It's time to kick back and get comfortable. Tim drops his pants and starts to grope his growing cock through his boxers. As he sits back we can better appreciate the fur front as we get a better view of all the body hair he has to offer. His cock is ready to make its debut as Tim stands to lose his briefs. Now fully "debriefed", Tim is ready for his assignment as he gets to work on his needy cock. He tugs at this shaft dry while remembering to keep his balls in the game. Tim's cock is quick to respond and is soon at full mast and swinging side to side as Tim continues stroking and teasing it. He takes off his shirt to show off his upper body and sits back to play with his cock and balls. His fist becomes a blur as he pumps his hard cock up and down. It won't be long before his cock gets the kind of releas! e it needs. He runs his free hand through his thick chest hair as he gropes his muscular chest. His hairy nuts start to pull up closer to his shaft as they prepare for launch. He spreads his muscular legs apart getting ready to blow his wad as he stops and displays his hard erection for us. As he feels that familiar tickle in his balls he pinches his nipple and jacks even harder sending his body into convulsions. He moans and groans as he writhes in ecstasy as his cock coats his furry navel with jet after jet of jizz. Now that's how every work day should end.

SIR Tony DeAngelo

SIR Tony DeAngelo from barebackMasters is a hot muscle Daddy who is a top leather daddy. He loves fucking as well as rimming and sucking cock. Tony and is partner of 14 years Cam Cruise run their own site Bareback Masters which produces the hottest bareback porn from the hottest Daddy/boy couple in porn. Both SIR Tony and Cam are favorites and friends of Ursophile. To see more of SIR and the hot fuck films they make Click Here to Visit BarebackMasters and also check out SIR Tony's Personal site here.

Dads vs. Boys

In this second installment of Dads vs Boys, the hot hung boys get their revenge by topping these five horny daddies. The generation gap has never been so wide.

Matt Sizemore, Nick Moretti & Rowdy McBeal

Matt Sizemore, Nick Moretti & Rowdy McBeal
Rowdy, Nick and Matt make for one of the dirtiest trios we've seen for a while. Matt bends Rowdy over and penetrates him hard with his long thick cock. Matt and Nick then get him onto his knees, as Nick pees into the young stud's dog bowl and mouth, commanding him to lap it all up. Now soaked in piss, Nick comes around and nails back into Rowdy's tight hole so hard that the bottom begins to pee all over the floor. Nick and Matt then take turns fucking Rowdy's hole and mouth, loosening it up for a hard thrashing until Matt insists on getting the same treatment. The horny studs then continue their fuck-session by triple-fucking each other until they can hold their loads no more.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tim and Morgan Black

Our first video from our latest USA trip.Morgan Black is handsome guy from California. We met him for a shoot and liked him from the start. A bit shy and quiet, but very lovable and also very horny.We enjoyed our time with him a lot, which you can see in the video :)Have fun with it!


COLT Man Bob Hager & Will Swagger We all dream of being rescued by a hot fireman like COLT Man Bob Hager. But what do Firemen fantasize about? For Bob, his turn-on is Cops. “Cops have so much authority” he says. “I’d love to have that authority. To make a man go down on his knees and do what he’s told”. Cut to a hot uniformed cop staring straight ahead. The whiskered jaw, the badge, the mirrored shades… Will Swagger fits the bill as a man of the law. Bob moves in forcefully, wearing police riot gear as he plants a hot kiss on Will’s open mouth. Giving Will a ruff and thorough pat-down Bob positions him down on his knees before him as he unleashes his swollen cock. Bob controls the action as he forces Will to take his whole shaft in deep-throated thrusts. Cock hungry Will handles every inch and greedily laps for more. Will’s expert cock sucking skills has Bob’s cock dripping pre-cum. Stroking and sucking Bob’s juiced up dick, Will milks out Bob’s thick white load and takes it on his muscled chest. Still on his knees Will strokes a ball draining load from his swollen man-tool as Bob’s steamy hot cum drips down his furry chest.