Friday, March 30, 2012

SIR Tony DeAngelo & Daddy Cam Cruise

Its no secret that your Ursophile webmaster, boy quinton is a big fan of Tony and Cam and that Tony and Cam are into leather. So last Saturday when Cam gave Tony that special look, he knew it was time to set up for a quick romp around the house. Tony set up the lights and Cam put up a back drop to make sure that were "private" - then as the camera was rolling, Cam went down on his knees and pulled Tony's throbbing cock out of his cod piece.Cam swallowed real good making sure to get Tony's rod all slippery for his tight hole. Tony worked Cam's butt with his tongue for a bit and then stuck his man tool up his hole to his balls. He fucked Cam real good making sure that the camera could get in there to see all the action. Tony shot his load on Cam's hole and then stuck it back in while still throbbing. Then Tony dropped to his knees as Cam shot a huge load all over his beard and down his throat.

Tony luvs shooting up close and personal footage while they fuck. Cam doesn't think there's anything hotter than seeing himself get cum up my hole and pulling out while he's also seeing it on camera. That's just about as in your face videography as you can get and one of their specialties. To see more of this scene click here to check out bareback Masters.

SIR Mike Roberts

Daddy or should I say SIR Mike Roberts.. is an Ursophile All time favorite and one that is all around Daddy-Licious!! He's a furry Daddy with a sexy round ass and a pierced member that he calls "Big John & the twins!! In that cop uniform he looks fuckin' hot like on he can.. Makes you want to sceam... Arrest me SIR... I was a very bad boy and I need to be taught a lesson. To see more of Mike head on over to Titan Men!!

The Bad Samaritain



What happens if you lose your way whilst out trekking? A good Samaritan should be the perfect solution, all you need is a lift to the main road, you know it's up ahead, but the guy pulling over looks really helpful. 
WRONG! What ensues is the most violent of personal attacks. It turns out the "Samaritan" is nuts, often goes out looking for single travellers to abduct, take home, imprison & terrorise. 
The poor traveller today doesn't stand a chance again the will of the mad man, with the cock of death! 

Cristian plays the traveller, lost & looking for kindness, what he gets instead is kidnap, verbal abuse, a violent abduction & incarceration.

Placed in an outdoor cage, bound & gagged, kicked, tormented by Ger Rodriguez, who plays the man man perfectly. Ger then pisses on Cristian, breaking the traveller's will.

Hours pass & Cristian is taken back to the truck thinking his ordeal is over, that he is going to be released. Ger has other plans & puts Cristian on to the top of the truck, fists him, then fucks Cristian bareback until he deems it right to allow Cristian the chance to escape. Does he run free or is he pursued & trapped again for a future horrific ordeal?

Shot in HD and available in all formats, for PC & Mac.

Will West RAW - Load after Load - Review

Will West, one of HDK's most popular and prolific models, is back with a super star performance! Will West fans have been demanding that we bring Will back. It seems that the fans of Will West just can't get enough of his hard, muscular body and huge, throbbing, ass plunging cock. Few models in the adult industry have the raw, unleashed, hardpounding fury that is the trademark of Will West. 

"Will West RAW - Load after Load" is a combination of four brand new scenes and five previously released scenes for a total of nearly three hours of ass banging action. The four new scenes feature Will by the pool, in the bedroom and in the HDK Dungeon as he sucks and fucks his way from one cum spewing climax after the other. 

The five previous scenes are from prior HDK releases where Will pounds ass from the Dungeon to the Desert, with unbridled fury and intensity until the bottom boys were dripping with Will's manly jizz. 

Nine total scenes, FOUR BRAND NEW SCENES and three hours of non-stop, ass pounding, cum spewing action as Will drops LOAD after LOAD! Starring: Will West, Rand, Chad Adams, Ed Diamond, Ivan Fox, Kylthrpig. 

 After watching this hot film.. i was left spent and covered in my own hot little mess after having a big pop shot!! From start to finish.. this movie has hot manly sex, leather men and ruggedly sexy man doing what men do best...FUCK!!! This sure is a hot movie that you'll want to add to the collection... To get more info... check out Hot Desert Knights!!

Daddy Chad James

Daddy Chad James is a hot furry Daddy who's know for his Healthy Friction Jack off events.. in addition to his beautiful thick one... He's done a few movies.. and loves to show off while jackin' that big thick (and juicy) meat of his... Me personally i'd love to blow him and feel his hot Daddy Juice covering me.... To see more of Daddy Chad check out his blog at Chad James Speaks!!

Daddy Matthew Ford

Daddy Matthew Ford is another one of my favorites... He's furry, hung, and overall sexy.. I'll admit that when I first saw him i had the hots for him.. cause he's one hot motherfucker!! I mean with a hot cock and an ass that you can crack nuts on (I mean that in a good way) He's the kinda man you want to keep all to yourself!! To see more of him... check out his personal site here and visit Hot Older Male to see more of him.

Daddy Rusty McMann

Daddy Rusty is hot, tall and sexy Ginger Bear... He was recently nominated for Best Daddy at the Hookie awards at this year's event... Rusty is a sweet guy that oozes manly sexiness.. not to forget that he looks fuckin' hot in a suit and out of it for that matter... To see more of this gorgeous bear.. Head on over to Bear Films.