Thursday, April 11, 2013

Matt Brookes and Mackenzie Cross

No hole goes unstuffed when Matt Brookes is on the scene. We've been shooting this stud for nine years ( he took our porn cherry), and no wonder we keep coming back this thick dicked sex crazed guy always delivers. He's got a thick veiny dick and a heavy load of jizz, Mackenzie is a slim, tanned, totally horned up sub boy and he's ready to take anything Matt can slam at him.

Jessie Colter and Troy Webb

Jessie Colter lounges in his posh hotel suite lamenting his empty dance card for the afternoon...he's horny and he's craving a hard dick to suck. He decides to throw caution to the wind and invite any horny stranger to come in and try their best to satisfy his insatiable lust. Luckily, Troy Webb catches his scent in the Miami breeze and invites himself in. Jessie is just the kind of pretty beach-bum lad that burly Troy fantasizes about fucking. Now he's got a real-life pornstar sucking on his cock and the he-man can't wait to tap that ass. Troy fucks Jessie deep and hard, and Jessie moans with pleasure and gratitude, until Troy unloads a huge gusher of cum all over the tanned horny bottom.

Bruiser Bull and Wayne Daniels

Thick Power LifterBruiser Bull and Sexy Daddy Wayne Daniels know how to ring in New YearsDay with a "Bang." Both guys drool over each other's flesh and starttheir resolution with more flesh, more fun.

Aron Ridge and R-Devil

Aron was enjoyinga peaceful nap when his roommate R-Devil woke him up to playbasketball. Naturally he wasn’t going to want to shoot hoops after justwaking up, but he did have some balls to keep R-Devil occupied anyway!

Daddy Tom Colt and Preston Johnson

Now we're talking about a Daddy Boy scene. Hairy and tattooed Tom Colt walks in and my boy Preston Johnson: smooth and tattooed, drops to his knees and starts sucking on Tom's daddy cock. Tom's juicy uncut man meat swells up in Preston's mouth and gets his boy cock erect. This time the boy wants his cock sucked and shoves it in Tom's face and down his throat before he gives up his sweet boy ass so Tom could eat it out and smell that sweet innocent slut hole of Preston's! Yea you know how this is gonna end... Preston's slut hole is gonna get barebacked by Tom's daddy cock and the boy will be in heaven! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

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Johnny Hazzard and Diesel O’Green

Dirty Rumours

Starring Johnny Hazzard and Diesel O’Green

Johnny may only have been a guest in the Hotel a few days but already the rumours are circulating throughout the staff after his hot encounter with Leo Domenico. So when he calls up room service to collect his spunked-covered suit for dry cleaning, his excuses about spilling lunch on it do not wash with junior staff member Diesel, who's heard first hand from Leo about the handsome Mr Hazzard's talents... and he wants to have a taste of his own. And luckily for Diesel, the sexed up executive is more than willing to oblige and give the hung, blond muscle boy as much dick as his smooth, bubble butt can take. Click the link to the left to see more at Men At Play.

Jake Genesis & Ty Roderick

Ships that pass in the night. Jake Genesis and Ty Roderick assess the possibilities with body language, not words. Shabby clothing gives provocative views of what is concealed. Jake reaches out with a hand and Ty allows him to touch, moving his body to signal where he wants to be touched. Then Ty reaches out. They play a slow game of touch-and-move-away, each revealing more flesh when the other retreats, to lure him back. Jake tears his shirt to show a muscular chest covered in hair. Ty coaxes his cock out of his pants, inch by hard inch. They kiss. Ty’s head glides from Jake’s cock to his lips, inhaling every pheromone, and smiling. They use their lips, their tongues, their noses on all the exposed flesh, leaving cock for last. The rush of blood into Ty’s erection makes it jerk as he sucks the hardon Jake offers. Jake turns: eat my ass. He lowers his ass, spider-webbed with hair, onto the upright tower that is Ty’s cock. They thrust in counterpoint, first with Ty on his back, then with Jake on his back. They separate and in a surprise maneuver, Jake drives his cock into Ty, whose balls swell to send thick streams of jism coursing over his face. Jake sends his own load arcing across Ty’s abs. He can’t resist bending down for a taste … and a cummy kiss.

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