Friday, March 8, 2013

Daddy CJ Madison

We have a blast from our past this week as we welcome back CJ Madison. CJ brought along some friends this week as he reminds us what we've been missing out on. He starts by slowly groping his firm abs. A new tattoo on his navel reads "L'amore e il mio Destino" Love it is my Destiny and whom could deny that? As he pulls off his tee we can tell CJ's been taking really good care of that body. He gropes his crotch before undoing his jeans and tugging on his growing cock. His jeans slide south as his cock gets bigger. Soon he's in his boxer briefs showing off that ass and muscular frame. The boxers soon come down as CJ shows off his fuzzy ass. He pulls those beefy cheeks apart revealing his furry hole. He then turns around and frees his hard cock. He starts to jack his thick meat as his fingers find their way back to that ass. He fingers himself as he strokes his cock making him even hornier. CJ then picks one of the dildos to play with as he slaps his face with it. He then sees something better and goes for the double headed dong. He kneels and slides that up his hairy hole as he starts to fuck himself with it. He moans as he plunges that long dildo deep into his ass. It makes him moan and groan as he fucks himself faster and harder with it. His fist becomes a blur as he rams that thing in and out of himself. But wait! -there's more. CJ then grabs a black butt plug and shoves that up his ass next. He grinds that one into his hole faster and harder as he jerks his throbbing cock. This one's stretching that hungry hole wide open and it's going to do the trick. CJ fucks himself silly until his cock explodes sending his jizz all over his furry abs and navel. 


Sexy inked stud Derek Parker was eager to show off his total pig side, taking his first on-camera load from handsome top Morgan Black. Morgan teases Derek's hole with his tongue before replacing it with his massive, cut meat. Derek begs to get fucked and seeded and Morgan is happy to oblige, ramming and slamming Derek's hole with his cock until neither can hold back. Derek shoots his cum in eager anticipation of being bred and feeds his jizz to Morgan, setting off a chain-reaction explosion of sperm. DIRECTOR: Max Sohl

Daddy Noah Post

Jesse Jackman with Dirk Caber



Coming home after a long day, Jesse Jackman is in need of some loving. He grabs hold of Dirk Caber in the kitchen, their scruffy chins scraping as they kiss. Jesse towers over his boyfriend, licking Dirk’s chest and nips before working his way down. He smiles up as Dirk, whose cock gets sucked slow and deep. Dirk moans as Jesse’s snake-like tongue tickles the underside of his shaft. The two switch positions, Dirk burying his head in Jesse’s massive chest before engulfing the stud’s curvy cock. Dirk rubs Jesse’s bod as he sucks, the muscle hunk smiling down at him. Jesse’s eyes roll up in his head as he gets deep-throated, the two holding each other’s hand over his stomach in a romantic display. Jesse tongues Dirk’s hole, teasing it before fucking him doggy-style. Jesse picks up the pace and plows faster, getting sweatier with each thrust as Dirk buries his head in the sheets—his ass rippling as the two grunt. Dirk arches back to steal a kiss before fucking Jesse on his back, his hand gripping Jesse’s giant pec before the two squirt. 

Dolan Wolf

In a dimly lit corner, on a 4 post dungeon bed, a hot and hairy stud named Dolan Wolf lures you in with an intense stare and his throbbing tool. Sporting red and black “Mister S – Latex Shorts” Dolan outlines the shape of his thick hard cock against the skin tight latex. Applying a generous layer of “COLT SLICK Silicone Lube” Dolan gives his bulge and his furry muscled chest a SLICK sheen. The front of his latex short burst open as Dolan lowers the front zipper. Reaching in he pulls out his long uncut cock and gives it a coating of the SLICK as he runs his fingers along his juicy foreskin. Showing off the full potential of his sexy latex shorts Dolan turns and bends over, unzipping the middle seam and exposing his hot and hairy hole. With a fresh application of the SLICK, Dolan’s fingers probe and explore as he grinds against the bed, displaying his hot muscular ass for our up close and personal pleasure. Mutually exploring his hot ass and stroking his well-oiled cock Dolan works up the intensity. His aching cock swells and the cum starts to fly. A white hot load unleashes itself high on his glistening chest. Like an oil SLICK of cum, sweat and lube. Dolan takes a wad of cum to his lips to savor his sweet taste.

Daddy Josh West & Race Cooper

His abs fill your vision. Then you hear him. Race Cooper is sitting on a table with his hip flexor muscles undulating in response to the fingers in his hole. Josh West pushes himback and Race’s cock swings 180 degrees, like the needle of a gas tank going from empty to full. Race spreads his mounds for Josh to get serious. Josh is nude, his beard trimmed and with a bear’s coat of fur on his chest and arms. His gloves snap into place as he grabs a dildo thicker than his wrist and pushes it deep into Race’s hole. Race cries out, grabbing his cock to add pleasure to the pain, and Josh is merciless, stroking hard and fast. Race is fully enjoying it, and Josh takes that as a cue to trade the dildo for his fist. Race thrashes on the padded table, hips twitching, abs flexing and pecs heaving as Josh presses deeper with his fist and arm. Josh adds four fingers to the fist that’s already embedded. Rock hard Joshmassages Race’s insides with his fist, but wa nts to fuck the hot loosened hole. They briefly kiss, and Josh jumps on the table and plows Race fast and furious until Race reaches the tipping point, and cum spurts from his cock. Exhausted, Josh collapses and grabs his dick, squeezing out a warm and sticky load into Race’s mouth.

Kory Mitchell Solo

Kory Mitchell comes down to the basement with an armload of dirty clothes to be put in the washer. He checks the armpits of the shirt he's wearing and since it smells pretty ripe, he decides to strip down and throw his entire outfit in the washer. Standing alone in the laundry room in just a jockstrap and boots, he's feeling a little randy. Next thing you know he's fondling his big black cock stuffed inside the tiny black jockstrap. He finds lube in the toy box, and makes himself comfortable jacking off in the garage. In this scene, there is plenty of posing, flexing, and fondling the thick gauge steel ring attached to the tip of his cock. He finishes himself off laying in the sling.

Parker and Ray Dalton

Parker and Ray are kneeling on the bed kissing and groping each other. Parker quickly slides his mouth down onto Ray’s stiff cock. He swallows his dick balls deep as Ray grabs the back of his head and pushes him down on it even deeper. Parker comes up for air only to be greeted by Ray’s muscle bubble butt. Parker buries his face deep into Ray’s ass cheeks and devours his twitching hole. Ray quivers and quakes in delight as Parker’s raspy tongue primes his butt crack. Parker slides his bare shaft deep into his eager ass. He nails Ray’s raw ass in a variety of positions harder and deeper each time. Parker throws Ray on his back and spreads his legs wide open. He pounds his hole with hard thrusts as Ray strokes his cock. Parker pulls his cock out and sprays his load all over Ray’s pulsing asshole. He sticks his cock back in and pumps the rest of his load up Ray’s loose crack. Ray pulls off Parker’s cock and licks it clean. He tastes his own ass juices as he strokes his own load out. Ray blasts his nut all over Parker’s face and lips. He sucks back every drop as they share a sloppy kiss and a taste of one another.

Daddy Alfa Jota and Carlos Perez - 2

Once Carlos Perez is ready for the fist of Daddy Alfa Jota there is no time to waste. Fist, fist and more fist. You will be amazed by his incredible wide and deep hole. Don't miss his cum shot and the piss after it.

Behind the Scenes - March 2013

This month Sebastian Rio shoves his fat uncut Latin cock into the deep slut holes of Matt Sizemore and Morgan Black. Matt also shoves his fat hung cock down Sebastian's willing throat and teaches him how to suck his hung cock to perfection. Muscle daddy Chad Brock shoves his face into the hairy ass of James Roscoe, gets it all wet, then barebacks that boy hard. So find out what happens when they thick the camera is not recording and you may be surprised what these bad boys do!