Friday, October 5, 2012

Marco, Sam And Lucas

This is not the only amateur guy threeway shoot on the site, but it is definitely one of the hottest! Sam is one of our favorite guys, and this 38 year old horny stud is back again for this hardcore trio video. He is being joined by eager Marco and Lucas for this one, and all three are really looking forward to sharing their cocks with each other.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

SIR Tom Wolf

Sir Tom starts lighting up his cigar, while he touch his cock over the leather jock strap. He then goes sit on the chair to start playing with his big nipples while still smoking his cigar. He goes to the floor on his kness and then pulls the cock out of the leather jock strap, you can see a big piercing in the end of his cock head. He starts wanking. He keeps wanking until he comes all over his hairy belly and finishes blowing out the smoke of his cigar for the one last time. CLICK HERE


Strung up in full body rubber, with his balls in a vice, Andreas gets warmed up for our buddy Amerifist. He plugs and drives his fists up Andreas buttery hole, punching his way deeper and deeper, causing Andreas to moan and beg for more. CLICK HERE

Tim Kelly, Trent Locke

Sexy & bearded Trent Lock gets fucked by hairy man Tim Kelly

High Performance Men – Down Time: Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels finds himself all alone, so he thinks, at the resort pool. After a swim, he rinses off in the shower and discovers that you are watching him. Being an exhibitionist at heart, Christopher knows what you want and he invites you to watch him as he pleasures himself. He moves to a lounge chair where he strips naked and sports an impressive cock engorged and pulsating with every stroke of his hand. Watching his tight abs contract as he stroked his cock is certainly a site to be seen! He then bends over for you and spreads his ass as he slips a finger in his beautiful hole. Knowing you want to see him shoot a load all over his tight abs, he then lies down on the chair and continues stroking. He lifts his legs and upon putting a finger up his ass and stroking, he cannot hold back any longer and shoots a nice load just for you. Enjoy!

Seth's View: Swallowing Every Drop

Alexander King is a super hot, straight, 22 year old with nice big dick. From the second I met Alexander I've been eager to wrap my mouth around Alexander’s big fat cock.Alexander nearly makes me gag a few times but I'm actually able to get the whole thing down my throat. It's an amazing sensation when a cock of this size is pulsating with every heartbeat while stuffed down your throat.As I slide his dick in and out of my mouth, Alexander gets harder and harder. I can taste the clear pre-cum that has started to drip from his dick. This of course gets me super horny and wants me want to get to his load even more.Alexander moans and says it's amazing. It's always great when a straight dude can get into a guy devouring his junk.As I suck and stroke his cock, Alexander’s breathing deepens and I could tell he was ready to unload down my throat!Alexander's cock explodes with white globs of cum spraying out of his dick head. I position my mouth so I can catch every drop. Alexander's load is amazing. I shove his pulsating cum covered cock all the way down my throat. I want to make sure every drop of semen gets drained from his shaft.I then lick up the rest of the tasty treat that had dripped onto Alexander’s body.Alexander was totally drained and I was happy to swallow every last drop of this straight stud’s cum load.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1st Annual Logo Contest

Hey Guys..

I'm having a contest to design the next logo for Ursophile. The only requirements are to be creative, to have be geared towards either, the leather community, the bear community, or Daddies. The winning logo will be used here on the blog and also on the Ursophile Facebook page.

The winning logo will be chosen and debuted on Monday October 16th. All entries can be sent to Qsmart302@aol.com with the subject "Logo Contest"

The winner will get bragging rights as well as getting to choose what gets posted that week!!

Have fun and make it hawt :)

Woofs, hugs, and tugs

Your Ursophile Webmaster

boy quinton

Aitor Crash, Dominic Pacifico and Damian Boss

After Spencer decided to go give his balls a chance to fill up again, Aitor and Damian join forces to wreck Dominic already abused asshole. They don’t give the man a chance to breath keeping both his jaw stretched and his butt well lubed up until Spencer is woken up by the bottom’s moans and joins the party again to supervise Dominic getting covered by three thick loads of man-juice. To see more click here.

Happy Birthday Daddy Tyler

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fabio Stallone and Angelo Marconi

Angelo Marconi may be the bottom, but he's the power kind. He's a real firebrand when he takes charge of macho hunk Fabio Stallone, stripping him to reveal the big man's broad pecs and robust, clean-shaven torso. He drops to his knees and devours Fabio's classic sausage--it's a weighty, truly fat hunk of Italian salami, its swollen head is just crawling out of the loose foreskin that Angelo sucks in. He gives the mighty man-meat a wet and sloppy deep-throating, bashing his face full-up against Adam's groin. You know where Angelo's going with this-- his deliciously smooth ass is yawning open in eager expectation of Fabio's lavish rimming. Angelo has to hold on for his life when Fabio slams that terrorizing chunk of meat in there again and again--just the type of rough housing Angelo revels in. It makes him blast a cherry bomb load on his stomach, with Fabio's blowout landing right on top.

Morgan Black & Dominic Sol

After an endless day at office what could be a better reward than finding a hot, juicy ass ready for the taking. Thats probably what our sexy executive Morgan Black thought when the first thing he saw upon arriving home, was his nearly naked flatmate sleeping face down on his sofa in a very tempting position. So the first thing he does is help himself to his flatmate's ass, giving him a hot tongue massage. However when he wakes up Morgan realises that its not his flatmate after all, but a friend of his. But after the initial surprise it becomes clear that Dominic is not complaining so he goes on eating is beefy ass and prepping it for a good, hard pounding with his veiny cock. So Dominic gets a good, hard fucking and Morgan releases all the pent up tension from his day at work.. Just dont tell the flatmate!

Masculine Stud Nathan Price Fucked By Hung Uncut Frenchman Will Helm

Will Helm is probably one of the most beautiful young jocks we’ve ever seen. Not only does he have luminous eyes and thick, luscious lips. He’s got a fantastic body with washboard abs and a huge, uncut cock. But don’t let this French boy’s looks fool you. His tattoos aren’t just for decoration. He’s got an edge to him and bald, bearded Daddy Nathan price finds out Will is definitely one to be reckoned with. Eager, noisy cocksuckers, the two take turns swinging on each others meat before Will takes control of Nathan’s ass. With a deep, spit-filled tongue fucking, he lays into the “older,” slightly bigger man with a vengeance. Digging hard and rough, Will plows every single inch of his throbbing tool inside Nathan’s tight fuckhole. Even when Nathan begs for Will to stop and give him a breather, the stud just keeps on plowing until he’s ready to spew his load all over Nathan’s face.

Daddy David, Race & Kyle

Jock Kyle Quinn reports to the locker room after school, with coach Race Cooper ready to take measurements: "You’re gonna show me if you have what it takes to make it to the next level." The sexual tension builds, the two soon staring at each other in their jockstraps. "Coach, are you getting…hard?" Nervous but ready to please, the toned cutie takes out his big meat and strokes. Fellow coach David Anthony rounds the corner, ordering Kyle to get Race's cock out. The three get closer, stroking each other before David orders the athlete to "Get down." An unforgettable suck session follows, the trio voraciously cock worshipping each other. David gets Kyle on the bench, feeding him as Race eats the stud's ass, rolling it up for David to finger. Race fucks Kyle, now stuffed at both ends. The tops switch positions, a moaning Kyle staring at David: "Like that, coach?" Race fucks Kyle doggie style, David then getting behind the top for a hot fuck chain that has his balls banging away. The three stand to stroke, dumping their wads on a uniform.

Private Party Episode 1 First Taste

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