Friday, January 31, 2014

Randy Harden and Daddy Scott Reynolds

Randy Harden's been on our radar for a while now; since the hard tough guy last appeared on Hairy and Raw he's been making the rounds on other bareback sites, both topping like a piston and ruling from below like a true power bottom. When he found out he was going to get it on with Scott Reynolds, another dominant versatile top, he eagerly stepped up to bottom for the wiley old wolf. Scott is one of Randy's biggest fantasies fulfilled; older leather daddy, thick mustache, ripped arms and a cock like a club. And Scott's cock is dripping in anticipation of fucking Randy: pure pig, pierced nipples and a hard scruff of beard and a super muscular, super hairy ass. These two were definitely going to make some sparks! Almost no foreplay, they are both down-to-fuck. Scott fucks Randy so hard, he shoots pretty early, but the bareback veteran slams his dripping cock back into Randy's ass and keeps driving. Randy jack himself off and sprays his own huge load onto Scott's pubes and dick. Classic, messy and wet, just how we love it at Hairy and Raw! Click here to see more

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Steve Brody and CanaDad

We loved filming this scene. Steve is normally a bottom but wanted to prove he could top and damn did he. When he saw CanaDad, his jaw nearly dropped...tall, lean and with a big bushy beard, CanaDad is the definition of a man's man and he is also one of the biggest, greediest power bottoms we've ever shot. After opening up CanaDad's hole with his mouth, Steve drills and pounds daddy's hole open wide until its time to fill him up with his load. A very happy CanaDad provides his own load as well. We might have to do an extended clip of this one.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daddy Rob Hunter and James Hunter

Rob and James are a Daddy and son pair who share a really deep bond, and after James goes off to college, the rare weekends home are really time they treasure together. Cub James begs for Daddy's mouth, and big burly Rob loves slobbering all over James' dick and asshole. But Daddy is Daddy and he needs attention too. James rims out Rob's tight hole and Daddy urges him to get his stout young prick into his tight hole. Daddy and Cub flip-flop fuck, James begging and pleading for more of Rob's hot cock every minute. In the end, its an explosive mess, but since its Daddy and junior, maybe mixing up the DNA isn't so bad. Click here to see more

Daddy Troy Miller and Sean Bonar

Sean is taking a shower when Daddy Troy comes home. Nothing like getting dirty after getting clean. Sean strips Daddy down and in no time is getting drilled by Troy's huge cock. This tattooed slut pig wants it deep and hard and raw and Troy's cock is filling him like nothing he's ever felt in his life! Troy has one of the biggest cocks we've seen on Hairy and Raw and Sean is groaning and begging for that sticky load in his ass, but Troy teases and finally dumps his load in Sean's begging mouth.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Myles Bentley, Duke Michaels and Giovanni Summers

Skinhead stud Duke tells us his straight and cocky brother is tagging along on a porn shoot and can join in when is wants. Teaming up with dark-haired sex kitten Giovanni, these two muscle bound men use the guy until they are well and truly sated, their delicious looking dicks tongue worshiped by the eager bottom. Bending him over, they both take turns to ram their shafts all the way into him, working his butt the most it ever has. Bouncing on straight dick as the top fucker watches straight porn, both guys get just what they want, and the streams of jizz prove it as Giovanni gets splattered. Click here to see more

Tom Wolfe Solo

Few things feel better than an afternoon shower, the hot water washing away any tiredness, the lather mixing with your chest hair, the hand sliding all over your body...all very arousing. And what's better than top a hot shower with a hot wank? Tom's muscular hairy body is now dry and he's back on his bed. He lays down and pick up where he left off in the shower. His hand runs up and down his chest, pulling on the hair covering it, his cock stiff if the other one. He plays with his whole body, lost in his own touch, squeezing his throbbing cock with both his hands till the urge of exploding takes over and he straddles the pillow, surely imagining, wishing there was a man under him, ready, waiting for him to deliver his sweet load. He works his shaft till he can't hold any longer and collapses back on the bed, exhausted. Click here to see more.

Delta Kobra and Timmy Treasure

Delta Kobra is incredibly hot, as is his partner -- Timmy Treasure -- making his debut on UKNakedMen. As sexy and handsome as he is daring, Timmy surrenders completely to Delta on the Wheel of Misfortune. Delta gets to grips with the young lad from every angle, playing with his foreskin, sucking his dick and teasing his nipples. But when Timmy's released from the Wheel, it's far from over. Delta sits his big, muscular hairy arse down on Timmy's face then turns him over, stretching him wide and pounding him full of uncut dick before squirting a fat load of spunk in the slut's face. Click here to see more

Rikk York and Matt Stevens

This one's a real hot, man-on-man grudge fuck with two totally masculine men pounding ass. I get in real close with my camera for all the arm-pit sniffing, and hairy ass licking. Love watching Rikk York's hairy ass being held wide for the camera and Matt's probing fingers and tongue. Both these guys are mean fuckers with big dicks. If you like sweaty, hairy, real-beef guys you'll love getting off to these two studs. One day they'll really invent smell-o-vision because the sweaty stink of these two men is such a fucking turn!

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Cooper Hill and Steve Brody

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tate Ryder & Steven Ponce

Tate Ryder Fucks Steven Ponce @ DominicFord.com
DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

In this scene, Tate Ryder fucks ginger hottie Steven Ponce. This is the last scene Tate filmed before retiring, and he sure went out with a bang. Steven loves Tate's huge cock and rides it like he simply can't get enough of it. We haven't seen Steven in a long time, and he has grown into quite a hot man since last we worked with him. You're going to love this scene!
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Brandon Hawk, Chris Tyler and Kyle Braun

The scorching scene starts immediately with eager bottom Kyle Braun gorging onboth Brandon Hawk's and Chris Tyler's massive cocks. Soon after these hot tops are taking control of Kyle's throat and ass, popping loads all over.