Thursday, March 31, 2011



Pantheon Productions is happy to put the word out about a brand new site from B Central Inc:

Bear Central is the Social-Site for gay bears and hairy men. On Bear Central you can chat with other members, share thoughts with your friends and the community, post events, join groups, share photos and videos, and see what others are doing. Bear Central is a full-featured, easy-to-use platform for ALL men who identify as bears, cubs, chubs, muscle bears, polar bears, otters and admirers.

Come join the global den!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

CLAP Day 3

Well CLAP II has concluded... I had a good time at this event with my family... Took a few pictures and seen somethings that well made me a bit squeamish but in all it has been a learning experience. I look forward to learning and seeing more. For those that traveled out to Baltimore for CLAP, I hope Y/you have safe travels back home.

Big happy hugs....

In love and leather...
boy quinton!!

Day 2 of CLAP - Photos

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures but they were taken with a cell phone. I want to send a congratulations out to the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Leather Family.. SIR John - Mid-Atlantic Leather Sir, Goddess Morgaine - Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman, boy andy - Mid-Atlantic Leather boy & Leo - Community bootblack... Runners up for Mid-Atlantic Leather boy & bootblack were boy mike & boy andrew Reese Coon. In attendance to CLAP was International Leather Sir Hugh B Russell.. seen here on the blog as Paul Barbaro.

and the last clip is very brief of Sir Marco Rosato singing the national anthem.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 2 of CLAP

Everything is wonderful here at the clap event. Lots of entertainment. Pics will be up in a few days when its all over. More later!!

Day 1 of CLAP (Chesapeake Leather Awareness Pride)

The meet & great of CLAP hosted by Command MC of Baltimore had a good turn out.. There were lots of hot leather men, leather daddies and leather bears. I even got to meet an Ursophile Favorite Paul Barbaro!! He's much more handsome in person than he is in video and pictures and overall he's a nice guy!! More info and updates to come tomorrow at the Mid-Atlantic Leather Sir/boy/Leather Woman & Community Bootblack contest tomorrow (Saturday)...

Have a safe and happy CLAP Weekend and a good time.

boy quinton

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rock

This week we have a special treat on MenOver30.com as we welcome the Rock. The Rock starts out on the couch putting away his racquet when Phenix calls to say he left his jock strap behind and is on his way to get it. The Rock hangs up and start to smell Phenix’ jock and starts to get hard. He rubs his crotch as he loses himself to a hot fantasy. He plays with his cinnamon nips as he flexes his massive pecs. He starts to flex his guns and licks and kisses his huge biceps. He then slides off his shorts and is left in a jock strap which frames his beefy ass incredibly well. He bends over and slaps his ass before teases that hungry hole with his fingers. That only gets his cock harder. He then stands up and pulls off his jock strap giving his swollen meat the room it needs to breathe. He strokes his rock hard cock as the camera pans north giving us an amazing view of his massive pecs. The Rock then moves the party over to the couch where he gets on all four and spreads that beefy ass wide. After showing off that ass, he flips back over again; takes another whiff of Phenix’ jock and lubes up that dick giving it the attention it needs. He moans softly as he strokes his rod. His smooth nuts are pulling up close to the shaft as he picks up the pace. He is at the edge and can’t hold back any longer as he grunts, exploding all over his washboard stomach. He coats his abs leaving him spent and ready for a nap. Phenix better take his time or he’s gonna catch the Rock wet handed. To see more click here to visit MenOver30.

Jorge & Trent

Jorge & Trent

Jorge Fusco is so hot for Trent Davis that he can't wait to have him all to himself. He'd been wanting to shove his big thick cock down Trent's throat ever since he'd seen him in a Randy Blue gay porn video. Trent gives such a hot blowjob that Jorge was ready for more. He flips Trent over and digs his face deep into his beautiful butt, eating his ass for all it's worth. When he's done with his rimjob Trent is all his, giving off those soft sensual moans he's known for. Trent goes back to Jorge's cock with renewed passion, taking his big thick monster all the way down his throat. Then Jorge has to make a decision, indulge in his own cocksucking fantasies by going down on Trent, or keep letting Trent work on his dick. But who says you can't have it both ways. Pretty soon both hot studs are sucking each other off so it's a win win situation for both. One last rimjob from Jorge has Trent spewing his love juices ! all the way up his furry torso just before Jorge does the same. To see more click here.
Jorge & Trent Jorge & Trent Jorge & Trent Jorge & Trent

Matthew Rush & Jordan

We make Manhunt member Jordan’s wish come true this week when bodybuilder Porn Star Matthew Rush surprises him on the set of our shoot in Miami. Jordan blushes when he talks about how he owns all of Matthew’s movies and how long he’s been a fan. As soon as Jordan sees Matthew Rush’s bulging muscles and throbbing package they start kissing and clothes start flying off. They get on the bed and Matthew hoists Jordan’s legs in the air and plants his tongue deep in his tight bubble. Jordan expertly devours Matthew’s huge dick and Matthew continues to eat his butt, getting it ready for some deep drilling. The casting director suggests that Jordan get his harness so that his ass will be stretched wide enough to take Matthew’s fat cock.  Jordan gets fucked on his back, doggystyle, and then he rides him to the point where you think they might never stop! It’s a truly enjoyable fantasy fuckfest to watch. To see more click here to visit On The Hunt.