Monday, February 27, 2012


Gay Porn star Roman Ragazzi had died at 38
Horrible, shocking news began circulating Twitter and Facebook today that gay porn legend Roman Ragazzi, aged 38, took his own life on Saturday, February 25th. Several sources confirmed this (although all off the record.) I will be posting more details here as they become available.
Roman, whose real name was Dror Barak, started doing gay porn in 2007. Soon after signing on as aRaging Stallion exclusive, the former Israeli military trainer found himself in the middle of a scandal as theNew York Post’s Page Six outed him for working at the Israeli consulate, forcing him to resign. Later that year, he started a personal training and fitness company called Freedom Fitness.
Although he stopped doing porn in 2008, Roman recently appeared in a fashion spread along side Nick Gruber and Blu Kennedy in the January, 2012 issue of Out Magazine entitled “New York’s Finest”.
Devastated by the news, RS head Chris Ward (who named Roman Raging Stallion’s Man of the Year in 2008) said, “He was probably the hottest man I have ever filmed — a massive man of pure beauty, intelligence and kindness. He was perfect in every possible way.”
Gay Porn star Roman Ragazzi had died at 38

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler
Jaxton Wheeler Jaxton Wheeler Jaxton Wheeler Jaxton Wheeler
Jaxton Wheeler is one hot fucker. He's a well trimmed hairy muscular jock from head to toe. If he let his body hair grow it would probably be a total forest but there's something about his impeccable manscaping that drives us wild. He loves playing football and the mental image of this naked muscle hunk coming at you on the football field hoping to tackle you to the ground and work you over should give you fodder for lots of fantasy jerk off sessions. But for now you get to watch the real thing, playfully rubbing the nipples that sit atop his massive chest. Gliding his meaty paw up and down his beautifully erect cock then letting it wander around to the round globes of his perfect bubble butt, teasing his hole just enough to make him hungry for a good pounding. And you can tell that he cums as hard as he works out because when he does he shoots a think gooey load all over his rock hard stomach.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Daddy Chad James







Patrick & Ryan

Patrick & Ryan
Patrick & Ryan
Patrick & Ryan Patrick & Ryan Patrick & Ryan Patrick & Ryan

Jay Rizzing & Drake Jaden.

Packin' more than the average hottie, Jay Rizzing is back this week on ExtraBigDicks.com to show everyone the top 10 reasons why our members love him. By 'reasons' we, of course, mean inches; and who better to appreciate such a monumental task than our good friend, Drake Jaden. Jay is squeezing his thick dick through his pants as Drake goes in to investigate. He starts to grope at that dick as they make out. Jay then stands up and puts his crotch in Drake's face as Drake pulls down Jay's shorts and wraps his lips around that horse hung dick. Jay moans as Drake takes it all the way to the hilt. Do no try this at home, boys; Drake is a trained professional. Drake shoves that dick all the way down his throat and holds it down as long as he can before gagging on it and having to come up for air. Jay is in awe as he watches Drake take his dick better than most. Drake then stands and strips to give Jay the opportunity to give back. Jay grabs Drake's throbbing meat and sucks on it.! He bobs his head up and down on that throbbing meat getting as much of it down his throat as he can. Jay then gets Drake on the floor as he kneels behind him and starts to rub his fat dick along that hot hole. Drake moans quickly turn to groans as Jay's dick starts to slide inside. "You like that big fuckin' dick?' Jay taunts 'does that fill you up?" Drake grimaces as his ass gives in and takes that fat dick balls deep. Jay is soon tappin' that ass deep as Drake starts to back that ass up onto his meat wanting every inch of it inside him. Jay then gets Drake to lie on the couch so he could fuck that ass missionary. He grabs Drake's ankles as he goes right back to laying that pipe deep. Drake just begs for more as he gets that hole hammered by Jay's str8 dick. That mammoth meat is feeling damn good as it rams inside; but wait...there's more. Jay then lies on the floor and holds still as Drake sits on that cock. He bounces up and down on that dick fucking himself harder and ! harder until it sends him over the edge as he explodes all ove! r Jay's smooth chest and abs. Jay is next as he jacks his own thick load all over his already cum-covered navel. Well, welcome back Mr. Rizzing.