Saturday, November 5, 2011

Austin Tyler & Scott Alexander

ExtraBigDicks.com has a blast from the past as we welcome back Scott Alexander, who is here to help us induct sexy Austin Tyler. Scott and Austin are giving each other the eye as Austin pulls down his shorts showing off his smooth ass. Scott isn't passing up on that sweet ass as he moves in for a closer look-tongue first. He laps away at that smooth ass getting it nice and wet. Scott then gets up to give Austin better access to his cock as he goes to work. He runs his tongue along Scott's throbbing black bone. Scott watches as he gets his cock worshipped. Scott then gets Austin on his back and straddles his face for more oral as he starts fucking that pretty face. Scott then moves south as he licks Austin's smooth body all the way south til he gets his mouth around Austin's cock. Scott swallows every inch as Austin writhes with pleasure. Scott then bends Austin over and gets his ass wet again... Hmmm. Once that ass is nice and wet, Scott sinks it in all the way as he starts ! to fuck that ass doggy style. Scott holds Austin tight as he jack rabbits that dick into him. Scott then grabs Austin and sits back on the couch. He then holds those legs apart as he starts to slam that dick up inside him. Austin then twirls around still on that dick until he's done a 180 and is now facing Scott. They start to make out as Austin bounces on that meat faster. Scott then stands up with Austin still onboard and lays him on his back. He slides back inside missionary. He fucks that tight ass deep getting them both closer to climax. Austin is the first to cum, exploding as Scott pounds that ass. Scott pulls out next as he dumps his thick load all over Austin's cum drenched abs and chest. To see more click here to visit ExtraBigDicks.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bronson Gates & Reed Royce

Bronson Gates is making his debut with us here at MenOver30.com this week and we couldn't be happier to have finally landed this west coast hunk. Here today to show Bronson how the hot boys in the south do it is Reed Royce. Reed finds beefy Bronson's jock and picks it up to get a closer look. He sniffs it and starts tugging on his crotch thinking about the hairy daddy it belongs to. Bronson comes out of the shower and finds Reed on his knees with a face full of jock strap. He startles Reed as he pulls the jock away and goes in for a kiss. Bronson drops his towel as Reed starts to play with the cock growing in his camouflage briefs. The underwear is short lived as Reed pulls them off to suck on Bronson's cock. Reed gets more than a mouthful as Bronson stuffs his underwear into Reed's mouth teasing him a bit before sliding his cock back in it. Reed is naturally smooth and keeps everything hair free. Bronson gets to work on Reed's smooth balls and hard cock as he savors every inch of Reed's throbbing meat. He then turns Reed around and uses that hot tongue to get that hot ass wet. He slides his skilled tongue deep into Reed's hungry hole making him squirm with anticipation. Bronson suits up and sl! ides his cock inside. Bronson holds on to that tight waist as he starts to pound away. Reed is taking that dick doggy style and loving it. Bronson then gets Reed on his back. Bronson holds Reed's ankles like handle bars as he slams in and out of that hot ass. Bronson's thick cock is hitting Reed in all the right spots as it sends him over the edge. He explodes, sending his load all over Bronson's hairy chest and abs. Bronson cums next jacking his aching cock all over his hairy cock and cum-covered abs.

Lance Summers and Latin Wolf

Hungry from a day at the office, furry Cuban Daddy Latin Wolf's pizza cravings go farther than a square pizza box when Delivery Boy Lance Summers arrives with a satisfying knock at the door. Little does he know that Pappa's gonna make this delivery boy work off his "Tip" Hard! Latin Wolf's bulge is hard to hide under that white towel when Lance squats for his wallet and pops out a large made to order Cuban cock. Ass eating, cock sucking and raw power plowing is all on the menu. To see more click here to visit Hairy & Raw.


 Cameron Cruise delivers again in this non-stop fuck session with Hank Rivers. Cam gets piston fucked and pounded unmercifully in and endless erotic dance of positions. Hank's massive uncut cock driving in and out, in and out and back in again until Hank explodes with a blast of spooge right up Cam's hungry hole. Only a trickle drips out as Cam hangs on to every last drop. A flip from doggie back to a sitting position on top of Hank's massive pole is all Cam needs to jerk his load all over Hank's hairy chest. YES!
I used a stationary cam and a hand held cam to catch most of the action. I also used a secondary hand-held in this scene for some extra pov footage. One thing is for sure, no matter where I was, there was so much energy and forceful fucking going on, I almost wished I were a bottom to have enjoyed some of that cock for myself. T

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Daddy Doug Jeffries & Mario Costa

Who's YOUR Daddy? This week MenOver30.com has a real treat for you as we welcome back, Daddy Doug Jeffries. Doug will be helping hung Mario Costa make his debut with us. Mario and Doug are chillin on the couch talking about how nice it is to finally get to work together. That leads into some kissing as they go at it hot and heavy. Doug pulls down Mario's shorts and runs his hot tongue along Mario's smooth ass crack before shoving it inside. Mario loves the attention he's getting so he turns around to show Doug just how much. Doug's eyes light up as Mario swings around and points that beer can 9" cock at his face. Doug grabs it by the base and shoves as much as he can down his throat. Doug then stands up to give Mario a chance to give back. Mario kneels and gets to work on Doug's dick. Doug fucks his face finally having that mouth around his cock. But wait... there's more. Doug then bends Mario over the chaise and slides his cock inside. It's not every day we get to watch this hott! ie take it up the ass. He grimaces as Doug slams inside. Doug reaches forward grabbing Mario by his shoulders, pounds away as he's latched onto Mario. Missionary is next as Doug slides his dick home. He holds Mario's legs in the air as he fucks the Cuban boy deep and hard. They then move over to the couch where Doug lies behind Mario and then slips his dick in from behind. Mario's massive meat is aching to cum as Doug picks up the pace. He slams that meat deeper as they kiss. Mario can't hold it any longer as he shoots all over his smooth navel. Doug is next as he pulls out and unloads his cargo all over Mario's cock and balls. To see more click here to visit MenOver30.

Phoenix takes three!

Ever got fucked by 3 huge cocks? I know for many of you this is the ultimate fantasy and for our little Phoenix this fantasy came true. We weren´t sure if his small ass could handle Edward Fox, Bruno Fox (Edward´s husband), and Tim in one session but he was very brave and took this package of hung meat like a pro and even handled to take 2 fat monstercocks at the same time. And yes, Phoenix can still walk and his ass isn´t gaping anymore :o) A video not to be missed!! To see more click here to visit Tim Tales.

Raunch Pig Prophesy

Your dark, filthy side exists. Hairy, hot hole-man Damian is the ultimate raunch whore and you have to step it up to keep up. His big black dildoe is his impaling tool and our Persian muscle vessel is yours to fill. Damian offers his empty PA hole – ripe for draining his hard earned load.

Forewarning: do NOT shower.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Young and Restless Daddy

NastyDaddy new-cummer ,Mitch Vaughn, is an insatiable shaved muscle stud with a ?fuck you? attitude. His tatted muscles and impressive sex-pole deserve your worship. Daddy Mitch doesn?t need your attention but expects your desperate, ?fuck me? hunger. He delivers the goods ? you will too.

Ahhh - Shaving never felt so good. Daddy.

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