Friday, July 30, 2010

Boy Fillmore

Boy Fillmore

Sacramento, CA
31, 6'2", 195 lbs.
Black / Brown Hair,
Green Eyes, Bottom / Versatile

Likes: I love making out, love getting fucked hard, love pleasing a guy or multiple guys at once, very oral and responsive to the guys I am playing with!

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Daddy Steve Parker

Age: 52
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Ocupation: Business Consultant
Role: Top/Verstaile
I Like My Men: Masculine, looking for other hot bears/leather men into hot sweaty action packed times. Looking for racquetball partner too. I'm open to anything and love muscle bears. Let's talk and possibly hook up. Daddy Steve who's an Ursophile friend and all time favorite is a damn good top and occasional bottom (and he takes it well too)... He loves older and younger... especially younger bottom guys that call him "Daddy" cause it really get's his juices flowing and get's his big 8.5 inch daddy dick rock hard.. To see more of Daddy Steve click here to visit Older4Me.

Cam Cruise

Today Ursophile wished Cameron Cruise of barebackMasters a Happy Birthday... Cam is a hot muscle boy who's got a sexy body, a six pack and a thick 8 inch cock to go with it all... Cam stands at 5'8 and has the kinda ass you could crack nuts on and till fill him up with all the man seed you can give him and not to forget that Cam is a mostly a bottom but is one damn good top being taught by the best in the business.. his daddy Tony DeAngelo. To see more of Cam click here to visit barebackMasters.... and as Cam says: Keep It Raw!

Manu Maltes

Manu Maltes is a hot hung, uncut top mustached daddy with a sexy body, big cock and rock solid ass... he's got those kinda eyes that say "On your knees boy" or something like... "Daddy's got something for you son...." either way he's got a sexy body and cock that can have any man coming back for more... To see more of Manu click here to visit Hot Older Male.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Looking For: Friendship
Age: 45
Stats: 5' 7", 165lbs

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vinnie D’Angleo and Daddy Jake Cruise

I’m sure you all know who Vinnie D’Angelo is. He’s made quite a name for himself in the biz. I’ve wanted to get my paws on this big boy since I first saw him and today is my lucky day. Getting to play with Vinnie is even more fun than I could have hoped. He’s muscular, playful, hairy and hung which pretty much describes my dream guy. Oh, I forgot to mention he’s a great fuck too! My ass is as happy as I am, getting fucked and fingered till both Vinnie and I cum all over my stomach. I love my job!

Adam Rogue & Alexander Garrett

ExtraBigDicks.com welcums Adam Rogue today: a big boy who carries an even bigger club of a cock. We're sure our members will see just why we're all salivating to get this piece naked and what a piece it is. Helping us welcome Mr. Rogue is Alexander Garrett, packing quite the big, uncut cock as well. These two are bound to have a good time. Adam is relaxing and flipping through a dirty magazine when he gets a knock on the door. Alexander arrives to measure him for some alterations. He begins to take his measurements: chest, arms and biceps. As he kneels to measures for his inseam his hand lands squarely on Adam’s already swollen crotch. Alexander undoes his pants and takes out Adam’s rock hard 9" cock. He playfully measures it before getting to work on it. He opens wide for Adam’s thick cock and sucks it down to the hilt. Adam then wants to suck some dick so Alexander gives him more than a mouthful of uncut Colombian cock to work. They then get back to making out as they compare dicks and stroke them together. Adam then gets Alexander on the couch and puts him on all four so he can get a better appreciation of that ass he’ll soon fuck. Adam fingers that sweet ass a bit before giving it a lick or two to get it ready for more. Adam then suits up and sits back while Alexander straddles his thick meat and impales himself on it. Alexander starts to ride that meat as he bounces up and down on it. “You like that big cock?” Adam grunts while he watches Alexander go to town. Adam then gets Alexander back on the couch and slides his thick meat back inside his hot hole doggy-style. Alexander’s tight ass is driving Adam wild as he palms Alexander’s head using it to bounce his defined frame back onto his thick dick. Adam then gets Alexander on his back and fucks his ass missionary. Alexander strokes his meat while Adam’s cock is hitting his sweet spot. As they near climax, they sit back and beat off. Alexander soon explodes all over his smooth abs just as Adam unloads all over his furry frame. 

Collin O’Neal Fucked By Hairy, Tattooed Arab

In this scene from World of Men, Collin gives up his hairy white ass to a big-dicked, mysterious-looking Arab Daddy. But not without some intense cock sucking first! Collin slobbers all over Alex’s cock, choking on it a few times.
When Collin presents his ass for inspection, the tattooed man drops to his knees to worship the hairy fuckhole he’s about to plow. Alex works his Arab cock into Collin’s hot, white ass and really makes him scream while he just laughs and keeps on fucking. Two hairy, scruffy guys in lust with the connection between cock and hole.
What could be more intoxicating than that?
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Collin O'Neal Fucked By Hairy, Tattooed Arab
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How to Train Your Boy by Daddy Jeffrey Huntwell

daddy boy fetishSit, beg…roll over? Eh, not so much in this case. We are talking about training your boy, after all, not a fucking dog. Of course there are those of you out there who I am sure treat your boy like a fucking dog, but me? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I like to make them obey and get on all fours, but rolling over? WTF purpose could that possibly serve?!
How to start? There are many ways…myself, I usually test the waters by starting out with a playful yet firm spanking. If you want to get a boy under control, do not whoop his ass hardcore right off the bat (or use a bat for that matter).
Now Daddy Jeffrey has a nice two-ass cheek wood paddle made for him by “Pleasureboy,” who is a good female friend’s submissive – a paddle he has actually used on “Pleasureboy” in the presence of his female partner (Hey, I had to test it out!). It works fucking great and PB was sporting wood the entire time!
So, once the boy with the big ass (hey, I love bubble butts…BIG TIME) starts getting used to the hand, I break out the paddle and crack that wood! (As in paddle to ass, not erection.) My boys have to have beautiful, ever hard cocks; don’t want to hurt the merchandise, right?!
Domination has begun! The next step is to get into your boy’s mind – it is one thing to wield a mean paddle when they know they have to obey, but how about when you are in public? Well, get into their minds and find a little something that you can use to let them know that you are boss and that when they are with you in front of others you expect that they behave.
I was out with one boy in training recently and I made a comment to him about his body type. I stated that it is obvious he has weight fluctuation problems (this was not a criticism, it was an observation). After excusing myself to go to the bathroom, I came back and he addressed me: “I texted a friend of mine and told him what you said and he told me that you are not worthy.”
Well, well, well – first of all, never text your friends when you are on a date with Daddy Jeffrey; THAT is pretty much a kick to the curb (unless you make restitution the way I want you to and never do it again). So I said, “You need to text him back and say, I am being an asshole, let me see it and watch you send it.” Well, he did what I said and he was rewarded at the end of the evening, however he was still kicked to the curb for bad behavior at a public function. Boys cannot act cocky and in charge when they are out with their Daddy! They can network and socialize, but do not cross the line…boy!
Sensory depravation is another good one. Blindfold your boy so he cannot see what you are going to do to him. I like to use various toys, like dildos, police clubs (like the one in Daddy Jeffrey‘s ass in the photo for his latest blog), ice cubes, hand cuffs and the list goes on & on. Whatever floats the Daddy’s boat! You are the one in charge, and with a consenting submissive anything goes unless it crosses a line. You should have a safe word, and that is between you and your boy. Personally, I like a boy to be under my control with a minimum of pain. He needs to do what I say in private and keep himself within my set ground rules in public (there has to be freedom in public…how weird would it be to control your baby in a social situation? People need to have lives, too).
Some of you may be more pain oriented than myself, and that is fine too as long as your boy does not mind. Don’t even think about getting jiggy with him at a dinner party, though, unless it is in a group of like minded daddies & boys.
Daddy Jeffrey is currently looking for an ambitious, bubble butted boy in Los Angeles, CA. Drop me a line if you think you can handle it…oh, and be prepared to get on all fours naked and drink from a dog dish while I paddle you. Until next time, Oink!
Jeffrey Huntwell