Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sexy Bear Ceasar Calderon

Check out these pics of furry bear, Ceasar Calderon now up on Pantheonbear.com. Ceasar is sweet and sexy and has a warm smile and a big thick dick.   When you see what he does to hot daddy bear Dwaine Anthony, you'll find it unbearable to keep your paws off him.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Claw is wonderful so far. having a great time with my SIR and brother. So far have been and have not been able to take many pics but im having fun

Matthew Rush & Brock Russell

Matthew Rush is back this week on MenOver30.com and have we got a hottie for him. Bringing back two of our most formidable MenOver30s we have paired Matthew up with sexy Brock Russell. Matt comes in a bit frustrated and plops down on the couch. Brock comes in and starts to complain about not having enough men over 30 going at it with each other versus some hairless twink. “I wonder what it would be like to do a scene with a hot men over 30 like you?” Matt says. Brock is a quick study as he leans in for a kiss. Brock starts to lick Matt’s chest and nips. He takes off Matt's jeans and briefs showcasing that muscular ass of his. Brock then gets Matthew’s dick wet as he starts to service his throbbing meat. Brock lays back as Matt starts to nurse on his cock. Matt grabs Brock’s boner by the base as he slides it down his throat. Brock lays back as Matt starts to nurse on his aching cock. Once he's had his fill, Matt holds Brock by the shoulders as he starts to deliver his fat cock doggy style. Brock moans in ecstasy. Brock then squats down onto Matt’s hard cock as he proceeds to impale himself on Matt’s cock. He rides that cock. Matthew then flips Brock over onto his back and slides back inside him missionary. His heavy balls slap away at Brock’s smooth ass. Brock’s jackin his cock and Matt senses he’s close. He fucks Brock harder making him explode all over himself. Matt then pulls his cock out and unloads all over Brock’s cum covered abs. Two men over 30 together? —Who knew! lol. To see more click here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hairy Muscle Lovers

Lovers Shay and Logan kiss outside on their balcony as the noise of clanging Cable Cars and surging traffic rumbles below. Logan strips Shay naked and hungrily gulps down his hard cock.
Powerful Shay is ready to take a taste of his willing bottom's hole and bends him over a chair and spreads his cheeks. His tongue lubes the hole in preparation for his throbbing cock. "Are you ready to get fucked," he asks with deep confidence?
Shay plows this meaty ass from behind with building momentum fucking him harder and harder. They move over to the bed as the intensity increases until Logan canĂ­t take it anymore and shoots his load as Shay thrusts in and out of his hole. Shay pulls back and blasts a hot load all over the chest and stomach of his satisfied man.

Epic Novell & Axel Johnson

Today we have 2 new faces for you on MenOver30.com and we're happy to welcome Epic Novell and Axel Johnson. The chemistry between these two is apparent from the get-go. Axel starts to lick and suck all over Epic's smooth chest. Epic's hands start to tug on the tent that's forming in Axel's pants. Axel is working Epic's nips and it's driving him wild. They start to strip each other as Epic's pants go down so does Axel who lands on his knees eager to get at Epic's thick cock. He pulls it out of his briefs and starts to suck on it. Axel takes every inch with ease. Axel sits back as Epic kneels between his legs and gets to work. Epic does his best to take Axel's massive cock. This boy’s packin' a python. "Chokin' on it?' Axel teases as Epic's eyes water struggling to take it all. Axel pulls him off it wanting to suck on Epic's cock. Axel sucks on Epic's heavy hangers getting his cock rock hard and once it's ready he suits it up and sits on it. Epic moans as he gets that cock ridden. From there Epic decides he wants a different position as he lies behind Axel and slides in from behind. Axel grunts aloud in pain every time Epic manages to shove every inch of his thick cock inside. "Use that ass!" Axel orders. He jackhammers that dick deep as Axel whimpers and begs for more. The sound of Epic's balls slapping ass fill the air. Tappin' that ass good does the trick for Epic who pulls out just in time to unload all over Axel's ass and lower back drenching it with jizz. Epic then flips over as Axel jerks his cock off all over Epic's spent cock.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At The Lone Star: Dwaine and Ceasar

You never know what hot bear you're going to meet at the Lone Star. In this hot scene on Pantheonbear hot biker bear Dwaine Anthony is looking to get fucked and fucked good. He's just arrived at the Lone Star when hung top Ceasar Calderon is on his way out. They give each other a good hard cruise and Dwaine gets a taste of Ceasar's fat cock before they head off to Dwaine's apartment for a fuck he won't soon forget. Here's a nice juicy preview to get your motor running.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Titan Men's Payload

Tight wad? We know how it is. Times are tough and you’ve been patiently saving it up, waiting for the right moment to spend it. Well now’s the time to cash in and show it off because thePayload is big.
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Let There Be Hair…

Post courtesy of JoeGage.com

Pro/Am Show Me Your Dick

Post courtesy of JoeGage.com



ONLY $24.95

(Release Date - 04/21/11)
Chad Rock is a sexy, masculine straight man we met in San Francisco. He was the bouncer at a club on Market Street. We found out that he has a wife and is planning on having a kid soon. In a short conversation with him we convinced him to allow us to explore his straight ass for a large sum of money. Wanting to surprise his wife with a nice present he gave us the greenlight to let Rock plow him mercilessly.
It is quite obvious that this was Chad’s first time. He was moaning just from having a finger up his ass at first. Of course, Satyrs know no bounds. Chad probably has one of the most beautiful butts we have ever seen. It was perfectly tanned and hairless. Rock wasted no time in introducing dildos and his legendary manmeat. Chad face looked like it was going to explode as Rock throatfucked him for good measure.
It was not long before we filled Chad’s hole with our stainless hook. Naturally, one hook was not enough so we shoved another 10 inch hook up his ass. Rock then fucked Chad with both hooks up his ass. Chad is plowed without abandon for a good length of time. While Rock’s fat rod goes in and out of that sweet asshole Rock shoves his hand into Chad’s mouth. For a straight guy, Chad has been violated from both ends. If only his wife could seem him now!

Images from "HOLE FREAKS - Chad Rock"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bullseye Facial - HD

Walker Michaels is really excited to bust a nut again. Kyle Daggett is the lucky cocksucker to take his load. The guys sit on the sofa and as usual Walker can hardly keep a straight face as he's constantly cracking jokes. After a little chat, Walker was raring to go. He hops to his feet ready for action. Kyle licks and kisses Walker's cock head while playing with his nut sack. Kyle is really enjoying Walker's hot, hairy body as evident by his own rock hard cock. Walker is ready to blow. Never to disappoint, he rubs a nice load off onto Kyle's face and into his eye (oops!). To see more click here to visit SuckOff Guys.
http://www.suckoffguys.com/t1 http://www.suckoffguys.com/t1 http://www.suckoffguys.com/t1

This week on barebackMasters.com

Hey Men,

Wow I'm late with this blog but... we're on fucking vacation dudes so give me a fucking break. And speaking of fucking... we spent most of the week fucking. And not just regular fucking but star fucking. Kodah Fillmore and Jake Wetmore came up to spend some time with us at the compound in Mendocino. And if we weren't fucking in the barn, we were fucking in the lock-down or in the woods or wherever we found ourselves. We had way much fun with the guys. And since we're still on vacation why not? T&C having some fun. What else is new?

Cam found a super stud daddy within the rough and tumble exterior of Mr. Jake Wetmore, the real life luver of Kodah Fillmore. His dick is unreal - tattoed, long and experienced - HELLO! And I found an eager, willing and all so luvable cub in Mr. Fillmore. He's a super hot sub with a big fat slurpable cock and a furry butt that's deep & delicious. You members of barebackMasters are in for a treat. Good things cum to those who wait and those episodes will be along shortly.

We got some great stuff on film and we're working on cutting it together for some future updates. These guys are sizzling hot. So hot that I burned the shit out of my hands while handling my cock and Kodah's hole. But that's another story. So back to fucking. Glorious fucking. Hot cocks, deep holes.s

Cam and Jake fucked upside down and backwards - their scene is all about hard wood and lots of it. Jake was sweaty, raunchy and full of cum while Cam sucked down his huge tattood cock and swallowed that same cock up his deep, deep hole. Meanwhile, Kodah and I were geared up and heavy in to each other in our outdoor lock-down. Stone cold, rough and tumble master/slave subliminal and behavioral sexual attractions for hairy hole and big thick, curvy, veiny Tony cock. Another perfect match for this master of bareback.

Life shouldn't be this much fun. Its almost a sin. I know there's a reason and that reason is you guys. We luv doing this and luv posting it all for you to see. Nothing wrong with that.

More on our trip next time as we wind down and swing our way south to Fresno where we meet up with some friends, a new fuck club called THE BUNKER with much heavy duty fuck and suck action. We'll be telling you more about that sleazy hang out when I blog later in the week.

stay hard,

Tony :)
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Wet Punk Faggot Sounding

Doc Benway is one heavy player. He's also a raunchy punk with a gritty edge and an engaging screen presence that makes him one of our favorites at FetishForce HQ. Doc's raw, animalistic sexual energy is on full display in this Tony Buff directed solo, set in the wet-storage basement beneath a San Francisco sidewalk. Doc soaks himself in his own piss, fucks his piss slit with a steel rod while stroking his cock, then savors the pain of a second, post sounding piss drenching before blowing his load... all as unbeknownst passersby walk overhead. With nearly twenty-four minutes of great fetish action, Wet Punk Faggot Sounding is a welcome re-introduction of Doc Benway to FetishForce audiences. To see more check out Fetish Force.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chip & Jarrett

Chip & Jarrett
Chip & Jarrett Chip & Jarrett Chip & Jarrett Chip & Jarrett

T.I.M. What I Can't See 3 - Preview

A message from Your Ursophile webmaster

Have fun and enjoy the blog this week..

hugs, tugs and gropes...

boy quinton

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New from TitanMen - Payload

New from TitanMen... Payload... I've seen some of this hot movie and it's one that needs to be picked up and watched... This movie has some hot mens like the hot furry muscled Junior Stellano as well as Hot sexy and gorgeous Daddy David Anthony... Just seeing him in pictures and in this preview has me rock hard and wanting his big daddy dick up in me... To purchase this hot movie on DVD or blu-ray click the link below.

To see more click here.

Jimmy Redwood

Big straight daddy Jimmy Redwood stands tall and proud among men. His hard wood is enviable and he knows to use it, how to stroke it for his pleasure and yours.  Here are a few pics to get you going.  You can enjoy more plus a hot solo video on HotOldermale.com now. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mario Costa & Mike Rivers

and was made live as of April 20, 2011
You know it’s going to be a great week when the Hombre, the Myth and the Cuban Legend, Mario Costa joins us at ExtraBigDicks.com. This afternoon Mike Rivers is making his debut here with us and he couldn’t have landed a better scene partner. Mario is listening to his tunes on his phone when Mike comes in and decides to give him something better to do. He runs his hands along Mario’s thigh up into his shorts and starts to play with his growing crotch. They make out as they explore each other’s smooth frames. Mike finds his way south so that he’s face to face with that cock he’s heard about. He pulls down Mario’s briefs. Mike’s eyes open wide but his mouth opens wider as he immediately latches his lips around Mario’s enormous, uncut cock. Mario is rock hard as he gets Mike on his feet to return the favor. Mario starts to suck on Mike’s cock as he continues stroking his own. They then maneuver into a hot 69 with Mike on top still swallowing as much of that cock as he can while Mario nurses on his. “Bring that dick over here” Mike teases as he bends over on the chair showcasing his hot ass. Mario’s fat dick is soon pushing its way inside. Mario starts to pound that hole. Mario’s balls slap away at that ass as he gets that cock milked by Mike’s tight hole. Legs in the air, Mike is in ecstasy as he gets that hot ass stretched wide. Mike starts to jack his cock as he watches Mario slamming that dick deep. Mario pulls out and unloads a huge load all over our Jersey boy coating him in thick “leche”. Milk does a body good. Mike then blows his own cum covered cock off adding more leche to the milky mess.
To see more click here.

Kris Anderson & Brock Russell.

Brock Russell is back with us on ExtraBigDicks.com and we’re glad to have him back. Hung hottie Kris Anderson joins him and makes his debut with us this week. They start making out as they break what little ice had the chance to form. Brock helps Kris out of his tee and explores his smooth frame. Kris’ jeans come off as Brock starts to explore the tent in Kris' boxers. He licks and teases Kris’ cock. Brock finally hauls out that fat cock and opens wide as he wraps his lips around it. Brock grabs that massive dick by the base as he proceeds to fuck his throat with it. Kris returns the favor as he swallows Brock's cock. Brock can’t get enough of that hungry mouth and climbs over Kris to fuck his mouth some more. Brock slides back a bit to make out with Kris which just lands that hot ass of his up against Kris’ raging cock. Kris starts to hump and grind his cock up against Brock’s smooth hole. Brock straddles that cock and moans as he slowly impales himself on it. Brock takes that cock like a champ as he gets that cock slammed up inside him. Brock then gets up and bends over the chair so he can get it doggy style. “It’s so fucking big” grunts Brock. Missionary is next, Kris easily slides inside. Kris’ thick cock is hitting Brock in all the right places and as he jacks his cock it sends him over the edge. Brock busts his nut all over himself while Kris fucks it out of him. Kris is next as he blows his wad ALL over Brock.
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