Friday, April 27, 2012

Tristan Jaxx & Daddy Nick Moretti

Well, with Valentines Day well behind us (no pun intended) there remains a mix of love and lust in the air here at MenOver30.com. We decided we should help our members out with a hot dose of the latter with Nick Moretti and Tristan Jaxx. Tristan is relaxing on the couch when Nick comes in bearing roses. Better late than never so the two begin to make out. Their shirts come off revealing their hairy chests as Tristan goes to work on Nick's fat cock. Nick doesn't mind one bit as he gets on his feet to give Tristan easier access to his thick 8" cock. Nick then wants to return the favor as he gets down and strips Tristan's pants off. Nick hungrily swallows as much of Tristan's 9.5" cock as he can, holding Tristan's beefy thighs as he fucks his own face with that dick. From there these two cock titans maneuver into a hot 69 where they can get all the cock they want. Tristan's tongue then turns its sights on Nick's ass and dives in. Tristan then slides his thick python deep into N! ick's wet hole and pounds away at that ass as Nick takes that dick like a pro. Tristan then sits back, letting Nick work for it, as he impales himself on that big dick. Nick grunts as he rides that thick cock and Tristan holds Nick's waist slams his cock in deeper. Nick can't seem to get enough and as Tristan's eyebrows furl his face tells us just how good that ass feels on his cock. This will be a fuck session for the books as he puts Daddy Nick on his back and slides his huge cock in missionary. Tristan's big dick is hitting all the right spots and Nick won't last long before his cock explodes. Once they're about to shoot they sit back and jack their huge cocks to completion busting their payloads all over themselves. ...whew.

Sir Samuel Colt & Daddy Josh West

Derrick Hanson, Josh West

Josh West is a wrestler who has already been taken down and bound with hands behind his back. His opponent, Samuel Colt, approaches the matt and releases Josh’s massive boner from its lycra wrestling singlet. The two maul each other’s cocks as Samuel manipulates his captive opponent for his own advantage. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today is the start of CLAW

Today is the start of CLAW = Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend. As I'm on the road to Cleveland & NO i'm not texting and driving I set this up sunday to post right now, I hope everyone that is traveling out has a good time and has safe travels to and from Cleveland and parties and such in Cleveland.. If you see me around don't be afraid to say hello!! See You there!!!

Hugs tugs gropes
In leather, service and brotherhood,

boy quinton

Otelo and Aitor Crash

Otelo and Aitor had some fun on a sunny day and my BF Grobes was right at their side to get it all on cam. The boys were so intimate and had so much fun, it made me really horny (I watched from the door ;-) I could not resist to join the two, cause after some time of watching i felt i needed to cum. Otelo came twice, btw. So full of testosterone...

Casey Williams

Muscle bound bodybuilder Casey Williams is in trouble. Casey struggles to break free from the rope that cinches his arms to the ceiling and makes every muscle in his body strain. Finally he bites down on his bit gag and yanks one arm free so he can attend to the hard-on that has been bulging in his jockstrap.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daddy Lans and Martin Claus

Well, what can we say....this one really is for the cum lovers!!! Latin Muscle Daddy Lans gives it deep and hard to Martin Claus and in the end....you have to see that! Mouthwatering! :)

Brian Davilla tops Shay Michaels

Brian Davilla and Shay Michaels are real life boyfriends and begged us to shoot them fucking the way they like to do it at home. So of course we obliged. We started with Shay on his back with his knees spread wide and tied to his wrists. This exposes his ass in the air for Brian to easily maneuver his cock deep inside Shay’s eager hole. Watch these two tops in real life give it up to each other in the BoundJocks locker room!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Josh West & Jessie Balboa

Who doesn't like a pair of hot hung furry studs gettin' it on? Joining us this week on ExtraBigDicks.com are hairy hotties Josh West & Jessie Balboa. Jessie peels off Josh's tee and starts to explore his firm abs and hairy chest. Josh returns the favor seconds before these two reposition themselves as Jessie lies on top of Josh and begins to explore again only this time he's using his tongue. Jessie then kneels in front of Josh who happily begins to fuck his throat. Josh's beer-can 9" cock is stretching Jessie's hungry mouth open as he does his best to accommodate the massive oral invasion. Josh then gets into position and playfully slaps his thick meat on Jessie's ass before sliding his thick cock inside. Jessie's ass is hungry and more than ready for that meat and Josh is soon slamming deep inside him. Jessie grimaces as he takes that thick dick. "Pound that ass" he groans. Jessie straddles Josh's cock before impaling himself for more. Jessie rides that thick cock 'til h! e can't hold back any longer as they both begin to beat off to completion. Josh and Jessie both explode their loads all over one extremely satisfied Jessie.

Tim and Dani

Dani 'Angeleyes' is back on our site and this time it was my turn to fuck that cute twink. He needed a bit till he was able to take all of my big cock but then this horny boy just didn´t want to stop.

Daddy Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolli

Daddy Anthony London is tutoring the young Jessippi Cappozzoli for an anatomy class. They've made it to chapter 11 about the male erection and Jessippi feels he needs a more 'hands on' approach to absorb the material. Anthony hesitates a moment, but once he lays eyes on Jessippi's huge, uncut cock he can't say no. Chapter 11 comes to life as both dad and lad get down on their knees sucking each other until they're rock hard. Anthony suggests that he should fuck Jessippi in the ass if he really wants the material to 'sink in.' Jessippi spreads his soft cheeks and Anthony gives it a good lick to get it ready for his thick dick. The guys playfully banter back and forth as Anthony slides his schlong deep inside Jessippi. Jessippi practically passes out from the dicking he gets. "It's my turn now!" Jessippi says as he turns the tables and fucks Anthony. Anthony loves the feeling of Jessippi's cock inside him and unleashes a huge load all over his furry chest to prove it. Jessippi follows suit and splatters Anthony's fur. Young Jessippi leans over and passionately kisses Daddy Anthony.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jimmy Fanz & David Chase

David Chase is back on MenOver30.com and is in for a real treat as he christens newcomer Jimmy Fanz to the MenOver30-by-injection club. David is on a ladder at Jimmy's installing a smoke detector. When he reaches for the unit, his hand lands on Jimmy's head instead. Jimmy's head makes more sense as David chucks the smoke detector and pulls Jimmy's face into his crotch. Jimmy hauls out David's cock and goes to work swallowing every inch of David's thick cock as David slams his cock down his throat. David can't get enough of that mouth and wants to see what else Jimmy's good for. He puts Jimmy against the wall as he pulls down his jeans to check out his furry ass. He dives right in eating that hole, flipping around so Jimmy can just sit on his face. Jimmy then turns around and slides his cock into David's eager mouth. "Smack it on my lips" he orders as Jimmy obliges before getting into a hot 69 so they can each have all the dick they want. Jimmy slides a rubber onto David's th! ick cock and straddles it. He grunts as that sweet ass slowly takes it all. Jimmy arches back and rides that cock. David then holds Jimmy still as he starts to ram his dick up into that tight ass making Jimmy moan for more. David pounds away at that hot hole as Jimmy strokes his hard cock. David wants Jimmy's dick inside him too so he bends over and gives it up. Jimmy rams his meat into him doggy style as he slaps that ass and mounts him. Jimmy fucks him for a while before getting him on his back for more dick missionary style. Jimmy's cock hits David's sweet spot and in no time David's cum is airborne. Jimmy then pulls out and follows suit busting his own nut all over David.

Lito Cruz and David Korben

XXL rules!!See that huge bareback fuckmeat? It belongs to our new model Lito Cruz who used it to give his partner David Korben a taste of bliss in this scene.Lito is a big name in the U.S. bareback scene, as we heard. We are convinced he will have even more fans after this Timtales Movie.Lito knows how to fuck a man´s ass. He really does! You only need to watch David´s face to believe it...

Shay Michaels tops Brian Davilla

Brian Davilla makes the mistake of letting Shay Michaels get loose - Shay takes full advantage and turns the table by wrestling Brian down to the table on his stomach. Brian’s ass is fully exposed in the air and ready to be plowed by Shay. After a heavy pounding Shay flips Brian over and relieves a big load on his hairy chest!

Going To Town On Daddy Marco

Daddy Marco arrived with one thing in mind..he was total service, front and back...blow job plus a rim job.Trey was more than willing to comply. he got right down on his knees as Marco took out his cock, he started to suck but Marco had another idea. He wanted to start off with a deep rim job, so he directed Trey off his cock and into his ass. Trey spread Marco's asscheeks and licked and slurped on his asshole. When Marco was satisfied, Trey went from ass eater back to cocksucker. He sucked Marco with everything he had and was rewarded by a sticky, gooey facial!


Gay Bar or Bust
Launch date: Wednesday May 2nd 2012
STARRING: Dean Monroe, Harley Everett, Lincoln Gates, Lucio Saints, Issac Jones, Tony Axel, Tate Ryder, Fraser Jacs, Jake Lewis, Rowen Bailey, and Drew Brody
TITLE: Gay Bar or Bust
LAUNCH DATE: Wednesday May 2nd 2012 - 6 Episodes - Released weekly every Wednesday
ADDITIONAL INFO: Gay Bar or Bust mini site
GBOB Scene Collage
Dean Monroe has just three weeks to turn a run-down pub in the East End of London into the coolest gay bar in town.
If this place isn't turning a profit in just three weeks, the money runs out and Dean could find himself homeless and in debt to local money lenders.
The publicity is already rolling and there's no delaying the opening day, so with the clock ticking, manager Dean sets out to find tradesmen to transform this old pub into a cool place to be seen and some talented staff to run it...
We follow Dean's story over six episodes.

John Magnum & Adam Russo

John Magnum and Adam Russo playfully toss each other about on the bed. Both studs wear jockstraps and Adam's thick dick is clearly poking out the top as they tumble. John winds up on top of Adam and pulls the jock aside revealing an already rock hard erection. Adam's butthole winks as John goes down on Adam's meat. John stands up and Adam aggressively deep throats John's thick pole. John makes Adam choke on it and the lays back for Adam to ride him. John's cock is so thick it would give a power bottom pause but Adam's ass eats it up begging for more. John slams Adam as hard as he can until he blows his load onto Adam's ass. John licks up his cum and then flips Adam over so he can suck his balls while Adam milks his own cock. Adam cums on his furry stomach. The guys kiss and relax after a hard day's play.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Man of the Month: SIR Cristian Torrent

As a webmaster and someone who respects what Cristian Torrent does... It's totally worth it!! The work he does in making these hot videos takes work and IT shows in his work!! In my personal opinion His work is 10 times better than some of the other big name studios and is worth every penny!!

SIR Cristian Torrent

SIR Cristian Torrent is a hot muscular & furry British daddy from the UK. Daddy Cristian is a versatile stud who's good as a bottom and fantastic as a top daddy. To see more of this hot muscle daddy check out his site here.