Monday, May 7, 2012

boy quinton speaks on Safe Sex

A lil something i posted on Facebook about Safe Sex

Over the past 4 years of doing an all male adult website I have endured negativity and along with other websites and adult performers that have looked down on my site and me as a webmaster directly because of the fact that I promote sites with bareback content (unsafe sex).

For me what content I decided to post on my site is business and does not dictate what I do in my personal time. I'm not saying or telling anyone how to receive their pleasure. What I am saying is that my website Ursophile hopes and encourages everybody to play the way they want to play and to protect themselves from HIV & STDs that can be contracted thru Unsafe Sex. Know your status and your sexual partners status upon hooking up and playing with someone who could or could not be infected with any viruses that are out there.

We are all men and women and most of all we are adults. There is no need for negativity and hatred within any community towards our brothers & sisters because they promote bareback sex or have unprotected sex.

Again, I say it's your life and you choose the way you want it to go... If it is your decision to have unprotected sex with HIV+ Men or women that is your decision. Nobody is forcing you to have bareback sex, neither is my website Ursophile promoting bareback sites telling you it is ok. I've been around long enough to know that studios do test their models for HIV/STDs before hand to pair up their models to prevent spreading of the uncureable and curable viruses. As well as their are people who don't disclose their status to the people they hook up with before hand.

Be safe, Protect Yourself and protect your partners

boy quinton