Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daddy Adam Russo

Sexy Leather Daddy Super porn star Adam Russo looks like a classic leather Daddy in this photo shoot by Anthony Duran. His ripped body, cum-fuck-me eyes and throbbing cock would make anybody want to spend hours servicing this stud…head to toe. Even Daddies need a Daddy.

Cameron Kincade & Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds is here this week on MenOver30.com and he is gonna be one happy camper as we welcome him to the MenOver30-by-injection club. We've paired this sexy 24yo ginger from Arkansas with hottie Cameron Kincade. Brian has come in for an interview and when Cameron comes out to greet him he realizes Brian's shown up in shorts, flip-flops and a cut off tee. "Is this how you normally dress for interviews" Cameron muses as Brian assures him it just shows "character". As Cameron shows Brian how he's dressed and how slacks and a dress shirt are more appropriate, Brian spots a bulge in his pants. That's all he needs as he goes in for the kiss as his hands grab his cock. They start to make out as Brian goes south to ace the oral portion of this interview. He undoes those pants and soon has Cameron's cock buried down his throat. Brian works that cock with ease as Cameron just revels in the sensation. Brian then gets up and drops his shorts giving Cameron something to work on as Cameron eagerly returns the favor. Brian gladly fucks his handsome face as Cameron slobbers all over that hard cock. Brian then turns around and gives Cameron's tongue something else to work on. Cameron slips that tongue deep inside that ass as he works Brian's boner. Brian bucks that ass back onto Cameron's face wanting that tongue as deep as he can get it. "You wanna fuck that ass?" Brian teases as Cameron works that hole. Cameron then gets Brian on his back and slides that cock into that wet hole, missionary. He slams in easily as he starts to fuck that ass as Brian begs for more. More is what he'll get as Cameron gets him on his feet so he can bend him over the chaise and slam that cock back up that ass for some doggy. Brian's ass is getting a work out but his won't be the only one as Brian turns the tables and gets Cameron on his back. He slides his cock into that ass as he sucks and licks his toes sending Cameron into orbit. Missionary has Brian's cock pounding Cameron just right and soon both are busting their thick loads all over Cameron's delicious cock and abs. Well, someone's getting hired!

Rock Ramsey and Alex Payne

When Alex Payne's jeep breaks down in the Georgia Swamp at Roy's Hideaway, local car repair man and hunk Rock Ramsey can't seem to work fast enough to get his car back on the road. Instead Rock puts his hard drilling skills to the test and compensates Alex's time by drilling his ass hard all over the body shop.


The action starts asEric Scott and YT taunt their caged slave, Seth Hunter, who's hungry for somecock and begs for his masters to feedhim. Eric and YT deliver some hot verbal discipline as they get into Seth'shungry holes. Lots of verbal and aggressive sex leading up tothe insertion of some big and thick master cocks. Gang force energy leads tosome intense fucking, domination and submission. Hugeloads flood the screen.TA Tony&Cam Classic Episode / running time: 37.39with Eric Scott, YT and Seth Hunterkey wordsaggressive 3-way bareback sex, no condoms, leather, lots of verbal abuse,daddies, guys in their 30's, smooth guys, hairy pig bottom,body builders, tattoos, piercings, super big dicks, raw fucking, breeding, cumeating, rimming, raw fucking, lots of slave/masterdominant/submissive role play, breeding, seeding, and ATM DIRECTOR'S NOTESThis episode inspired my endorsement for the company... "Our pig bottomsare beggars. They get plowed, plugged and pumped full ofthick and tasty man cream and then beg for more..." T


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