Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hairy Daddy takes Son

Our boy Carlo likes daddy cock and Gauge certainly fulfills our boys daddy desires. Carlos starts out this scene on his knees servicing Gauge's nice thick daddy cock as it peeks out the top of his tight swimsuit. Of course Daddy Gauge enjoys some nice hard boy cock as well. Hot scene as Gauge's daddy lips surround by masculine facial hair takes are boys smooth young cock deep into his throat. In between sucking Carlo's cock Daddy strokes it squeezing the precum out from the tip devouring every last tasty drop. Daddy decides to move the entertainment inside now as he spreads our young boys ass wide and goes in to give Carlo a nice ass eating. Carlo loves the feel of Daddy's facial hair brushing against the side of his ass cheeks. Daddy Guage flips our boy over onto his back as he pumps his ass good while Carlos screams for Daddy to fuck him. Hot camera angle as we look down daddy's muscular hairy chest as his cock enters out boys totally hairless hole. Daddy desires Carlo's boy cock in his ass so they switch it up as Carlo fucks daddy's ass as Daddy commands him go harder. In the end Carlo pulls out and shoots a hot load onto Daddy's hairy stomach. Download this video at Mount Equinox

Monday, December 26, 2011

Daddy Doctor Bangs Jock

Our younger stud Brett wasn't feeling well so he went to visit Doctor Cameron  (Daddy Carlo Cox) who instructs our boy to get completely naked so he can give him a thorough physical. Of course this is a physical of a different sort that starts out with some hot nipple play leading up to our boy Brett getting a hot blowjob. Brett moves down onto his knees and starts servicing our doctors cock and you can tell from his facial expressions he is having problems taking it all because it looks like he is almost going to gag a couple different times. Doctor Cameron has determined what Brett's ailment is and he has just the prescription to make our boy new again. Only problem is Brett has to take his medicine rectally. Fortunately our buff doctor with the bulging hairy chest has just the tool to deliver this medicine. He bends Brett over the examining table and fucks our young stud good and hard. You can see the sweat glisten off our young studs ass as he is fucked from behind. It doesn't take long and Brett is already feeling much better as both of them get up onto the examining table as the doctor continues to fuck his tight jock ass. In the end doctor Cameron gets up on his knees and squeezes out a nice big gooey load as our jock Brett pumps out a nice boy load onto his smooth stomach. Download this video at Mount Equinox


More Jake – well once just wasn’t enough was it? This time Jake’s turns his charms on Ale and soon has him on all fours, licking his feet, sucking his sweaty jock and offering up his hole to Jake’s huge cock. Jake’s a beared bald man who uses all his gifts, including his bald head, to please his partner and Ale’s a hungry sex-hound getting high on Jake’s supply. Jake feasts on Ale’s uncut cock and teaes the piercings in on hairy body, driving him wild and satisfying his own hunger, then taking his just reward and plundering Ale’s hungry ass until Ale’s cock is shooting hot jets of cum on Jake’s hairy belly with no help from his hands. I love this scene.


JEAN FRANCO & YOHANN BANKSJean Franko gets what he wants, he just reaches out and grabs it – including Yohann’s pert arse as he’s delivering drinks. Yohann’s happy to be grabbed and grabs right back at the rugged man’s huge bulge. He know’s he’ll get to play with Jean Franko’s solid, furry body and chewon the foreskin of his uncut and very meaty cock before feeling it deep inside him. Soon Yohann is firmly in charge, riding the hairy stud until he’s ready to explode – and when he does, Yohann’s there to lap up every drop of hot cum from Jean Franko’s cock. Just tasting it and feeling it, warm and thick in his beard makes him shoot a powerful load.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Very Bad Santa

John Connery
in the role he was born to play, with Alec Hillas his dirty play mate.Our shopping mall has a Santa’s Grotto and in it should be Santa, but he’s nowhere to be seen, and the queue is getting longer… the mall manager calls Santa’s cell to ask where he is…
The mall manager will soon notice there’s an elf missing too – the one that’s greedily munching on Santa’s fat uncut dick in the restroom stall. Horny elf Alec can’t get enough festive stuffing and is soon riding Santa like he only cums once a year.
We’ve had a few ‘firsts’ in recent shoots; Johnny Hazzard cumming hands-free twice while being fucked, for example, and here’s another. Alec Hill looks a little unsure when John reaches around and starts rubbing his cock while still fucking him… a minute or so later, after he’s sprayed cum everywhere, Alec declares ‘well that’s never happened before!’ I guess he’s never been in such good hands as John’s before :)

On Christmas Day!!

Tony and Cam always love putting on a Christmas holiday shoot for their fans. Complete with some Santa hats, candy canes, jockstraps, combat boots, and a whole lot of fucking and sucking, the main stars from Bareback Masters once again show us why they've been together so long and are always up for a hardcore bareback fuck. Happy Holidays everyone!! To see more click here to visit barebackMasters.

Santa Claus is cummin' to town


Timmy has been a bad boy (or maybe a really good boy) and our ginger Santa (Daddy Rusty McMann) is going to give him his present. Timmy sucks Santas cock and they both each others asses. Then Santa goes right up Timmy's chimney! Dirty Santa!

Friday, December 23, 2011

On the 11th Day...

Daddy Mike Roberts from Titan Media’s Fallen Angel II: Descending film is a tall furry mustached daddy with a couple tats, a pierced dick with a set of huge balls and big meaty 9 inch cock. His hung 9incher that he calls Big John & the twins would make friends with any Guy/Dad/son/boy that loves daddy bears like me. This daddy has one of the finest body’s and asses around and definitly left an empression since I first seen him in Men Magazine 12 years ago.

Mike if you read/See this you always have a place here at Ursophile!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the 10th day...

The hairy and very horny Steve Parker, showed up for this shoot ready to
do a solo JO. What he didn't know was that Cam and I were getting very
horny watching him on the set. Cameron jumped on to the set after Steve
had worked his cock with a pump getting it all big, thick and juicy with
some pre-cum oozing out of the head. In no time flat, Cam and Steve were
intwined in some heavy action. I was directing the scene and couldn't keep
my dick in my pants. Naturally, I jumped in and started to plug Steve's
hot and sweaty man hole. Cam and I worked a creamy load out of Steve's
balls and I shot a big load into Cam's gaping mouth as Cam shot his giant
load. This is a real good scene.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the 9th Day...

Ron Jeremy is a hairy and hung Straight daddy who is known for his massive meaty member!! As You can see in these pics.. he's very hairy and well hung... he can even suck himself!! If you like men with big dicks you'd enjoy Ron's hung meat.. Now if only we can get him to play for our team!!