Friday, March 26, 2010

Daddy Tony DeAngelo

Daddy Tony from barebackMasters is a hot furry muscle dadddy. He's 5'10 a top daddy and loves to fuck. Daddy Tony can be seen in many videos over at barebackMasters with his lover Cam. To see more of Daddy Tony click here to visit barebackMasters.

Amateur X=Tube Daddies #1

JT November

Very Hot Daddy on cam

Daddy Ken Butt Fucks a Biker Cub

KC and James Part 1

In part one of this hot intergenerational scene, tattooed admirer KC sucks James, a nicely hung daddy, through a glory hole while stroking his own rock hard member. He then bends over and lets James fuck him through the glory hole, stroking himself all the while. To see more click here to visit Daddy Action.
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Sucking On Kyle

Daddy Seth moves in on Kyle's hard dick and giant balls. To see more click here to visit Suck Off Guys.


Cory Jay looks dashing and distinguished in his business suit; but minutes into the shoot, the real Cory comes out as he strips out of his street clothes to reveal full leather gear. Either way, Cory remains one of our all-time favorites. Catch his full XXX gallery, live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!


Our rugged discovery Hogan Wade commands respect in his leather cap, harness and chaps. When he pulls out his ten-incher you will give him whatever he wants. See his full XXX gallery, live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

SANCTUARY (Scene 1) Starring Cory Jay & Hogan Wade

Cory Jay finds himself drawn to the Sanctuary where Hogan Wade lures him in with the promise of a 10" cock. Wade dominates Jay, shoving his fat tool down the curious man's throat before stripping him down to his leather gear and fucking him hard. On his back, Jay opens his hungry hole to swallow several pool balls until the twisted ritual ends in a pool of sweat and cum.

On Location: Arabian nights 1 of 2

Steve Cruz takes us on location behind the scenes during the production of Raging Stallions Tales of the Arabian Nights. He talks with Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho, Wilfried Knight, Bruno Bond, and Adam Killian about their scenes, personal lives and other stars as they do photo shoots, prepare for productions and lounge between scenes. This is part one of an exciting two part special feature.

Hank Dutch & Rocky Torrez

The incredibly handsome Hank and Latin, beefy bulldog Rocky start with what could be considered Olympic-class spit swapping in this video. That builds to blow jobs where Rocky shows you just how to treat an uncut dick. They end up swapping fucks in a roller coaster flip-flop session that threatens to fly right off the tracks and through the screen to you. When the cumshots fly they are thick and creamy but please resist the temptation to lick the screen.

To see more click here.

Adam North & Taurus Dean

Adam North has a beautiful young body, lightly hairy and dotted with tattoos. He is anxious to fill his mouth with dick and Taurus is happy to provide. Taurus strips down to his undies and whips out his big curved dick. Adam takes the cock gently at first playing with the foreskin and licking the head before swallowing the length of it. Taurus then licks his way down Adam's body, spreads his asshole and shoves his tongue deep into the beautiful hole. When Adam gets all worked up he bends Taurus over and pumps him full of dick. Taurus is an avid bottom and Adam fills him with every inch of his dick. With Taurus on his back Adam fills his butt with dick until he explodes. Adam quickly pulls out, throws off the condom and shoots all over Taurus's abs.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Daddy DeAngelo finds himself hold up in a hotel room with young pup Davigio who will do just about anything to make his daddy's cock feel comfortable. Its great to see both sides of Anthony - the loving, caring and gentle papa as he feeds his thick, curvy cock to Davigio and, the forceful, aggressive and determined Tony as he shoves that same man tool into Davigio's hungry butt hole. Tony delivers his trademark up-the-ass pop shot as the camera catches every last drop. To see more click here to visit barebackMasters.

Director's Notes
Tony was so horny for Davigio - the two had wanted to fuck since they first met on one of our sets a couple of years ago. All I had to do was turn on the lights and start the camera. Everything else was completely natural and unscripted. Cam

Butch Grand Gets Worked Over By Trojan Rock and Orlando Toro

Butch Grand Gets Worked Over By Two Tops
Damn! There’s nothing like real men having sex! Especially seeing an alpha male top work over a hot stud bottom. Speaking of alpha male tops, this video come from Alpha Male Fuckers and it features not one alpha male top, but two… And the bottom the two tops are paired with is none other than the super sexy, hairy, sex god Butch Grand. I can’t think of a hotter masculine bottom…
The two tops are Trojan Rock (who owns the site and directs the videos – lucky man), and masuline muscle jock Orlando Toro. I’m not sure which is a hotter top – Trojan’s got that hot daddy thing going on – he’s the type of top bottoms love to get fucked by and Orlando is like the best combination of a jock and a real man – a wonderful muscular body but plenty of experience that makes him an incredible top. Just look at the pic of him rimming Butch Grand’s hole… The guy loves ass!
Needless to say, with three super hot fuckers this is one explosive scene. You gotta head over to AlphaMaleFuckers.com and see the full scene!
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Andre Barclay Breeds Sexy Newcomer Nixon Steele

Andre Barclay Breeds Sexy Newcomer Nixon Steele
Bareback That Hole is initiating a bunch of new guys lately – bringing them into the bareback brotherhood, so to speak. Last week Sage Daniels showed two guys how bareback porn is done, this week Andre Barclay knocks up an incredibly hot new bottom – Nixon Steele…
I LOVE Nixon… He just exudes sexuality with his hairy chest, his beard, and his nearly bald head… There’s just something about that combination that works VERY well. Oh yeah, then there’s his hot, tight, body… WOOF!
Andre shows that he’s an awesome top by force feeding Nixon his dick and testing Nixon’s gag reflex. Nixon shows he’s up for the challenge. Then Andre turns his attention to Nixon’s ass and rims it like he’s a hungry man who hasn’t had a meal in a week. Then he pushes his rock hard cock deep into Nixon’s hole and pummel’s the shit out of it (not literally – thankfully!) Andre literally fucks the cum out of Nixon as Nixon blows his load all over his hairy abs, and Andre feeds Nixon his load…
All in all another excellent, sex-charged scene from BarebackThatHole.com – head over to the site to see more!
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Sage Daniels Breaks In Aiden Holt and Cole Roy To BB Porn

Sage Daniels Breaks In Two Newcomers To BB Porn
If you’re going to do something new it’s always good to have an experienced mentor. Calling Sage Daniels an “experienced mentor” is a sorta overstating it. The guy is just a big ‘ol slut who has no problem with the whole world knowing it. Still, if you’re going to be introduced to the world of bareback porn having him in the scene with you would be a big plus. That’s exactly the case in this video from Bareback That Hole where Sage shows two newbies the proper way to get piggy on film…
Sage starts them out a little slow (by Bareback That Hole standards) and the threesome gets rather intensely into kissing, necking and sucking cock. Sage is like the professor with his pupils at his feet – or should I say, at his cock… He then puts them on all fours and go back and forth eating out their asses until they just want to get fucked.
Aiden is the first to get fucked, but Cole gets into it and slides his raw dick up Sage’s ass and they have a threeway fuck sandwich. Needless to say that makes versatile Sage VERY happy…
Having learned a few lessons Aiden takes control as only a bottom can and bops back and forth riding Sage, then riding Cole, then Sage… The sex reaches it peaks when Sage fucks the load out of Aiden and then proceeds to shoot a huge wad of cum himself into and all over Aiden’s raw hole… Cole and Sage takes turns felching the cum out of Aiden’s ass as they all share and snowball the loads back and forth.
It didn’t even take a full scene but Cole and Aiden now know all they need to know to make great bareback porn. Watch the full scene on BarebackThatHole.com
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Hot Boy Rafael Gives Up His Holes To Lean Muscled Top David Castan

Hot Boy Gives Up His Holes To A Lean Muscled Top
There’s just something special about hot jock submissive bottoms like Rafael in this video from Bulldog Pit. He’s got a flawless jock body that’s almost sculptural in it’s perfection. Especially his ass – it’s this perfect muscle bubble butt that’s got this hot tanline and just begging for dick. But Rafael isn’t cocky about his looks – he’s totally submissive. His body is how he gets really hot tops to use him.
Needless to say it’s not hard for Rafael to get tops to work him over. The lucky top this time is David Castan. David is a hardcore, no nonsense top who knows what he likes and goes after it. In this case what he likes is Rafael (who wouldn’t?) and he goes after it while keeping it clear that he’s in control and Rafael is there for his pleasure. He eats out Rafael’s ass, teases him with his cock, and then fucks him good.
Whether you like hot tops like David or perfect jock pussy bois like Rafael, you’ll like BulldogPit.com – check it out!
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