Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Newcomer Chad Brock said he knows it may sound twisted but he's always fantasized about being locked up and forced into prison sex. The thought of all those tough guys so horned up they're ready to stick their dick in any available hole makes him hot. He bends over and shows you where to stick it in his XXX gallery, shot behind bars on the set of Lawless!

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Younger Dudes & Hairy Daddy In Bareback 3Way

Younger Dudes & Hairy Daddy In Bareback 3Way
Huge cock, hairy daddy, Nick Roberts, and his 9×6 cock, return, in another BreedMeRaw video. Then older, porn star, is clearly in heaven, as he is joined, by Dre Cruiser and younger bottom, John Brandon. Who wouldn’t be? Both guys, totally worship his big cock, getting it ready to fuck them both bareback. Then they feast on each others’ assholes, in a rimming daisy chain. Next, Dre has to fuck John, to get his asshole opened up, for daddy’s big raw cock. He fucks him hard, getting his hole, all nice and sloppy, ready for Nick’s huge cock. Daddy Nick, takes turns, fucking both of them, stretching their holes, with his thick fuck meat. He goes from ass to ass, plowing their assholes. Dre comes while getting fucked, then Nick cums all over him, feeding him both their loads. Next, John shoots his own hot jizz, ending the sizzling, bareback threesome.
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huge cock, hairy daddy has bareback threesome with younger dudes
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The Professor & His Manservant

This update is very unique. We found a History Professor who has his very own real life manservant!
The Professor is a married man who lives the Victorian/Edwardian lifestyle that he teaches. It was this dirty secret we learned, that very often the servants preformed sexual duties as well as household ones.

When we contacted The Professor he agreed only if he could bring his own cocksucker/manservant. His manservant lives in the household, with The Professor and his wife. He explains that the manservant doesn't serve the wife, but he does do the cooking and cleaning, as well as being The Professor's personal butler (in many ways).

We had never seen anything like this before. It was not some BDSM fantasy roleplay, in fact there was no fetish involved. This was they way they lived their life. The dynamic between The Professor and his manservant was amazing to see. Everything was completely natural. The manservant knew exactly how to please his Master. The professor knew exactly how he wanted his manservant to please him. In front of our cameras it was a blowjob, this time around.

The Professor had his servant well trained and was proud on how well he took orders with a bunch of strangers watching. The Professor's manservant was only focused on his master and delivered a blowjob that The Professor had come to expect, slow, deep, wet and sloppy! He was really enjoying this service session, he would tell his servant how good it felt and what a good job he was doing. Finally the professor exploded all over drenching the manservant in his sperm!
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Jake Cruise and Kevin Lane

Kevin Lane recently took our “Bottoming 101‚” class over on CockSureMen.com and scored very well. Now it’s time for his final exam as I put that beautiful bubble-butt of his up to the test! Kevin came to class prepared with a smooth, sculpted body, devilish grin and bedroom eyes. We each roll around and suck each other, building the anticipation further. I bury my tongue deep in his ass and my cock soon follows. I ease it in nice and slow, gently going deep, making sure Kevin is comfortable. Kevin’ moans drive the pace upward. He claws and bites at the sheets as I pound his ass. I pull out and jerk out a load into my hand. After getting cleaned up, I grab hold of Kevin’ dick and crank out a load from him. I failed Kevin, not because he didn’t do an amazing job, but because I want him back for more!

Kevin Hamilton “wins” Berke Banks when he becomes Jake For A Day

Our second installment of our ongoing “Be Jake For a Day” contest has finally arrived! This time our very lucky winner, Kevin Hamilton, gets to play with tall and hairy Berke Banks. Kevin loves furry guys, and Berke’s thick mane puts Kevin in heaven. He looks around in near disbelief as he exchanges blow jobs with Berke. Kevin’s tongue dances all over Burke’s body, from his hairy hole to his armpits. All worked up, both guys are ready to fuck. Kevin bends over and Berke fills him up with his huge cock. Berke rides Kevin hard and long until he busts his nut all over Kevin, leaving a white trail from his stomach to his face. With a mouth full of Berke’s cock, Kevin then strokes a load out of his own.

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FUCKING JJ RAW - HD / Bareback Fucking & Cum Eating

20-year-old JJ is back and this time he’s getting his tight butt filled with Seth’s raw cock and cum!
JJ pops his tight hole in the air for Seth to pound. As usual, Seth’s cock is pre-cumming like crazy & he uses it to lube up JJ’s tiny tight hole. Seth sticks his dick in and JJ moans really loud. You might even call it a scream (JJ's not used to getting fucked, especially without a condom).
JJ gets on his back and lets Seth pound his hole from above. Seth almost cums in this position, as it’s one of his favorites. He manages to hold of in order to do some more ass pounding.
When it's time to release his load, Seth blasts the first squirt of cum deep in JJ's hole, then pulls out and shoots the rest of his giant load all over JJ’s ass and back.
Massive amounts of cum drip from JJ's sore ass as Seth milks out the remaining drops of jizz from his still throbbing dick.
JJ did a fantastic job during his raw ride. Seth says JJ's young tight ass felt so good that he can't wait to fuck him again!

Seth fucks Aaron hard, fast & raw! He shoots his big white load on Aaron’s face. Seth scoops up the cum spillage and feeds Aaron the rest of his nut.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daddy Carlo Cox & Daddy Albert

Sexy Bald Men - Carlo Cox & Albert

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Sexy Bald Men Comparing Cockx
Hairy Man Carlo Cox Gets a BlowjobSexy Bald Men Kissing
Hairy Man Carlo Cox Gets a BlowjobHairy Bald Man Carlo Cox Fucks Ass
Carlo Cox Eats Hairy AssCarlo Cox Sucks Cock

Height: 5'9" /5'7"Weight: 188 / 140 poundsCock: 9 / 7 inches, cut and uncut cock
It's been a while since I had sexy bald man Carlo Cox in my studio. He's one of the men who first appeared on my site when I opened it nearly two years ago. I paired him up with well-hung, hairy hunk Ray Stone (another sexy bald man) and the two of them played construction men, swapping blowjobs and fucking in their construction gear. Since then, I featured hairy man Carlo Cox in a couple of other photo galleries (and Gay Porn Star Carlo Cox); but I haven't been able to schedule him for any more hardcore suck and fuck action. Until now.

Albert Victor is another sexy bald man and he's a perfect match for Carlo Cox. This hairy chested man is so incredibly handsome and he wears a full, dark beard. His body is solid and beefy, and he's covered in hair, even his ass his hairy. And Albert has shown by some of his past videos appearances that he's a superb cocksucker. In Arrested and Strip Searched he took on Muscle Daddy Uncle John who was playing a cop; Albert was a con man who had been hauled in to the police station for questioning. He ended up servicing a nice piece of cop dick and getting his ass fucked.

This photo gallery is a preview of a hot video that will be appearing in the middle of June. These two hairy bald men start their session outdoors in my backyard, each appearing in their own solo photo session. (Carlo Cox and Albert Victor.) And then, they head indoors and swap blowjobs. And when Albert offers his beefy, hairy ass, Carlo stuffs his 9-inch cock into it.
They're hot men because they have sexy bald heads, they're hairy, and they're well-hung.
Watch these Sexy Bald Men Swapping Blowjobs!

Ben Statham & Tim Kelly

Cum for Daddy - Ben Statham & Tim Kelly

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This has got to be, hands down, one of my all-time favourite videos. In fact, it's one of my favourite pairings of men, too. When I think of daddy / boy sex, this scene is what's happening in my head. Tim Kelly is a strong and hairy daddy with a massively solid body covered in hair. His goatee is mostly grey, but his moustache is a distinguished salt 'n pepper. And Ben is a really hot guy. He's much smaller than Tim Kelly, and in fact, fits perfectly in the nook of Kelly's arm. And while Ben looks like a boy snuggled up to Kelly, he's a man in his own right. His body is impeccably built, with strong shoulders, arms, and an awesome six pack of abs. His chest is sparsely furry and he's got a fantastically long, uncut cock. And the scene opens with that uncut dick of his rock hard as Tim Kelly plants passionate kisses on Ben's soft lips. The two men are making love on a big, fluffy bed, and the white sheets really show off their bodies beautifully. There's a mirror at the head of the bed, and at times, it gives us some rather interesting and mouth-watering views of these two men devouring one another's bodies. One of my absolute favourite moments of this video has Ben curled up his Tim's arms, Ben's back is to the camera, and Tim reaches around and fucks Ben's ass with a couple of his huge, fat fingers. It's such a turn-on. Of course, Tim fucks Ben's ass for real; and Tim's ass pounding gets Ben off in a big way. With Daddy's hard cock pounding his hole, Ben squirts a phenomenal load all over his chest and belly. Tim is the perfect gentleman and waits for Ben's spasms to subside before coating his boy in a big load of daddy cum! Wow! You guys are going to love this one!
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Dillon & Jason Bareback at Daddy's House

http://www.nastydaddy.com/affiliates/affiliatecontent/Jayson_Dillon/video update stills .zip

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Daddy's family is forever growing. I was at the Barrack's BEERBUST in Palm Springs last weekend and met "Jackson" who turned out to be an exhibitionistic, fuck-filth, whorish fluid swapping pig. I loved him at first grope. Our new twisted fuck-friend directs this hole opening raw video starring Dillon and Jason. The video is all fucked up featuring smooth muscled Dillon complete with Daddy tats and one thick heavy piece of swollen cockmeat. Jason is the hairy boy-hole who craves abuse to satisfy his hungry throat and dildo-ready fuck hole. Daddy has a hard-on with this video and welcomes Director Jackson for bringing raw sex to Daddy's house. Drink, eat and fuck.

Daddy Allen Silver

Sexy Allen Silver wants you to join him on the red leather couch and run your fingers and tongue all over his hairy body... and we think a man as hot as Allen should always get what he wants. Check out Allen in Bear Plumbing Inc, available at our online store. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Justin Powers Fist Pump [Daddy Discovery]

Who says that an early Tuesday night at the local watering hole is a waste of time? I was out few weeks ago, needing some ?social stimulation?, and met new Daddy Justin Powers ? and after our encounter and this video shoot, I?m glad I ventured out. Towering over me, this man didn?t say word; he just whipped out this swollen slab of meat and looked at me as if I were a lubed set of holes. So like a blind person, I read his piece like Braille and knew that you needed to see this hard, veiny piece of Daddy meat. We captured every delicious stroke ? up close. Welcome Justin Powers to the NastyDaddy club. Tuesday?s are now Daddy?s night! 
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Daddy Porn Star Jeffrey Huntwell’s Fluffer Blog

Having worked in porn for a few years, there is still one myth that I am not quite sure of how or where it started: the myth of the fluffer. This daddy porn star wonders, did they ever actually exist at one time? Or was it some grand scheme to get unsuspecting boys into a porn audition and coerce them into actually getting naked and having sex on camera in the heat of the moment? Whatever the motivation, the myth of the fluffer is one that remains raging and intact. Oh, why do I keep calling it a myth? To those of you who have never had the pleasure of auditioning (we will get to this) or performing for a porn company, the reason I keep calling fluffers a myth is because THERE ARE NO FLUFFERS IN PORN! REALLY! Anyone who tells you different is lying and if you see an ad hiring for one (as I have), there is something behind it…like I said above, I suspect it is to get the guy who wants the job so hot and bothered that in the heat of the moment he lets go, drops trou and actually does a porn scene instead of staying behind the scenes; they ultimately end up baring their body and showing their face on camera, something they may regret later. You know, the same way sex tapes happen.

Let’s examine the evidence that the fluffer is nothing more than an urban legend. First off, every time I have ever met with a porn producer or casting company I have always been required (naturally) to get naked for them – they sometimes take a photo, unless they have one on file already – and then get hard for them (mostly to see if I can do it on cue, or to snap a photo…hey, it is all about the visual in porn). Well, I can guarantee you that no one but my right hand has ever been there to help me in that situation – the only things I get are one or two guys eyeing me as I stroke away on my cock.

Secondly, hmm…where shall I start? Oh yeah, the more than 20+ sets I have been on. Well, my dear fresh meat, here goes!

The first set I was ever on, they first started with the still photos – you know, the stuff you are going to do in the beginning, middle and end, but shot so they can use stills of it without having to exert the effort to extract them from the video. The establishing clothes-on shots are always first; next come the slowly stripping down shots, next come the full nude shots, flaccid…then it’s time to get yourself hard. What?! No one is going to help me?! No, no one is – it’s a do it yourself type of job. The director literally says, ‘All right, get yourself hard’. You go it and get your Mr. Happy ready for his close up. Then, of course, there is the actual shoot (the cum shots in the stills are faked, they want you to milk out the real stuff for the actual video). Being a top, when I peter out during a take the director breaks and I get myself back in performance mode. It’s just a hand job from the left, then a hand job from the right; put your hands on your shaft and you squeeze down tight (or medium, or soft, depending on your personal preference). Then, of course, there is the actual cum shot (this is never done without the model milking his own juice from his cock), which usually consists of me exiting my dick from my scene partner’s booty and whacking it south till I shoot all over his chest and or face. One time I was so into it that I shot my scene partner in the eye with my juiced cock in hand. Now, if you have never experienced getting shot in the eye…well, it stings! I did not aim properly. I was hot and heavy and in the moment…what can I say?

There was one time I did catch a break on a set, though. I was having a hard time (hard being the operative word) keeping it up. It was a daddy/boy shoot, and in this particular studio the only bathroom was adjacent to the porn set and you had to walk in on the guys who were shooting at the time to get to it. I was fluffing myself and this daddy who was waiting to film his scene next walked through and checked me out big time. The director walked in and told me that the other daddy thought I was hot and thathe would like to come in and help me out. I said OK. Boy did that do the trick, and how! I got rigid and completely hard and finished plowing that boy’s ass…I plowed him hard (those moans were not fake, people) and I shot all over his hairless chest in a huge puddle of cum.

While I am still not positive where the myth of the fluffer started and have never used the aid of one (except the one time I mentioned), porn is still great fun. Anyway, who knows better how to get you hard than you?

Until next time, happy jacking!

Daddy Jeffrey Huntwell
courtesy of DaddyLover.com


Dakota Phillips is a big, hairy guy sure to spark some daddy fantasies from all you intergenerational fans out there. But, he wants to take cock not give it. In this video he starts out with a huge dildo. Ray Adams shows up to help ram it in. Then Ray takes charge of Dakotas mouth and hole.

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Big Dick Muscle Bear Bareback Ass Pounding

Big Dick Muscle Bear Bareback Ass Pounding
BreedMeRaw returns with some hard, nasty, manly bareback fuck action. In this video, Nick Robert’s big fat dick fucks the hell out of Aiden Holt’s ass. Muscle bear, Nick is tied up, as Aiden sucks and chokes on his big, thick manmeat. Nick rams that cock, all the way down Aiden’s throat, getting it ready to pummel that ass. Still tied up, Nick fucks Aiden hard, with some ass to mouth action going on, as Aiden tastes his own ass, on Nick’s fat raw cock. Then, it’s on to a leather swing, where Nick really goes to town, pounding and stretching the fuck, out of Aiden’s bareback man hole, fucking that ass hard and rough, just the way Aiden loves it. Next, Aiden rides his pole, his asshole gripping on that huge fucker, sending both of them, over the edge. Aiden is the first to squirt his load, while still riding Nick’s cock, then Nick sprays his own hot, thick jizz!
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big dick muscle bear bareback fuck
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Hairy Daddy Thierry Fucks Son’s Buddy Eric

Hairy Daddy Thierry Fucks Son’s Buddy Eric
Hairy daddy, Thierry Lamasse, fucks his son’s buddy, Eric Angeletti, in this AlphaMaleFuckers video. If you get off on the older guy, younger stud fantasy, then this one’s for you – get ready to shoot that load. Eric comes looking for Thierry’s son, to play a game of football, but butch daddy, Thierry, can’t resist flirting with the younger guy. Before you know it, Eric’s hard cock is down Thierry’s throat, then it is time for Eric to service Thierry’s big uncut daddy cock. Hungry for some younger ass, Thierry eats the fuck out of Eric’s ass, getting it ready for his throbbing, daddy cock. He opens up that hole with his cock, giving Eric a good, hard, fuck, pounding the shit out of him, until he cums all over the younger dude’s face.
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big cock daddy, Thierry, fucks younger stud, Eric
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ursophile Wishes all the Daddies & Bears a.......

And A

Albert Victor / Aaron Cage / Alan Knight & John Connery / Jack Saxon

Albert Victor is such a sexy hunk and he's one of my favourite Butch Dixon men. He's a handsome bald man with a full, dark beard. I love that look so much. God knows why men fret so much about losing their hair – look at this hairy man, he's such a turn-on! Albert teases us on camera by unbuttoning his shirt and sliding his hand inside to rub his hairy chest. Eventually he peels off that shirt and we get to see his solid, bare chest. What a sight! And when Albert slides out of his jeans we get another feast for the eyes – a stiff, uncut cock. Albert plays with his nipples and pulling on his foreskin; and all of this only serves to make his cock dance. But we're not finished yet, there's one more piece of Albert that you've got to see – his beefy, hairy ass. If you head over to Butch Dixon now, not only will you be able to check out more photos of this hairy-chested man, but you can watch some free previews of that h airy ass getting fucked! 

 I love muscle men, but the thing I hate about most bodybuilders is that they shave their body hair. I know they've worked hard on their muscles and they want to show off every bump and curve, but it's such a shame to lose all that hair. Aaron Cage here is a bodybuilder who has no problem with the au naturel look. He recently headed over to Butch Dixon to shed his clothes and strut his massively muscled body in front of the camera. He's featured in a couple of hot galleries and this past weekend he made his debut in a super hot military fuck film with big-dicked porn star Dillon Buck. And Butch Dixon tells me that this hairy bodybuilder is also going to be appearing on the site in a sweaty threesome sex scene with Dean Monroe and a newcomer named Charlie. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of this sexy, hairy hunk, and don't forget to head over to Butch Dixon to check out the free preview of that military sex video.

It's always a treat when a gay porn site films real-life lovers having sex. Porn stars are great, but I always enjoy watching how real men are having sex. Alan Knight is a sexy, bald man with a hot beard. He's solid, hairy, and tattooed. His partner John Connery is sporting a short mohawk and a full beard – what a combination! These two sexy hairy men strip out of their leather gear and give us a look at how they please one another during their one-on-one time. Alan is the first one down on his knees, sucking John's stiff cock and playing with his foreskin. Alan holds John's foreskin with his finger tips and gets in deep with his tongue. John gives his lover's big-nobbed cock a swallow. And then, these two horny men take turns fucking one another. And since they're lovers, they're not using condoms!
Have you ever wanted to have a romp in a sports team lockerroom? The smell of sweat and testosterone fills the air. You find a hairy hunk like Jack Saxon sitting on a bench in his rugby uniform. You'd love to offer him a blowjob, but you stay back and watch him. He starts stripping out of his gear. He doesn't know you're there. He bends over to pick something out of his bag on the floor; he moons you with his big, beefy ass. Those jockstrap belts look pretty hot straining across his butt cheeks. He slips his jockstrap down his massive thighs and kicks it into his bag. Then he sits down on the bench and starts jerking his big, uncut cock. It's not long before he's grunting out a load of creamy cum all over his rugby ball. And yes, he does it – he leans over and licks his own cum off the ball. How fucking hot is that? That would be a fantasy come true, but head over to Butch Dixon and you'll be watching Jack Saxon doing exactly t hat!