Friday, January 29, 2010

Steve, Tony, Fabio & Lonzo

Steve Cruz invites you to watch. He raises an eyebrow when he sees the big uncut cock. Steve slowly works it over, sucking it hungrily. He pulls back the foreskin and sucks the big balls. The big cock belongs to Latin stud, Tony Vega. After more sloppy cock sucking, a second dick appears. This uncut cock is even bigger than the first! Steve works both big cocks, stroking and sucking, trying to get both in his mouth at the same time. Eventually, we see that the second big dick belongs to Italian hottie, Fabio Stallone. Tony and Fabio kiss as they are both serviced by Steve. As he pumps and slurps down these two giant cocks, a third one appears! It belongs to hairy newcomer, Lonzo Zolar. Steve works all three cocks until Tony shoots his load all over Steves hairy chest. Fabio shoots his big load on Steve next. Tony is so worked up that he shoots a second load! Lonzo then sprays down the hungry cocksucker with his man juice. Steve collapses on the floor, covered in four big loads and pumps out his own hot load.

Cole Streets & David Taylor

Talk about a brilliant pairing: this two way between Cole Streets and David Taylor is so passionate, you'll be boned up with in seconds. Cole's hairy hottness contrasts beautifully to David's smooth, tattooed muscle to produce a fur-on-hairless partnership certain to be remembered.

Dad Takes a Fishing Trip - Ray Dragon Video

Intergenerational was never so sensational! In this Ray Dragon/Joe Gage Media feature, acclaimed director Joe Gage takes to the road to explore the lives of a group of men from all walks of life and of all ages as they each experience their own intergenerational date with destiny. Also check out my review for this dvd here on the blog and on the main site. To see more click here to purchase this hot daddy-tastic dvd.

Reckless 2 - Hot House Entertainment

FEATURING ONE OF THE BIGGEST ALL-STAR, STUD CASTS WE HAVE SEEN!The city's most notorious abandoned warehouse continues to rock until dawn, crawling with hot and horny men who cruise the shadows looking for sex. These men don't seem to care what hole they shove their cock in as long as it's wet and deep. Step into the underground world of anonymous sex and blatant hedonism with the men of Reckless 2!
Reckless 2 - Hot House Entertainment

Gee Rico, Dekarlo & Aries

You can't really beat an all-black oral sex daisy chain, and this threesome of studs really know how to do it with enthusiasm. When their done partaking in their throat-fucking Aries opens his hole up to a onslaught of cock which Dekarlo is only too happy to provide (first in missionary, then in doggy) while Gee Rico continues to feed his cock into both their mouths.

Craig Reynolds

Hot House Exclusive Craig Reynolds takes another box cover in his third movie Trust Me I'm A Doctor. We cornered our buff sex machine on the set and got him to strip out of his scrubs. Get ready to drool over his big bubble butt, fat cock, and rugged manly muscles. Check out his XXX gallery, live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

Meet horse-hung newcomer Hogan Wade

Beefy hoss Hogan Wade comes to Hot House via his real life boyfriend, legendary pornstar Cory Jay. We hoped that his cock and ass would be as thick and juicy as the rest of him - and they are! Spend some time with his XXX gallery from the set of Trust Me I'm A Doctor, live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

Cayden & Richard

Anyone who caught Cayden Ross on his recent appearance on Randy Blue Live had to have noticed the incredible energy between him and Richard Pierce. The two tatted and muscled hunks in the same room at the same time and you could see the sparks fly. For the live show they got all hot and sweaty in the gym so for this video I wanted to get them in a hot, steamy shower. Cayden's body is so amazing that having him run those masculine hands all over every inch of it was enough to make a kick ass solo video. Especially when he starts manhandling that huge, thick cock of his. The sudsy water drips down the curvature of each muscle, making his chiseled features stand out even more. But we couldn't leave him all alone, could we? No, the fun really gets going when Richard shows up and the two work their bodies together, all slick from the hot water. And Richard finally gets to see what everyone's been talking about when they mention Cayden's ! incredible cocksucking skills. I love that they both have a different style. Where Cayden takes a cock all the way down his throat like it was made to be there, Richard concentrates on the head and uses his lips to make Cayden almost cum right then and there. A little kissing, a little rimming and soon Richard buries his dick deep in Cayden's hole. And much to his delight, Cayden finds that he can't get enough.

Jeffrey Huntwell

Jeffrey Huntwell
Los Angeles, CA
42, 5'7", 155 lbs.
Shaved Hair,
Hazel Eyes, Versatile

Likes: I get into kissing, oral, J/O, anal- it's actually easier to say what I'm not into! To see more click here to visit Bear Films.

Bas van Dijk

Sexy Dutch daddy Bas van Dijk came back to our studios to do a scene in an upcoming Real Men movie recently, so of course, we had to do a solo shoot. We love his sexy smile, hairy chest, and very big uncut dick and so will you. Bas is a masculine, easy-going, intelligent, friendly man. His big dick stays rock hard and goes for a long time. Check out this photo shoot and then watch his solo video in our video section. To see more Click here to visit Hot Older Male.
Bas van Dijk's Stats
Location: Houston, Texas
Looking For: Friendship, Sex
Age: 72
Stats: 5' 10", 175lbs

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hey Daddies, Sons, Boys and visitors old and new

Daddy Friday has returned today and this week I have 5 daddys and/or bears to show.


Orion & Daddy Jeffrey

Look at that face- It almost looks like Orion doesnt want to get fucked by a big sexy silver daddy Orion may be nervous about his first time with an older man but Jeffrey knows just what buttons to push and soon has Orion bent over on his knee asking for daddy to fuck him and to fuck him hard. To see more visit HisFirstSilverDaddy here.

Tim Kelly

MenOver30 makes your daddy dreams cum true with this weeks tall fur covered entry Tim Kelly- In an orange muscle tank Tim slowly begins his strip tease- He hoists up his guns as he flexes them for us- Tim's dedication at the gym has really paid off and has kept his hairy frame in amazing shape- He pulls off his shorts and is left in a sexy pair of underwear that soon isn't able to contain his growing cock- He hauls his meat out of his underwear giving it a few tugs before losing them altogether as well- He sits back on the couch and starts to give his cock the attention it needs- Tim realizes he has options and that maybe his hand could use the day off- He leans over and grabs a Flesh-jack on the side table and quickly puts it to good use- He slides his hard dick deep inside and starts jacking off into it- He slowly pulls the jack off his cock til his cock is almost free before slowly sliding his meat inside until hes balls deep in it again rinse repeat- To see more Click here to visit Men Over30

David McNamara

British daddy bear David McNamara popped in for a visit during his travels to show us his hairy body and hard, uncut cock. We loved his sparkling eyes and warm humor, but we especially loved it when he showed us how he likes to stroke his dick. Send David an email and let him know what's on your mind (and in your hand).
David McNamara
Location: London
Looking For: Sex, Friendship
Age: 45
Stats: 5' 9", 170lbs

Hairy Man Taking a Shower - George Sauvage

Butch Dixon tells me that he's gotten quite a bit of mail about George Sauvage. The 45-year-old, hairy man has never appeared in a gay porn video before and I sure don't know why. George is a ruggedly handsome Frenchmen and he's got an awesome body. George really takes care of himself and it shows. He's got a hard, well-defined upper body and his chest and belly are covered in fur. He's got a couple of hard, nib-sized nipples and he loves playing with them. But George's hottest feature has to be that 8-inch, uncut cock of his. It's meaty and thick, and even completely hard, George's cock is still sheathed in foreskin. In this video, George takes a shower and plays with his foreskin. After climbing out of the shower, he pisses in the sink; and then, he stands in front of the camera and jerks his delicious uncut cock. And when George shoots his load of cum, it sprays everywhere. I can't see how Butch Dixon didn't get any on him! To see more Click Here to Visit Butch Dixon.

3 Beefy Masculine Boxer Studs

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3 Beefy Masculine Boxer Studs
Where the fuck is the Alpha Male Fuckers gym? Not sure if I want to go there to work out or just watch… But one way or the other it looks smokin’ hot!
Unlike some sites where the sets are totally unrealistic, you can actually believe the guys in this scene have been going to the gym for years and know how to throw a punch. The older sexy guy (almost a daddy) is Frank Philipp. He just exudes masculinity and is the type of guy you just want to get deep up your ass ’cause you know he’s all top and he knows how to fuck. Then there’s tattooed / mohawked bad boy Orlando. Actually he looks a little nice to be a bad boy, but he’s still got an energy about him that’s really special. The type of guy you’ll fondly remember having sex with for years to come… And last is bottom ‘boy’ Ben Statham. He looks like he’s been going to the gym for years just so he could get some dick in the locker room.
These guys are all “real men” and they’ve got enough experience under their belts to know how to fuck, but that’s pretty typical of the guys at Alpha Male Fuckers – check it out
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