Friday, June 24, 2011

Daddy Jerry & Ben Part 2

In part 2, Daddy Jerry proves himself to be a eager bottom by letting Ben take him from behind. After releasing his cum onto Jerry's waiting tongue, Ben returns the favor by sucking Jerry dry. To see more click here.

  • Drake Jaden & Chris Stevens

    This week we have two blasts from our not so distant past as we welcome back Drake Jaden and Chris Stevens to MenOver30.com. These two were ready to rumble before we even got the cameras ready and once we called action they went right to it. Drake takes his tee off as he shoves Chris’ face into his crotch. “Yeah, you know you fucking want it” he grunts. He pulls out his cock and slaps it in Chris' face before finally shoving it into his mouth. He shoves it all the way down his throat as he orders him to take it and not give him any teeth. After a bit of sucking, Chris then sits back as Drake returns the favor. Chris is rock hard as Drake deep throats his meat. Drake then gets up on the couch as Chris slides underneath him to get a taste of that hot ass. “Stick it in there and tongue-fuck my ass!” Drake orders. Drake’s cock is rock hard as he rides that hot tongue. They then move onto the couch as Chris continues to eat that ass as Drake helps himself to Chris’ hairy hole. Thi s hot 69 action is getting them both hotter for more. Drake starts to fuck that ass deep as he pounds away. After a bit, Drake sits down and let's Chris ride his cock and oh does it feel good! From there they take it home as Chris gets put on his back and fucked deep. Chris can’t hold back any longer exploding all over himself. Drake then pulls out and shoots his own thick batch all over one cum soaked and satisfied Chris. To see more click here.

    American Bears Week Day 7

    American Bears Week
    Day Seven

    Daddy Steve Hardon

    Bryan Slater and Sexy Swagger

     This is another hot video, shot during our USA trip.
    Pornstar Bryan Slater and new Timtales discovery SexySwagger. They were starting very sensual and after a while of kissing, Bryan fucked that sexy black muscleboy with his huge tool. A journey from mild to wild. To see more click here. I wouldn't mind this hot daddy fucking me with his huge tool.

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    Hey guys

    Just wanted to let you know that the blog will be updated this coming week. The blog was updated much the last week and a half cause I hadn't gotten alot of content (pics and video) that was worth putting up. It happens sometimes...

    I hope everyone is having a a happy fun pride month. This weekend is Baltimore Pride and next weekend is New York Pride. Have fun and stay tuned.... More hot daddy's, bears and leather men are on the way

    Your Ursophile Webmaster
    boy quinton

    Friday, June 17, 2011


    Grindr. It’s a guy thing.
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    Grindr Comes in all shapes and sizes

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    After using this app... I can say it's a good app for crusing and meeting guys locally for dates, adult fun or more... the men are friendly and are responsive... This app is available for mobile phones such at iPhone/iPad, Blackberry phones, as well as Android type phones... and best of all it's free...

    Scruff App

    Recently, I checked out this app that some friends have been tweeting and facebooking and talking about recently.. This app is primarily used for hook ups and dating, while on the go. The app is available thru the App Store for iPhone/iPad users and in the Android Store for android type phones...

    After reviewing the app, I can tell you that it seems like it's good for crusing while you're traveling or on vacation.... There doesn't seem to be many local guys or guys with pictures for that matter... If you're one for crusing and looking for sex, this is the app for you.

    The Bad Samaritain

    Recently I recieved the new release "The Bad Samaritan" from Sir Cristian Torrent thru a contest he had on his site CristianTorrent.com.

    Before watching I was excited and curious in seeing Sir in action. Because I had only seen Sir in photos and hadn't really seen Him in a full lenght feature...

    From the start of it... it's filled with hot scenes of sucking, fucking, water sports and everything in between. Sir takes a hot fucking from Ger along with getting fisted and being handcuffed.... This is definitely one that you should add to your collection.. If you're one for hot ruff sex, or fisting or watersports.... this is the film for you...

    To see more, click here to visit Cristitan Torrent and be sure to pick up your copy of The Bad Samaritain.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Daddy Jeffrey Celebrates Pride Month

    Wave your hands in the air because you’re a Bear, strut your Daddy junk because you just don’t care!
    That’s right, Daddy Lovers – Pride season is upon us! Now I am sure there are a lot of you, like myself, who have gone a few times, but not always. The last time Daddy Jeffrey went to Pride was around 5 years ago and it was a brief excursion. I went with a friend who got us passes (meaning we did not have to pay to get into the festival) to see Olivia Newton-John perform. That experience was brief – I met my friend at the gate, we got our passes, went in, watched her and left immediately after. Yes, that was my last and most favorite Pride experience in quite some time.
    Well, I am headed there this year to march in the parade – because I was asked nice and twice. This got me thinking, though – how do my fellow Bears and Daddies feel at this sort of event? Is there a reason we choose not to attend unless there is a great headliner?
    Hmm…I thought, let’s talk about Daddy/Bear Pride, shall we?
    Pride is everywhere now and it is almost like a circuit party type thing, with the goal being to try and attend as many parties as one can possibly cram in. Well, first off, that is really for the boys to do. I mean, honestly – isn’t that something you did in your 20’s? As Daddies we need to check it and not wreck it, and I know you get what I am just sayin’. I mean, really, how attractive is it being a man of knowledge and experience when you are still acting like you just had your first orgasm?
    Which brings me to what Pride is, actually. Pride was originally started by people much older than a lot of my current peers. Not that I am a historian of any stature, but I would venture to say the seed was planted at the Stonewall movement. (OK, all you Judy Garland disciples, say hey!)
    To me, when I first went as a 20-something, freshly out and exploring life as a tadpole, it was an amazing experience and still held weight in terms of human rights and politics. I remember the exhilaration of being there with my first, sexy, boyfriend, who was 11 years my senior (that’s right, I was a Daddy’s Boy before I was a Daddy, get over it!) as well as my best (not out yet) female friend and seeing political figures who had made a difference for us as a community, locally and nationally. One of those figures, sadly to say, is now simply a media whore and not much else. (Gloria Allred…Yes, Gloria, you once stood for something but now you stand for greed, like most everything anymore.)
    Which brings me to the reason we Daddy Bears may feel a little hesitant about our local Pride festival. Do we as intelligent, thinking beings fit in? What is in it for us other than $20 admissions to see done “divas” (except you, my dear Olivia), booths that want you to spend even more money, drunk & drugged out circuit boys and $5 beers? Seriously, it has lost it’s original meaning somewhat. I remember one year when I towed my above mentioned not out yet female friend, who was now out at this point, to check out headliner Joan Jett (with the amazing Terri Nunn and Berlin beforehand). We saw a stumbling lesbian fall down near the porta-potties and toss her cookies! Her friends fed us some line of BS about her having too much to drink, yet we both looked into their glassy eyes and knew it was something she had ingested that she could not quite handle.
    Daddy Jeffrey has also spotted the shooting of a bullet from one person to the next going in and out of those smelly portable urinals as well. Now I am not a prude (duh, I do porn), but hasn’t the vision of what this season is all about gotten lost?
    It is time for the Daddies and the Bears to reclaim what Pride is! It’s about our community and being proud of who we are. Yes, I understand certain behaviors are a part of our community, but when vodka and beer are primary sponsors of something, well…
    You get the point, let’s get some Daddy/Bear Pride going! Let’s be proud of our experience and who we are and not try to be part of what is now a money making, corporate machine like everything else. Our experience, maturity and struggle should be more honored than that. While I am not saying there is nothing good about these festivals (a nod to Olivia, Joan & Terri), I am saying the focus has been off for years!
    As a Daddy I will be your Grand Marshall and lead the way…in fact, my marching in this year’s Pride has nothing to do with me or porn, it has everything to do with one Ms.Margaret Cho. She is one of the greatest advocates of our community and I am marching with her in honor of her receiving The Morris Kight Lifetime Achievement Award for work that has left a lasting imprint on the LGBT Community.
    This is one of the reasons Pride does still matter. So Bears and Daddies, be proud of your age and experience – follow my lead, and rock out with your cock out for everyone to see!
    Enjoy Pride Month!
    Daddy Jeffrey