Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bobby Bolt Bred, Felched & Snowballed

Bobby Bolt called me after the release of his first video and said, "I want you to fuck me bareback and cum in my ass. I watched your fuck some of the other guys raw and I want you to have your way with me the same way." I told him that there would be very little foreplay and almost all fucking. He replied, "If there's no condom you can fuck me for hours." We started off with some kissing and almost immediately I had my tongue buried in his ass. I had forgotten what a nice butt Bobby has. Then I sucked him, feeling his cock grow rigid in my mouth and down my throat. Bobby serviced my dick, and it felt amazing, but I had to get my raw cock in his ass. The boy sat on my shaft and I relished in the bare feeling. Turning reverse cowboy, I leaned back on me and I held his legs in the air so you can watch my raw dick pound his hole. I flipped him and rammed him missionary for a while, then flipped him on his stomach and really nailed his ass - my cock coming all the way out and repeatedly slamming balls-deep into his butt. I pulled out when I came, shooting a few squirts on his hole and butt cheeks, then bred him with the rest of my load. Pulling my cock out he flipped on his back and tried to push out my cum but there is so much air in him from being slam-fucked that he just farts for a while. Finally the cream pie streamed from his puckered hole. I felched my cum from his hole, then went up and let it string into his mouth. We kissed and snowballed, passing the cum between us. That really drove Bobby wild and within no time he busted a nut on his stomach.

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