Monday, September 3, 2012

Ricky Sinz & Tristain Sterling

Forgive us for the Sinz we intend to revel in whole-heartedly as we indulge ourselves to even more Ricky Sinz on MenOver30.com.Ricky is looking better than ever; and the only one happier to see him than we are would be 22 year old Tristan Sterling. Tristan's hanging out when Ricky comes in to deliver a package. Tristan notices he's packing more than one as he reaches for the one in his pants. "Oh you want a good package delivered!?" grins Ricky as Tristan hauls out his growing cock. He licks all over the shaft before sliding it all the way down his throat. No gag reflex has its privileges. Ricky moans as he grabs Tristan's head and starts to bob it on his rock hard cock. Ricky skull fucks him deep and hard as he shoves every inch he can down Tristan's willing throat. Ricky then pulls Tristan up by his tank top and bends him over on the couch. He pulls down his shorts and spits on that hole before roughly fingering it. Tristan moans like a bitch as Ricky fingers that tight ass. Ricky then puts Tristan on his knees again so he can get his dick back in that mouth for more. His cock gets the service he needs before he turns around and offers that hot ass up for Tristan's tongue. Tristan buries his face up inside as Ricky tells him to eat that hole like a good boy. Tristan can't get enough of that ass as he stands up and slaps his cock on Ricky's ass. "Think you're gonna fuck me, Bitch?" Ricky muses as he grabs Tristan and forces him down. Tristan whines as Ricky takes that ass hard. He slams that dick inside him as Tristan just moans uncontrollably. "Fuck my hole!" Tristan begs as Ricky obliges. Ricky, still fucking Tristan, sits down on the couch and orders Tristan to ride that fucking cock 'til he says otherwise. Ricky pounds up into Tristan so hard it makes Tristan cum. He shoots all over his happy trail as Ricky slams inside. One hot facial coming right up as Ricky then stands over Tristan's face and unloads his hot cum all over Tristan's sweet face.

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