Thursday, October 4, 2012

Seth's View: Swallowing Every Drop

Alexander King is a super hot, straight, 22 year old with nice big dick. From the second I met Alexander I've been eager to wrap my mouth around Alexander’s big fat cock.Alexander nearly makes me gag a few times but I'm actually able to get the whole thing down my throat. It's an amazing sensation when a cock of this size is pulsating with every heartbeat while stuffed down your throat.As I slide his dick in and out of my mouth, Alexander gets harder and harder. I can taste the clear pre-cum that has started to drip from his dick. This of course gets me super horny and wants me want to get to his load even more.Alexander moans and says it's amazing. It's always great when a straight dude can get into a guy devouring his junk.As I suck and stroke his cock, Alexander’s breathing deepens and I could tell he was ready to unload down my throat!Alexander's cock explodes with white globs of cum spraying out of his dick head. I position my mouth so I can catch every drop. Alexander's load is amazing. I shove his pulsating cum covered cock all the way down my throat. I want to make sure every drop of semen gets drained from his shaft.I then lick up the rest of the tasty treat that had dripped onto Alexander’s body.Alexander was totally drained and I was happy to swallow every last drop of this straight stud’s cum load.

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