Monday, March 4, 2013

Uncle John and Taylor Scott


It’s a well-established that some young men enjoy a good fuck with an “older man” with stamina who knows how to treat a hungry pup. Therefore, when tattooed muscle jock Taylor Scott said he wanted some daddy/son roleplay, there was only one man that popped into mind, only one man we knew of who could do the job and handle it right: U-John. Because of certain prudish rules we, sadly, cannot display his model name as it truly is. However, we’re pretty sure hundreds, if not thousands, of men out there have plenty of fantasies concerning U-John. Especially after watching him in action with Taylor. The two go at it hot and heavy with a lot of kissing, heavy breathing, and hard cocks meant for hungry mouths and tight fuckholes. U-John does what he does best, put young pups in their place and Taylor couldn’t be any happier as he deep throats the man’s huge, uncut cock, then takes it balls deep up his hard, tight ass before servicing the big pair of balls. Good thing U-John believes in rewarding his pups with a fresh load of cum. Hungry yet? We certainly are!

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