Friday, January 31, 2014

Randy Harden and Daddy Scott Reynolds

Randy Harden's been on our radar for a while now; since the hard tough guy last appeared on Hairy and Raw he's been making the rounds on other bareback sites, both topping like a piston and ruling from below like a true power bottom. When he found out he was going to get it on with Scott Reynolds, another dominant versatile top, he eagerly stepped up to bottom for the wiley old wolf. Scott is one of Randy's biggest fantasies fulfilled; older leather daddy, thick mustache, ripped arms and a cock like a club. And Scott's cock is dripping in anticipation of fucking Randy: pure pig, pierced nipples and a hard scruff of beard and a super muscular, super hairy ass. These two were definitely going to make some sparks! Almost no foreplay, they are both down-to-fuck. Scott fucks Randy so hard, he shoots pretty early, but the bareback veteran slams his dripping cock back into Randy's ass and keeps driving. Randy jack himself off and sprays his own huge load onto Scott's pubes and dick. Classic, messy and wet, just how we love it at Hairy and Raw! Click here to see more

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