Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marco Sessions Solo

Look what we found! We shot Marco Sessions' first solo video way back in spring and somehow it never made it to the site! That's a nice surprise to end the year and a reminder it's good to check your files now and then! Marco has the kind of body that causes men (and women) to drool; every ripple and bulge is sculpted through years of careful training. Look up to his ruggedly handsome face and down to his uncut cock and you have one fine piece of man.

We now hope to do right by Marco, as well as his fans, and kick off 2013 with his first solo video. He truly is a ruggedly handsome man with a finely chiseled body. In fact, we daresay this mouth watering specimen of manhood has the perfect body. Go ahead, take a look into his eyes. Glance down at his curved, uncut cock. Imagine yourself licking that smooth hole as his rippling, bulging body reacts to your touch. Now sit back, grab hold of your cock, and see if you can’t match Marco stroke for stroke as he jerks off and spews a big load of cum all over himself.


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