Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Age-Old Question About Being Stranded on a Desert Island - Only with Porn Stars

Inspired by Walter Romero's post over at the Hot Older Male Blog.

It's been asked a million times before.  With whom would you like to be stranded on a desert Island?  But this time i've made my choices and some are Hot Older Males/Pantheon Bears' hot porn stars.
Here are my choices and it's a tough one.  I've gone round and round but finally made my call.  Take a look and make your choice in a comment below. If you want to see more pics, click on each model's picture to view the website from which they came.

Rusty McMann is one of a kind. He's a tall burly bearish guy with a nice tool and a hot body. He's the kind of man you could bring home to mom and dad and just have a good time with all around and not to mention after a hot steamy session you could just cuddle up to him and drift off to in this bears arms....
Tim Kelly is a furry muscle bear who's got a hot body from head to toe.. He's got one fine piece of meat with balls that's full of daddy cream. This top daddy can fuck into oblivion and then some.

Jake Mitchell just oozes hot aggressive daddy. He's got a big thick tool to open you up and then some... not to mention the deep hard drilling you'll get in due time.. but he's the kind of man you would not want to run from.
Arpad Miklos is a furry mustached daddy bear. He's got a great daddy bear body, a sexy round ass and a hung 9 inch daddy dick. He's a fully top guy and likes fucking to sucking and everything in between. Arpad has been in videos for top studios such as Titan Men, Hot House and Raging Stallion and I will say he is always performs at his best and keeps you coming back to see more of him. To see more of Arpad check him out on his site ArpadMiklos.net.
Daddy Ray Dragon is a mustached furry daddy bear with a big thick and meaty 8inch daddy dick. Daddy Ray is a top that loves to fuck as well as suck a hard cock too. In Titan Men's Woodsmen film he's paired up with hot stud Jon Galt. Ray gives Jon would good long fucking and get's a little bruised at the end with the deep pounding. Ray is an Ursophile Favorite and one daddy I always love to see. To see more of Ray Click here to visit Titan Men and be sure to check out Ray's personal site and his videos for his studio Dragon Media, especially one of his films Dad takes a fishing trip.
Daddy Clint from Bear Films is a furry mustached daddy bear that's been making hot bear porn for about 8 or 9 years if longer. He's perhaps the first bear that i scene in porn and one that is an all time favorite and Ursophile Favorite. Clint is from the southern town of New Orleans and aside from that has a hot body and cock. To see more click here to visit bear films.
Daddy Mike Roberts from Titan Media’s Fallen Angel II: Descending film is a tall furry mustached daddy with a couple tats, a pierced dick with a set of huge balls and big meaty 9 inch cock. His hung 9incher that he calls Big John & the twins would make friends with any son/boy that loves daddy bears like me. This daddy has one of the finest body’s and asses around and definitly left an empression since I first seen him in Men Magazine 12 years ago. Mike if you read this you always have a place here at Ursophile!! To see more of Daddy Mike visit Titan Media.
 I've had my eyes on this handsome furry tattoed muscle-daddy for a little over 3 years now (who is an Ursophile favorite and friend), and just can't get enuff of this muscle dad. This sexy dad is 5'9" and 170 lbs of fur and muscle. He's versatile and masculine (just how I like 'em) and gets into all kinds of hot scenes with masculine men. Watch Daddy Matt get hot and hard in his very full photo sets on sites such as Hot Older Male, Raging Stallion, Men Over 30 & Titan Men.
Daddy Tony from barebackMasters is a hot furry muscle dadddy. He's 5'10 a top daddy and loves to fuck. Tony is a genuine daddy that is a caring daddy yet a dominant cocksman. Daddy Tony can be seen in many videos over at barebackMasters with his lover Cam. To see more of Daddy Tony click here to visit barebackMasters.
Daddy Cristian Torrent is a hot muscular & furry British daddy from the UK. Daddy Cristian is a versatile stud who's good as a bottom and fantastic as a top daddy. To see more of this hot muscle daddy check out his site here.

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