Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the 3rd day....

Bouncers - John Connery, Alan Knight & Rocky

 Rocky is a young punk who shows up at his favorite club. The bouncers, John and Alan, are dressed in nice white shirts and black trousers and they give Rocky a hard time for his casual appearance. Rocky pulls attitude with them, tells them to "fuck off" and mentions that he knows the owners, then he storms into the club. John and Alan make a pact that before the night is through, Rocky is going to be on his knees in the restroom. A couple of hours later, Rocky heads into the restroom for a piss. John and Alan are waiting for him. "Oh, look at the penguins," he taunts. They push him to his knees, whip out their big, uncut cocks and force him to suck dick. Before long Rocky is begging to have his ass fucked, and these two bouncers take turns swapping his butt back and forth. While Rocky is sitting on John's stiff cock, a fourth man enters the room and joins in. And before this dirty restroom sex scene is finished, Rocky's face will end up covered in three creamy loads of spunk. To see more click here to visit Butch Dixon.

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